Liveblog from ‘Desperate Housewives’ Season 6, episode 14, ‘The Glamorous Life’

“Desperate Housewives”: “The Glamorous Life”
Original air date: Jan. 31, 2009

We missed “Desperate Housewives” last week, and this week, we’re competing with our love of too-long awards shows. So we’re going to be watching the Grammys right until 8:59…and flip over OMGREALLYFAST.

Erin’s here, (Not)Neighbor Peggy is here. It’s on. (And, of course, follow me on the Twits @DesperateBlog)


9:02: I reeeeaally don’t care about Orson in a wheelchair. This storyline doesn’t interest me. And I had gotten used to Bree and Karl…
9:02: Orson and Bree? Just seem awkwardly matched now.
9:03: P.S. Orson’s giving away things? Telltale sign of suicide. Little TOO obvious, guys?
9:03: OMG, I love lines like this from Mary Alice: “…because her husband had decided to kill himself.” Think it’s going to happen?
9:04: I really wish Angie would dress more like Snooki from Jersey Shore. It seems like she should. Am I wrong on this?
9:05: I love how the “SEEEEND IN THE CLONE!” woman from Austin Powers is a neighbor now?
9:05: “Is Angie Bolen the sixth Captain Planet character now?” –Peggy
9:06: “We don’t talk about Patrick anymore.” –Nick. YES WE DO. TALK ABOUT PATRICK . TALK. GO.
9:06: Oh man, Rita!!
9:07: I did NOT expect her to make such a good stripper! She’s so sweet and innocent on Dexter….
9:09: Is there some tension with Daphne and Tom?? Am I imagining that?
9:10: He left his keys. This isn’t going to be good. Daphne and Tom alone?
9:11: I just turned to Erin: “Am I making up this sexual tension??” “No. No you’re not.”
9:11: Who writes for Gaby?? “Just a couple of teenagers alone with their genitals.”
9:13: Yep, suicide note…
9:14: The last few episodes have been HILARIOUS. Funnier than usual? Good writing, DH Gods. Good writing.
9:17: So I ran into the kitchen to get some wine during the break. This is how I knew we were back from commercial: “BOX OF CONDOMS ON THE TABLE!” –Peggy
9:17: Ahh, the double standard for boys vs. girls having sex as teenagers. Or any agers.
9:17: “She’s YOUR trampy niece!” –Gaby
9:18: I’m sorry…Susan is Robin/Rita’s role model? Susan is anyone’s role model…?
9:19: “Apparently there was a boob job and a bad relationship and the rising cost of glitter…” –Susan.
9:20: Peggy — who’s a teacher — is angry that Robin’s getting a job with kids “without credentials.”

9:20: Roy reminds me of Dick Van Dyke.
9:26: Orson’s making Bree tell him she loves him. She doesn’t. That sorta hurts?
9:30: Ana and Gaby have the same wardrobe. Or wardrobe decorator?
9:30: Ahh, Dr. Daphne’s not super awesome, hey?
9:30: “It’s awesome because she’s a great actor in real life.” –Erin
9:32: I don’t know if I totally disagree with Lynette on this one. You’re giving advice to people, but you obviously don’t …get it yourself?
9:36: “You really took a chance on me.” –Robin. Why did I just start singing ABBA?
9:36: Parents recognizing Robin from the strip club. Awesome.
9:38: “I promised her I wouldn’t have sex. I didn’t promise you wouldn’t.” –Ana. What does THAT mean? ……..
9:40: Ooh…death threats from Angie. And Austin Powers chick egging on an angry Angie?
9:47: “You sucked. You were really bad.” –Lynette, to Dr. Daphne.
9:48: “Do it, Tom. Do it. Do it.” –Erin
9:48: “Do it. Insult the doctor. Do it!” –Erin
9:48: “YEESS!!” –Erin
9:49: Gaby and Carlos are hearing something they shouldn’t be….but I want to hear it!
9:55: I’m loving Mike’s interaction with MJ.
9:56: So we’re all loving all the couples in this show now — Mike and Susan are adorable lately!
9:56: (except Bree and Orson…..)
9:59: “And so, I’m asking you: please stay.” –Bree
10:00: You cant just decide you want to love someone, Bree…

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    • Jamie

      I need a day to think this one through. I may do a faux liveblog while I re-watch the episode tomorrow on the DVR… But Im’ma have something for you tomorrow. :D

    • Ambrose

      Seriously! Susan and Mike as a stable couple has really been working well so far! And they’ve both been quite funny recently!

      I’m just really happy that Gabby is getting pulled into the season’s mystery. That NEVER happens. For the most part, it’s Susan and Bree (and last season, Lynette) who are in the thick of it.

    • gordon

      who was the black man in the wheelchair who made a brief appearance? he used to be on a sitcom I think but I can’t place him and it is driving me nuts.

    • Mnr


      so now we have to wait for another 3 weeks????

    • Kathy

      Did anyone else wish that Bree and Orson would just roll backwards into the pool when they were kissing?

    • Ryeloz

      I just wanted to quickly comment on how much I agree with Peggy about the teaching credentials! I’m a teacher too (I’m actually in my prep period as I write this) and the whole thing is absurd! It was bad enough that Susan was hired–and apparently promoted at some point in the past year–but this is really going too far. Yes, it’s just TV, but can’t we get even an iota of accuracy when it comes to this stuff?

      I have other things to comment on, but I’ll save them for after I re-watch the episode.

    • gordon

      i was thinking that she would “accidentally” push him in pool, he would drown, she would get charged with murder… lots of possibilities

    • Jamie

      Okay. I was going to re-watch, and do a faux live-blog thingeemajig. No such lick. Richard (the other half) went out of town for his mother’s open-heart surgery (I couldn’t get off work — please keep her and him in your thoughts?) and in all of the madness forgot to pay the internet/cable bill. He fixed everything with a little phone call, and all is well now. But I digress…

      - Orson was ticking me off in the beginning. I didn’t realize that his nonchalant way of handling the whole ‘suicide plan’ was actually, well — a suicide plan. For that, I was angry. Turns out he was quite serious. And maybe it’s just the sap in me, but I’m really happy he’s staying on board. I love the way the camera panned away from Orson and Bree at the pool, creating the illusion that they were going to fall in, but it was just a cut-to scene after all. That was planned, I’m sure. I love Orson, with all of his quirky faults. He really adds that “Twin Peaks” edge to the show.

      - Susan, whom I’ve always loved, just keeps getting more and more lovable. M.J., in all of his adorable bad-child-acting splendor, really tickled me with his little sexual innuendos. Mike was supportive of Robin’s move-in, but I smell trouble. I have a good nose for this kind of thing. I have a good nose, period — thanks to the handiwork of Doctor… Never mind. ;-)

      - I LOVE Angie in all of her conniving glory. Richard, during last night’s show: “Do you think that Angie got caught up in some environmental plot with the man who burned her back?” Hmmm. Food for thought. Me, to Richard: “Is this “The Green Episode?” First Marcia cross with a recyclable bag, then the whole Angie tirade with Frau Farbissina from “Austin Powers”? Too easy.

      - Carlos really lost it — again. His temper is still cooped up inside of him. What’s up with that?? But I agree with Ambrose. Gaby needs thicker, fuller story lines, and it looks as if she’s got one. LOVED Gaby and Carlos listening at Angie’s door. The look on her face later (arms folded, as if to say “Don’t *bleep* with me, sista-friend!”) when Angie eyed her and walked away? Priceless. I love this Gaby already. Go get ‘em, girl!

      - Lynette and Tom. What can I say? After all of these years, we’ve finally found out what makes Lynette dominant and Tom submissive. That sounded wrong, but you know what I meant. What a great little wrap-up. Unfortunately, I think there’s more about that to come.

      So, questions:

      - Why is Ana there? We all know from last season that this is some kind of setup… Why hasn’t this been revealed yet?
      - Do you think now that Orson’s in a wheelchair that his mother may have recuperated and may possibly return? Oh, the irony!
      - Do you think there should be a Betty White cameo in the near future? (Because I certainly do!)
      - When is the next episode on? I see nothing on the IMDB. Not another [long] wait!!! What will I do with my Sundays? Drink?
      - Why did I start singing ABBA at the same time Amy did during the episode?

      :D Great live blog, Amy — as usual. Your closing line confused me a bit, though. Bree loved Orson before. I think she might learn to love him again. (I’ve done this millions of times ;-) She did, after all, hint a few episodes back, when she was having the affair with Karl when she said, “He likes Opera.” And, yes, I am aware that was a MAJOR run-on. I don’t care. :)

    • Jamie

      I meant “no suck luck” in my opening statement. Not “lick”. Where’s my editor? He’s FIRED!

    • Jamie

      Um.. “SUCH and LUCK”. What, pray tell, is the matter with me???

    • Karl

      I have to say that this week, we had a hilarious episode of Desperate Housewives. I adored the skit with the handicapped peptalk with Orson. I do not care about the character but those one liners were more than effective. «We are not handicapped, we are handi-capable» (Orson) «Oh lord!»

    • jj543

      First of all, Kathy, I literally Lauged Out Loud when I saw your comment because I thought the same exact thing. They’re kissing and the camera angle made it look like they were pushing backwards. I was sitting in my bed just thinking: “They’re gonna fall in, they’re gonna fall in, I know they’re gonna fall in!” :D

      So back to the episode, after Felicity Huffman gets an award for acting, the DH writers need to get awards for… well for writing! It was SO funny. Some of the random lines were so great! This has been like the best comedic season EVER! Some lines I loved:

      Austin Powers new neighbor: My son is shooting blanks and my daughter likes the ladies. Grandkids are the last of my worries.
      Susan: “Moby Dick?…” Robin: Oh it’s not what you think!
      Ana: Hang on, I’m coming….. Angie: I’m sure she ment she was on her way!
      Gaby: (about the condoms): They’re not for you. Carlos: Just what every man wants to hear from his wife.
      Handicap men: …We play sports, we make love. Orson: And I hope your both very happy together.
      Bree: (to the handicap men): I’m not feeling well, would you mind rolling yourselves out?
      Tom: Once I choked on a mint and thought about not fighting it.
      (I’m sure there were tons of Lynette quotes and just can’t recall all of them!)

      Susan’s Storyline:
      I wasn’t as into her storyline as the others. It was a little boring but still cute…as most Susan storylines are meant to be. No worries: the next episode seems to be focused on Susan and the stripper moving in with her. Wow, MJ certainly is growing up with his adorable passes at an ex-stripper.
      I also REALLY love Mike and Susan together this season. I’m used to Mike being more serious and “cool” but this season he’s funnier and more “goofy”… a perfect match for Susan!
      Lynette’s Storyline:
      At first I didn’t really get what a community play had to do with their therapy sessions but than it concluded with this SO funny but really interesting ending where it kinda “solved” their problems. Good job again writers!
      Gaby’s Storyline:
      YEEEESSS!!! FINALLY she is involved with some drama & mystery! I agree, it’s ALWAYS Susan and Bree in the mystery; Lynette always has the good storyline’s in the disaster episodes, and than there’s Gaby…. Keep this up for a while Marc! I LOVE it! Hey, does anyone think Ana is in danger of being the fairview stranglers next victim…? Ooh so excited Gaby gets some drama!
      Angie’s Storyline:
      So her mystery has something to do with…going green??? “Sometimes you chain yourself to the tree, and sometimes you go after the guy with saw.” So obviously that Shawn guy was the “guy with saw?” And let’s not forget the explosion… I’m starting to actually CARE about this mystery and haven’t in a while! I think Angie gives the show a new kind of “spark” with her personality and I hope she and Danny stick around for season 7. As for Nick…I’m a little touch and go about him.
      Bree’s Storyline:
      Ok. Congratulations ONCE MORE DH writers. You’ve done it again successfully because I actually feel really bad for Orson and I’m so glad that he and Bree are back and I let out an “Aawwwwwwwwwwwwwwww” when they kissed at the end. I miss karl but I can’t see how I ever pictured him and Bree together forever. Good to have the Orson I loved in Season 5 back!
      Really good episode. They’ve ALL been since that plane crash! Keep it up DH cast & crew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Damien

      HUM ! pretty intresting episode ! i love the new comic lines ! i’m glad they still know how to mix both comedy and drama !
      1- favourite funny scene : gaby and carlos at the bolens’ door !
      2- favourite touching scene : bree and orson kissing at the end !
      and OMFG ! i am so glad too they’re finally making gabby involed in the mystery ! i mean i wondered how much more is she going to have these little filler storylines !! i hope she will get more involed in the next few episodes !
      what upsets me is the new susan’s storyline ! i like the stripper and i want her to stay but i hope she had a better story ! like the stripper wanting revenge or something !
      anyway that was a great one and i loved all the storylines ! i am rewatching season one ! and god !! the show’s changed so much

    • DHC

      I love your recap. I thought Gaby and Carlos were so funny eating a cookie while listening to Angie and Nick fight. I can’t stand Orson. I was hoping he’d fall in the pool. Why on earth would Bree want to go back to him? I preferred Bree with Karl. This episode did have some funny moments!

    • Jamie

      I’m pleasantly surprised! Desperate Housewives came it at a surprisingly good #12 on the Nielsen charts even running up against the Grammys!,0,4143049,results.formprofile?SortBy=cdb_01_num+%2Ccdb_05_txt+&PageSize=50

    • Jamie

      …and why is my above comment (from February 1, 2010 at 4:51 pm)still awaiting moderation? Hmmmmmmm? :)

    • Jamie

      Gordon: To answer your question?

      His name is Daryl “Chill” Mitchell. If you saw “Galaxy Quest”, you know him. :) He’s also been in a lot of other things as well.

    • Tanci

      Jamie, next episode is on Feb 21 :( .
      About Ana. I think the “setup” is (in) Ana’s behaviour. She’s kind od slu*ty, using men, disobedientm etc.

      I adore MJ. He’s so cute with his naughty “You can give me a bath if you want to” eyes.
      Robin aka Julie Benz looked kind of trany from moment to moment. I’m not familiar with her role in Dexter, so I don’t know if that’s her usual look.

      I caught myself thinking about Bree’s men. Rex – dead. George (pharmacist) – dead. Karl – dead. Orson – close to death. Hmmm? :o
      Gaby and Carlos are so overreacting about Ana having se*x. She’s 17, that’s normal age. But I thought she’s younger (15 or so).
      Gaby might get hurt for involving in drama, and that’s not good.

    • Jaz

      I LOVE the screaming lady from Austin powers. hahaha… was she really on last week? I didn’t even notice at first, but now I remember the trash lady since you mentioned it.

      I know I’m a week late with this response to last week’s episode, but I have been busy. I was watching a talk show that Julie Benz was on and she talked about the next episode. SPOILER ALERT….

      She (Robin) and Katherine “begin a relationship.” But it doesn’t happen until March. =[ And DH doesn’t return until February 21. Whats with them only playing new episodes only a few times a month?

    • Tanci

      February 7 Super Bowl Sunday. DH is preempted by reruns of Modern Family and Cougar Town.

      February 14 Preempted by Extreme Makeover: Home Edition