Royal Fashion Friday: Coats for the Ladies

We’re still in the grip of winter where I live, though thankfully not facing the prospect of a snowstorm like what’s in the U.S. East Coast right now (I hope you guys are keeping warm and safe!). It’s a good time to look at the coats and other cold weather clothing that the royal ladies have been wearing lately.


Denmark’s Crown Princess Mary comes in out of the snow into the New Carlsberg Glyptoteque in Copenhagen on January 27, 2010. She attended the award ceremony of the Elite Research Awards, which are given to outstanding Danish scientists. She wore this striated teal-and-black coat. I actually love this color, and the coat doesn’t need much beyond the black scarf. What do you think? You can have a closer look at the front of the coat (without the scarf) in the gallery photos below (as well as the rest of the royal ladies’ coats).

images via Zuma Press

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    • Susie fox

      I think Mary’s coat is gorgeous due to its richness of colour. The coat is a nice straight cut with an injection of individuality through the use of the colour scheme. Overall, I think Mary’s looks however, are over rated. When you see a photo of her without make-up she is extremely plain. Her features are way over rated because for anybody who has a good eye and the ability to look beyond the image the tabloids are selling, Mary has a big bobble shape on the end of her protruding nose, big ears, a long face with a pointy witch like chin and a narrow forehead with ill shaped eyebrows. Indeed, I think the clothes she wears are so well chosen by her stylist that, along with her heavy make-up and hair dye, they compensate and dress up a very plain woman. She is probably a lovely person, I just get sick of the tabloids selling her as beautiful when she is well groomed rather than beautiful with exquisite features as Grace Kelly was.

    • Maricar Macalincag

      Susie, I think not a lot of women can claim to be as exquisite as Grace Kelly was. I’m not one for analyzing individual aspects of one’s features. I do find Princess Mary to be lovely and yes, well-groomed and stylish. If she is plain without make-up, then there is hope for the rest of us (similarly plain ones), yes?