The Most Hilarious AXE Commercial Ever

AXE always has interesting and funny TV commercials. All are done in a tongue-and-cheek way to promote the AXE products. Mostly though was all about how the scents are chick magnets. AXE has a new one which I haven’t seen on TV actually. But YouTube has it for sure. It’s called AXE Clean Your Balls.

Nothing beats the combination of awkward, funny and a touch of cheesiness that is almost bordering stupidity. And that was a hilarious commercial. Maybe for like 5 times but after a while the awkwardness would register and the cheessiness becomes irritating. Then you’d start hating it. Unless of course you like seeing Dennis Saintclaire and Monica Blake!

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    • Adam Martin

      That is hilarious.

    • Bibleyes

      I was watching TV on Sunday on the TNT channel when this commercial from Axe came on. This is a totally inappropriate commercial. On one in our household will purchase any of their products now. If a company has to resort to filthy and suggestive narratives and scenes, then you as a consumer will be on their level if you give your hard-earned dollars to them. This country constantly mocks the Godly values that our fore-fathers established when they came to this country. If you can’t say or do anything uplifting for the people, then just shut up!

      • arak

        Bibleyes what is inappropriate about this advert? As far as I can see Axe is just perfect for cleaning my balls?

      • timdx

        You must be from Canada. Go home Hoser and shut your pie hole

    • John

      I am buying twice as much to make up for Bibleyes not buying any. I think it was hilarious and a good break from the monotony of bad news around this country.

    • Jo Jo is Smiling

      Sounds like you should not have been watching tv and maybe reading your bible.

      And just how does this mock the values of our fore-fathers? One of the basic principles of the values our fore-fathers established was freedom of speech….(even if offensive to a zealot like yourself). There are no values being mocked in that commercial.

      It also appears that the only values you feel are appropriate (and very very narrowly defined) are YOURS!

    • Mithra

      These axe product is advertising by an third grade advertising company………What do they think about ladies?!?!

    • Mithra

      These axe product is advertising by an third grade advertising company………What do they think about ladies?!?