The Olsen Twin Purse

No, I’m not talking about their handbags…I am talking about the identical lip pucker that both Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen wear with every fashionable outfit as they walk down the street or pose on the red carpet.  The “Olsen Twin Purse” is that Zoolander-esque facial expression that is used to either mock models or hide your true emotions by seeming slightly angry all the time.  I have no idea why the Olsens never show an actual smile…maybe they just think the purse goes better with their flashy sense of style.

Here are the famous twins at the Elle Style Awards in London wearing matching ensembles that consist of long tulle trains over tiny minis with elbow-sleeve puffy fur coats and clutches.  I didn’t know that it was still cool for twins to dress alike…but I guess the Olsens can make anything look good…

Image: Bauer Griffin

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