Giveaway: Hollywood-Style Starlet Mirror

There’s nothing wrong with being a little vain…

Vanity Girl

I for one love to look in the mirror. Truth be told, I went through a major awkward stage, and just the last few years started to feel better about the way I look.

But, of course, it’s most fun to do in style, and a Hollywood style “Starlet” Mirror is a great way to feel good as you notice yourself get hotter and hotter. Are you in the midst of a hot makeover? Post-breakup?

Believe it or not, the right mirror is a great way to keep any of your “get hotter” New Year’s Resolutions (i.e. lose weight, new haircut, new wardrobe ).

I love Vanity Girl Hollywood mirrors so much: They have six professional quality dimmable bulbs create the perfect lighting for flawless make-up application, and power plugs enable you to easily style your hair using your blow dryer and heat-styling tools. How much easier will it to be hot with this fancy help by your side?!

I have one to give away – a nearly $300 value! – to have your chance to win, tell me what your favorite feature is, that you love to check out in the mirror. In order to win this contest, you must also post comments on any two other recent entries. Deadline to enter is March 15. Good luck! (Winner must be from US or Canada for shipping reasons. Thanks!)

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    • Charlotte

      I like to check my hair in the mirror.

    • carrie rizzo

      I would like to check my makeup

    • Anne Taylor

      My eyes……I’m always checking my eyes and my liner!


    • courtney

      i like the “hollywood” style.. it’s so pretty… wow i hope i win

    • Tracy @Ascending Butterfly

      I’m a naturally wavy gal who prefers to wear it straight! I’m sure I will constantly and I mean constantly checking my hair in the mirror to see if the frizz or wave monster got me! :-)

    • addrienne mertens

      eyeliner is what i check…
      tracy i check that too…here comes summer soon there goes the great hair..ugh
      anne and i are doing the same thing in the mirror…is my liner still in place?
      thanx for the giveaway!

    • Timbo

      Honestly, I’m a guy, and I have a certain affinity with checking out my abs in the mirror. They’ve been coming along nicely, and I’m looking forward to getting them ripped as can be :D

    • Sandy

      I would like to check my makeup

    • Brenda

      I like to check my lips to see if my lipstick needs re-touching.

    • Fion

      My favorite feature that I love to check out in the mirror is my hair, because my natural hair is generally straight, though slightly wavy. Without much care and attention, it can get frizzy. I’m a perfectionist too, so I always make sure that it’s nice and ready! :)

    • Carol

      I like to do my eyes up, and enjoy using eyeliner. I always check and make sure my brows are neat too.

    • adrienne Gordon

      I like to check my eyes.

    • Jennifer

      My eyes

    • Carla

      I check my eyebrows bec. they’re always out of place (I know, brow gel!) but in general I turn sideways and check my posture.

    • deb

      My favorite feature is my eyes(not to sound conceited).

    • Amber G

      I love checking out my lips in the mirror – to make sure they are perfectly glossed!

    • Tracey Byram

      I check my lipstick out the most.

    • Mellissa C

      My eyes.

    • Deepthi

      I probably check out my eyes the most!,.. just making sure my eyeshadow is done right. thanks Aly

    • laura

      oh, aly, this is such a perfect giveaway! i love it! i think my favorite feature is my lips. they’re “betty boop” lips as my friends have said. i love kissing my husband with them, trying different colors of lipstick / gloss and telling my friends and family how much i love them! 2010 is my year of self improvement, spiritually and physically (with diet and exercise), so it would be fantastic to have a starlet mirror to get ready in front of each day, especially as i pursue my acting career. what fun! :) xox ~laura

    • katy jamison

      awesome mirror!

    • Angela J

      This would be great to have, I never seem to have enough light

    • Janice Golden

      My husband was going to have to put me a light above my vanity/Desk that he had bought me where I put on my makeup I NEED THIS BAD!!

    • Shari D

      I would be checking out my eye makeup as my eyes are my best feature.

    • Marylu

      I would LOVE to be able to apply my makeup with the help of the fabulous Hollywood-style lighting of this ADORABLE mirror! My favorite feature is my smile, and I am sure I will SMILE if I win this prize! :-{)

    • Denise B.

      My husband is the one who likes to check himself out in the mirror!

    • brenda helgeson

      My cheekbones

    • Carrie Zeiter

      I love that you can plug your iron into it, I always have to many appliances and not enough outlets!

    • Carrie Zeiter

      oops I gave my favorite mirror feature! My personal favorite feature are my eyebrows!

    • Linda Lansford

      I have a beatiful nose that I like to look at.

    • Jessica Eubanks

      I usually like to check my eyebrows in the mirror, because I know there is usually a stray hair or two I need to pluck! haha

    • Jen

      1) I love the dimmable light bulbs!
      2) Commented on “Bad Hair Day Cover-Up from Cibeles Madrid” post
      3) Commented on “In Case You Missed It: Fashion Week Streams” post

    • Karen Pochodowicz

      I look to look at my eyes. I think they are my best feature.

    • Laura

      This is awesome! I’m going through a terrible breakup right now and nothing helps more than feeling pretty again! I always check out my eyes and lashes- if they’re in order, I know everything else is lookin good too!

    • joni

      Timbo checks out his Abs–hmmmm.
      Linda checks out her nose—bats in the cave, maybe??
      I check out my mouth!

    • Katy M

      I just cut 12 inches off my hair so I’m loving to check out my new ‘do in the mirror.

      Thanks so much for the awesome giveaway!!! :)

    • michelle

      OH MY! imagine actually being able to SEE when i do my smoky eyes?! they would actually look like SMOKE and not a FOREST FIRE! this would be a dream!

    • Tina Renee

      Without a doubt, my blue eyes are my best feature! At 45, my face may have fine lines and wrinkles but my eyes are still big, beautiful and full of life and I love to check them out in the mirror!!

    • Monique Rizzo

      This would solve my problems. Thanks for the chance.

    • janeh

      it has to be my eyes…….they require the most work for the best results…..

    • Tracy @Ascending Butterfly
    • Mindy Molina

      I would love to use this mirror to look at my eyes while I’m applying my makeup.

    • Natalie Covarrubias

      I love checking out my eye makeup, its what I spend the most on and I like it to be perfect!

    • Eve

      My favorite feature to check in the mirror is my full lips.

    • erin m.

      Oooo tough one, i mostly critique the mirror but i can walk away happy if my makeup looks flawless.

    • Apple

      I like to check my eyes, they’re adorably round on lighted mirrors. :)

    • Saffa

      I love the way my eyes look, with or without makeup. I only check myself in the mirror if I am made up, never looking natural cuz I would just freak out.

    • Vanity Girl Hollywood

      So excited to see all the excitement over our Starlet mirror. We’re so happy you love our mirrors Aly!! To see all the colors available, check out

      I love the confidence in you guys sharing your favorite feature, including the guy with the abs!

      Good luck everyone!
      xoxo Maxine

    • 216amyc

      My eyes are my best feature so I’d make sure my eye makeup looks perfect every morning with this mirror.

    • Janelle

      I like to check out my legs!

    • Shilo Beedy

      My favorite feature is my brown eyes that I love to look at.

    • scarlette

      I would pick my full lips!

      • MelissaB

        Im jealous of full lips I use plumper LOL

    • hazel hunt

      Would love to win !!

      • MelissaB

        Me toooooo!

    • Rosie

      I like to check out my smile.

    • Tracy @Ascending Butterfly
    • sascha_love

      My favorite feature is my thick, wavy red hair!

    • sascha_love

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    • sascha_love

      Commented on Oscar Countdown: Getting My Skin Ready

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      I also commented on Amazing Reads: The Bag Lady Papers

    • Ashley

      i love my green eyes

    • Christine Felch

      my eyes

    • Teresa Grosse

      I would say my eyes.

    • Esther

      My High cheek bones. Thanks to them my face looks fabulous!!

    • Reez O.

      Love starin’ at my asian brown eyes.

    • Itzhel

      I love my eyes.. There big and Caty ;)

    • Samantha

      I like looking at my hair, cuz its usually all over the place! lol

    • Sarah clements

      I love looking in the mirror at my eyes, they are large and i can do fun things with my eyeshadow!

    • Gina Winstead

      I love to look at my eyes and smile :)

    • Jenny Yip

      My favorite feature of myself is my set of eyes. I love how I can use the vanity mirror to excentuate the depth and sparks of my eyes.

    • brittany

      My favorite future is my blue eyes and my hair.

    • Andi

      Favorite feature, definitely my hazel/gray eyes.

    • Chelsea

      I love my eyelashes. They’re are naturally long and full, it just adds a special umph to my brown eyes!

    • Stephanie

      I love my hazel eyes and their shape!

    • Aga

      I like to spend extra time on my eye make up just to make them “pop” but my finace loves to check himself out in every mirror he passes as well!

    • Tracy @Ascending Butterfly
    • MelissaB

      My sky blue eyes ;)

    • Stephanie

      hey girl-

      me too!

    • Stephanie

      so jealous!! <3