Are You Wearing Red for Heart Health Today?

Today (Feb. 5) is National Wear Red Day to support the fight against heart disease. Surprisingly, heart disease (not cancer or diabetes) is the No. 1 killer of American women.  So let’s all show we care today and wear something red!

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Another way to lend support is to make a donation to assist medical research, raise awareness, and  fund education and community programs that help women live longer, stronger heart-healthy lives.

Seven simple steps to improve your heart health are:

  • Stay active
  • Eat better
  • Reduce your blood sugar
  • Manage your blood pressure
  • Control your cholesterol
  • Lose weight
  • Stop smoking

You can also shop the Go Red online store, where you may just find something cute to wear on that other special day to wear red.

Image credit: American Heart Association

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