Winter Style: mark Style Expert Britt Bardo

You probably have heard of mark Style Expert Britt Bardo. She’s well-known for her work with Kate Hudson and Maggie Gyllenhaal, and has collaborated with mark on a three piece capsule collection. We asked her for some tips for surviving the rest of winter, and she gave some great advice.


Function + Fashion= Fabulous

“I love the Warm Welcome Flip Top Gloves ($14) from mark. paired with any 1950′s silhouette trending like swing coats with cropped sleeves. These gloves are perfect for warmth while still functional, allowing you the freedom of fingerless gloves.”

Versatility is key

“I believe you don’t have to forgo fashion to keep warm! The Warm Welcome Turtleneck Scarf ($15) by mark. is the perfect addition to your cold weather gear. The Warm Welcome Turtleneck Scarf is a chic way to update our winter look. In addition to working as an infinity scarf, pulled up it can be worn as a hood.”

I love these items too – so much that I’ve teamed up with mark to award a set — both the turtleneck scarf and flip-top gloves – to one lucky reader! To have your chance to win, please share YOUR favorite winter style tip – and then comment on any two recent entries below! Deadline to enter is March 1. Good luck!

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    • Amber G

      My winter style tip is to wear flowy sequined vests over form-fitting long-sleeved tees!

    • Erika Duritsky

      My winter style tip is still knee length boots! I love them with jeans or any pair of pants! They look so awesome!

    • cindy miller

      I love scarves!

    • Gae

      Cuddl duds, they look like leggings, but omg they hold in the heat or out the cold

    • Pat

      Scarves and gloves are winter essentials after you have a warm coat. Thank you for the

    • Shari D

      I like various colors and heights of boots for lots of variety to help get me through the winter months.

    • Kelly Ann T.

      I like the mauves, greys and black winter sweaters over skinny jeans and ankle boots. A chunky necklace looks great too.

    • Terri Dell

      I agree with Shari about the boots, boots are great in winter to mix up a sense of style. And Pat, where I live you can’t leave the house without warm outerwear. My fav winter style is a hoodie over a wife beater with skinny jeans and boots.

    • Randy Bailey

      I like cute hats that r both fashionable, & warm

    • Monique Rizzo

      I would love to try these!! Thanks for the chance.

    • Christine

      black jeans, knee length boots

    • Suzanne

      I cannot say I am the most fashionable person but I do have quite the winter coat collection. I love coats!

    • Ashley

      i love scarves! they can make any outfit

    • Lucy Schwartz

      My vote for fashionable is a stylish knit hat. Warm is essential in below zero weather.

    • rose waterston

      Stay inside and never take off your robe.

    • Erma

      Always use lotion for dry skin.

    • Jillian

      a good pair of winter boots can go a long way

    • Benita

      My winter style tips are vests and scarves; lots of them contrasting colors and complimenting colors.


    • karen

      Keep your head warm with a nice knit hat and your hands warm with matching gloves. Thanks.

    • Rhonda Struthers

      My winter style is to keep warm at all costs. I prefer a matching set to look fashionable

      rhondastruthers at yahoo dot ca

    • Janette

      I love pairing really colored scarves with neutral coats. It’s a fun look even when it’s freezing outside.

    • Happi Shopr

      Wear boots – they’re chic and will keep your feet toasty in winter.

    • Amanda S.

      My tip is to get a cute, warm coat, so when you’re out and about you always look stylish!

    • cass

      I guess my winter tip would be don’t over do it meaning dont overdress, often less put on is more attractive and use your grays and deep blues for winter to dress it up or down.

    • Rosey

      A lined leather coat looks trendy but keeps you warm!


      My winter style tip is black leggings with boots. These can be paired with almost anything.


      I love the tip for a knit hat – these are stylish and toasty.


      I also like the tip for vests and scarfs. These can be teamed up with leggings and boots.

    • Melanie

      Layers of black and grey with a pop of color always looks fashionable in the wintertime!

    • Melanie

      I also commented on two entries

    • kim e

      I like to layer in the winter time.

    • Sand

      I dress in layers in the winter.

    • Chrysa

      Wear layers. Not only are they warm, but they are a great way to “change up” outfits.

    • Gianna

      Use fleece.. it’s comfy, not bulky and very warm :)

    • Shari D

      I love scarves too. They can dress up any look.

    • Shari D

      I’ve never seen these but they sound great!

    • Randy Bailey

      These sound very interesting, I will check them out!

    • Happi Shopr

      I’ve never hear of these. Where can you get them?

    • Randy Bailey

      I love the boots too! Especially the suede type of boots

    • Suzanne

      I love boots but ever since I started walking so much I cannot find boots that fit my calves comfortably.

    • Suzanne

      I like hats too. You can state just about anything you want with a hat.

    • Happi Shopr

      Oh, if only I could, lol. And keep at steady supply of books and hot chocolate…