Stacy London tells how to wear a shirtdress

Half of What Not to Wear, Stacy London knows what every woman needs in her closet. In the February issue of People Style Watch (the one with Taylor Swift on the cover), London discusses ways for every shape to wear spring’s essential shirtdress. I love a shirtdress because you can wear it in the day and look  pulled-together with one, no-fuss garment. Plus, if you aren’t a fan of baring your arms, most shirtdresses have sleeves, so instead of looking like you’re trying to cover up, you just look like every other woman (even the ones with toned arms!).

Photo: Zuma Image

Shirtdresses work for the office in most instances, and also tranfer to the weekend. They look great in twill or cotton, and can be worn with flats without looking frumpy. My tip is to keep hair pulled back for a really chic look.  Check out Stacy’s tips below for how to wear a shirtdress according to your body shape.

  • Curvy. – Curvy frames should stick with a V-neck, which creates a slimming effect. If the shirtdress is belted, show off your shape by adding a contrasting belt in bright shade or textured fabric to bring attention to the whittled middle. A hemline that skims just above the knee works well.
  • Pear-shaped. – Go with short sleeves to bring the eye upwards. The skirt portion of the shirtdress should have a slight fullness that gently skims your shape. The hemline just at-the-knees shows off legs without going too short.
  • Boyish figure. – Add a bold belt to create the look of curves. You likely have great legs, so show them off with a mid-thigh length shirtdress. Add sass to the look with a pair of sexy shoes like embossed sandals or cutout heels.
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