No! Not Amanda Seyfried Too!

What happened to Amanda Seyfriend???!  Please tell me that she has not just been sucked up into the plastic toothpick world of Hollywood just like every other young starlet…NOOOOO!!!  But I loved her!!! *sigh*

I am having a flashback to the moment when Scarlett Johansson realized that she was hot and died her hair blonde and started showing massive amounts of cleavage and never went back to the totally real girl that she was back in her Lost in Translation days.  I suddenly see this happening to my sweet little Amanda Seyfriend from Big Love and Mamma Mia.  Why?!!!

Amanda showed up to the Dear John premiere (btw even just the previews for this movie made me cry!) with the perkiest breasts I have ever seen popping out of her down-to-the-bellybutton V-neck dress.  The girl is GORGEOUS, but why do we need to see EVERYTHING?  And is it just me, or is she suddenly much more in need of a hamburger than she was before….

Image: Zuma Press

Image: Zuma Press

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