Rebecca Gayheart Is Ready To Pop

Wow I feel like Rebecca Gayheart has been preggers FOREVER.  We’ve been seeing shots of her waddling around for…well, I guess it’s been about nine months now.  Here she is chatting on her cell phone while continuing to waddle around the sidewalks of Los Angeles looking like she is only moments away from popping…this is no baby bump folks!!  This is the real deal!!

Even though she looks super scary in this picture with no makeup, squinty eyes, and an enormous belly, we all know that this child of both Rebecca and Eric Dane is going to be gooooorgeous.

Well, it just feels wrong to talk about a pregnant lady not looking her best, but I just had to show her in her last few days before she suddenly transforms into a skinny minnie again in only like a week after giving birth….just you wait and see….

Image: Fame Pictures

Image: Fame Pictures

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