Win $100 Gift Card From Kohl’s

Have you been paying attention to all the Kohl’s Spring 2010 Collections that I’ve posted a few weeks ago? I’ve featured Lauren Conrad, Dana Buchman, Daisy Fuentes and SimplyVera Vera Wang Accessories. Now it’s time to see if you ladies were paying attention to any of them.

Whoever gets the answer right to my question will win $100 gift card from Kohl’s. Put your game face on ladies….

I’m just kidding :) . There’s no quiz or profound fashion question and answer going on. But you still need to share with me what you would do with a $100 Kohl’s Gift Card though. Kohl’s has all sorts of affordable stuff. And that’s not limited to fashion. There are lovely items for home, kitchen, etc.. as well. So if you win the $100 gift card, what are you going to buy with it?

The contest is open to US Residents only. It ends on March 7th, Sunday at 11:59pm Eastern Time. The winner will be randomly picked then announce on March 8th. GOOD LUCK!!

Giveaway Disclosure: The $100 Gift Card was provided by Kohl’s.

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    • mindy

      i would get mom some much needed tops for the spring thanks

    • Denise

      WOw what wouldn’t I do with it? I really need to update my wardrobe. So I would definitely watch the sales and specials and get as many great pieces to upgrade my wardrobe into this decade! Luckily if you play it right that is easy to do at Kohls!

    • Roblyn Honeysucker
    • Carol

      I’m so tired of being cold with all this snow we’ve been getting, I’d buy a flannel sheet set on sale, WARM pjs, slippers, and I’d buy the same for my son.

    • Yang

      Hi, my family just arrived here in the US from another country, it will also be the first for us to experience spring. The $100 would definitely help us shop for what we need, like clothes for spring, more stuff for the house, and some more for our little girl. =)

    • Kim

      I really could use some new spring/summer clothes since I dropped 20 pounds over the winter!

    • Patti

      This is my third and final try to post a comment. Here goes! If I won $100 from Kohls I would choose something from SimplyVera Vera Wang. ( just bought one of her purses) And I know my daughter would love something from Lauren Conrad.

    • Rita M

      Anticipating a better-weather vacation — Spring/Summer clothes!

    • juedy

      I’m thinking summer sundresses when Kohl’s has one of their great sales!



    • Grace

      that would go a long way with Kohls! i live for their free $10 in the mail!

    • Katy Morris

      I’d get the Simply Vera Vera Wang Solid Jacket and the Simply Vera Vera Wang Skinny Jeans. Both in petite.

      Thanks for the awesome giveaway!!! :)

    • Joanne Schultz

      I have 2 weddings to attend this summer, so I could really use a dress for them.
      Thanks for the giveaway!

    • Cee

      Mostly, I would be putting this toward work apparel. I especially love the ELLE™ Tweed Crop Jacket. Thank you so much!

    • Diane Baum

      I would buy some pretty pink towels, am I boring??????

    • Kathleen

      I’d use the gift card to get myself some new bed sheets and new towels, thanks.

      kport207 at gmail dot com

    • paige chandler

      I’d get pajamas and a new fragrance.

    • Kathy Luman

      I would buy a new outfit to wear when my husband comes back for 2 week visit from Afghanistan.

    • Patricia

      I would get ready for spring with Croft and Barrow Osana Thong Sandals and a Stone & Co Handbag.

    • Hana K.

      I need like 3 new dresses for spring & some cookware as well.

    • Jacquelyn Cannon

      Kohl’s is one of my favorite stores to shop!

    • Tammi Worrell

      I would buy clothes for my rapidly growing son.

    • Rebecca Graham

      I will buy a pair of Sketchers Shape Up shoes.

    • Hannah

      Well if I won I planned on giving it to my friends daughter who has just had a huge growth spurt and really needs some new clothes as a result!

    • Tara

      I would buy come new jeans for my husband, clothes for my son, and a new purse for myself! I love Kohls!

    • InABox

      I would buy new jeans and a new pair of sneakers. Mine are all wearing out, and I haven’t gone to replace them yet. :-D

    • Janelle

      Wow! I love Kohls! What I would buy is something for my 7 year old son, he’s in need of jeans. I would definitely pick something up for myself too! Maybe some cute capris, a new comforter. Maybe some home decorations. :) Being a single mom is hard so if I won this, the possiblities are endless! Thanks again!

    • Clara B.

      I can’t help gravitating to the fashions. I’m liking the Simply Vera Vera Wang Pleated Surplice Dress and the Simply Vera Wang Circle Tee. And they’re both on sale. Thanks for the giveaway!

    • Mami2jcn

      I would buy my sons some pajamas. They are growing like weeds and can use new clothes.

    • Debra B

      I think would share the gift card with my daughter who has a birthday this month and I know Kohls is her favorite place to shop, and she really could use some new clothes and I need bath towels very bad, ours have been washed to death and are hanging on by threads, also would love a few things for my kitchen, new dish towels and pot holders, I could get lost in the Kitchen dept at Kohls, thanks for hosting this wonderful giveaway

    • janeh

      I love the Vera Wang Collection and would use the $100 to buy from that.

    • brenda helgeson

      I’d buy some 600 count sheets for my bed

    • jeanne

      I would get the Simply Vera Cuffed Crop Jeans and Dana Buchman Pleated Tunic (white)

    • Stephanie V.

      Oh – need so much for the family. I need some undies and comfy tops like Chaps Shirred Keyhole Top. Little boy needs new clothes and a little suitcase for our upcoming trip like Heys® “Finding Nemo” Wheeled Upright. Need a new griddle, big boy bed oh just so much good this gc could do us!
      tvollowitz at aol dot com

    • steven lewis

      My lady says she needs new undergarments…what is a tanga?

    • Tania

      I’d be sure to get one of those Vera purses and then scour the clearance rack!

    • Kim

      I just learned that my jewelry is lame. Lots of jewelry, rope strands, and a pair of shoes!

    • MDz

      I have a few weddings coming up so I’d be buying a dress to save some money! I really like the dresses by My Michelle.. thanks so much for the chance!

    • Sarah D.

      I would buy a couple of pairs of Candies jeans for me and a pair of sandals for me (summer is a ways off for Upstate NY, but the sandals will be in stores soon).

    • susan wiener

      I bought several jewelry items for Kohl’s and they’re beautiful. Thx much.

    • Katie

      I am going to buy clothes to teach in. I just graduated from college and I am trying to build my work closet. With Spring coming, I could sure use some new pieces.

    • Amber G

      I would buy some new jeans for my daughter!

    • salima

      i would suck it up and buy some pots and pans (got a new place)… maybe i could sneak in a new dress or something from the lauren conrad collection… or maybe those boyfriend jeans she has out. super cute.

    • allyson ayala

      bath towels would be my pick- our’s are pretty shabby looking

    • Beth G

      I have a cruise coming up in April and I have literally nothing to wear. I don’t own a single pair of shorts. I would use the $100 on some fun cruise wear..

    • SANDY

      would take half of it and buy some clearance items for next fall and winter- you know the basics- tighs, etc and the other half take and buy an awesome purse for spring- summer- something new and different

    • Bianca

      They have some really beautiful jackets that I see…… But I think I would go in the store and splurge on a bunch of cosmetics, they have some great ones in there!

    • Leslie

      I would buy some of the fancy glasses and kitchen things they have, some jewelry, cause I love it, and maybe a purse.

    • Elizabeth

      i have a baby due in july so i would probably put it towards baby apparel!

    • Andrea

      Grand baby on the way! Would go shopping for her!
      Thanks for the chance :)

    • Rebecca Buffington

      I’d get some new boots for my daughter and myself ( and maybe some comfy socks!)

    • robert reilly

      I’d buy a bunch of clothes for work.

    • Jennifer

      I would also have to say spring and summer clothes because I recently lost some weight and would love to wear clothes that actually fit me. Thanks for the great giveaway!

    • Shellie

      What a cool idea! Let’s see… I just lost 30 pounds so I would definitely get myself some Vera Wang jeans. Then I would get some spring home decor, because my house looks sad since I took down the Christmas decorations!

    • courtney

      i would get one of their beautiful pictures for the bathroom wall

    • Donna L

      I would buy my daughter new clothes for her birthday. Thank You

    • Sheila

      I would get new shoes.

    • randi

      I hate to shop, but I really need clothes for me!

    • judith v

      I live within walking distance of a Kohl’s. I shop at Kohl’s all the time for my self daughters and grandchildren.

    • Andria

      I’d like to get a new swimsuit. Thank you.

    • emily

      i would definitely get something, probably the dress from lauren conrads collection

    • Vicky H.

      I’d probably get some new pants/jeans and whatever my sister may want.

    • Mindee Larsen

      I would go buy some dresses and cute jewelry for SUMMER!!! yaaaa

    • Nikki

      I’d buy some new clothes to hold me over while I pass through my in-between sizes on my way back to skinny!
      nik_har at yahoo dot com
      (there is an underscore between “nik” & “har”)

    • KATE

      I would spend it all on the vera wang collection!

    • libby

      Kohl’s always has good, if not great, deals on clothes & housewares. I would probably use the gift card for mainly a new spring wardrobe! Thanks letting us know about this giveaway!! :)


    • grace

      I will buy my brother a wedding present, since his wedding is this july.

    • Jessica

      I just painted my bathroom, so I would probably get some really nice fluffy new bath towels to match!

    • joni

      I’d use it on a Confirmation dress for my daughter.

    • ky2here

      Oddly enough, I’m going to stock up on belts. I’m too cheap to buy nice belts and I need to change that.

    • Tari Lawson

      I will buys some shorts and tops for summer.

    • merle

      as always, something for my niece. they have the stuffed animals you can buy and they also donate to charity.

    • Linda Fish

      I would buy some new shoes and pants for work

    • Sharon Harmon

      I would love to have the gorgeous Simply Vera Vera Wang Sterling Silver Crystal Floral Ring wrapped around my finger!

    • Marcia Goss

      I need some new tennis shoes, and maybe a new pair of jeans.

    • Rebecca L

      I would buy some boots. I have been looking for some dressy, knee high or mid calf boots.

    • Heather S

      I would get some cute jean capris, a funky colorful short sleeve top and maybe some sandals? They have great sales so I bet I could do it and have money for a purse. ;)

    • Cindy

      I would defintely maximize that $100…I LOVE the sale racks at Kohl’s. New shoes, cute spring tops and flirty skirts are on my wish list. I also love their accessories! Loving the new Lauren Conrad colllection and always Vera’s collection!

    • adrienne Gordon

      I’ll be buying clothes for the kids.



    • Kelly

      Maybe the Lauren Conrad jacket – or bow sweater. I thought both were really cute!

    • melissa

      i would go buy jeans and shorts and new tops and anything i can get my hands on that fits me…i have recently lost some weight and none of my clothes fit so i am ready for a shopping trip!

    • Carrie Z

      I would use it to buy some summer sandals- I am wearing some circa 2005!

    • Apple

      I would love to have a floral dress for the summer so I’m getting one ELLE™ Floral Ruffled Dress! :)

    • david basile

      get some new workout clothes

    • Kathy Scott

      My son is growing like a weed (5’9″ at 13). I cannot keep him in clothes. I would buy him a couple of outfits.

    • Laura E

      $100 goes such a long way at Kohls! After all the snow in the NEast we’re really ready for Spring so I’m thinking of Easter dresses for my daughter and I, some colorful Spring dish and hand towels to brighten up the house and since Kohls truly has everything -a couple of goodies from the Easter Bunny for DD (lip gloss, socks)and DS (matchbox car, card game). Happy Spring to You!

    • deb

      I’d buy my grandaughter spring clothes, she’s growing like a weed.

    • Jennifer

      I would purchase myself, my husband and my son new boots, they are on sale now and we need them for next year and for hiking in the spring!

    • MIchele

      I would use this gift card to buy some new clothes for my mom. She’s done so much for us over the years but simply hasn’t ever had money to spend on herself. She loves to feel pretty and stylish, and I always hate that I can’t buy her more.

    • Lori Williams

      I’d buy much needed cookware!

    • Social Networking Platform

      I would get new shoes for running.

    • evelyn

      Wow this would be such a fantastic prize

    • Nina

      update my fiance’s wardrobe for his new hired position :). this is his favorite store

    • DeeAnn S

      I’d redecorate the bathroom! Thanks.

    • McKim

      I would get some new sheets for our bed. Ours are so thin you can read through them!

    • Tracey Byram

      I would get new rugs and a shower curtain for my bathroom.

    • saumya

      I have been dying to buy the elle trench so sure would buy that if i win the gift card…

    • Renski

      I would buy new shoes for my boys.

    • Aru

      I am so in need of some good stuff to wear to work. Since my old car died, between new car payments, and household utility expenses I really don’t have anything left to spend on my self…a $100 gift card from kolhs would definitely change that!!! And kohls has such cool stuff , and it is not expensive..and $100 at kolhs will fill up my wardrobe compared to a $100 gift card from other “high” end stores!!

      I wish everyone best of luck !!!

    • queta

      I’d grab some new outfits.

    • Jen

      I would buy a few pairs of Soffe shorts and the “Eclipse II” framed wall art

    • Melanie

      Underwear shopping because they have the brands I like best!

    • Stacey

      I would love to buy some home decor (we could use some new pillows for our bed) or some cute items from the Vera Wang clothing line!

    • Melissa M.

      I would buy clothes for myself, since I usually spend the money on my kids and husband.

    • Sarah Hirsch

      I’m going to buy clothes for my two kids and maybe something for my husband. Aren’t I so selfless?! :)

    • amber

      I’ve like to get a brand new pair of cute heels for the Spring, plus some Flirt Cosmetics, and maybe a few Spring shirts. Thanks!!

    • Linda

      I love to shop st Kohl’s, I need a new coffee pot so that would be the first thing I would buy.

    • Heidi Gail

      I would buy slacks and a dress shirt for my husband. He lost a lot of weight and is swimming in his clothes.

    • Denise B.

      We do most of our shopping at However, since I got the actual 30% off code in the mail, we’re going to the store this weekend to buy much needed clothing for our children. Unfortunately, the online store doesn’t carry nearly as much as the actual store.

    • Carol

      Shoes and a purse.

    • Susan S.

      I would buy my son some new outfit and pick up some bold colored decorative pillows to pep up my living room.

    • lori b

      I would buy that pair of brown calf high boots with a buckle I’ve had my eye on

    • Tarah

      I would buy the Mootsies Tootsies® Zanara Thong Sandals!

    • Linda Lansford

      I will buy Relic® Logo Shopper

    • Onolee R

      I would use it to buy more Jeans.

    • Gena

      I like the Abbey Dawn collection and would probably get some tops from that collection!

    • shel

      I’d buy some summer shorts for myself and for my 13 year old daughter. We’re both lacking warm weather wear

    • Monique Rizzo

      I’d get some cute new sandals for Spring and my Vegas trip. Thanks for the chance.

    • Brad

      I would get some new clothes for work

    • Sue E

      I would buy some new summer shirts. Thanks!

    • michael burke

      I will buy new summer clothes – good luck to all!

    • Angela J

      clothes, I need some new pants

    • lisa

      I could use a new spring wardrobe,

    • Jessica

      I would love to buy new clothes with it but I think there are some household goods that I really need!

    • Sarah

      I’d buy new bras and panties.

    • Mary M

      I would buy myself some new summer shoes (I’m thinking ahead!) and maybe a new pair of khaki work pants for hubby.

    • barbara wright

      I would buy really plush towels and nice bed pillows.

    • Mellissa C

      I would buy something from the Vera Wang clothing line and a purse.

    • Jennifer B.

      I really like their shoe department. I’d probably get a pair for myself and a pair for my husband.

    • Allison

      I would buy some new jeans. and maybe bras? I love Kohls you can make $100 go a long way!

    • elena ca

      I’d get a pair of gorgeous black pumps.

    • Jessie C.

      I’d like a new mixer, kitchenaid would be great!

    • Stacy Z

      I’d stock up on classics like black pumps or cardigans!

    • http://n/a Karen L.

      Hi! I would definitely put it towards kitchen ware/ appliances. I’ve been watching the footnetwork and would really like to become a better chef with better tools of course.

    • tracy davis

      I’d grab some new outfits

    • Ellie W

      I would buy new jeans. I recently lost weight and nothing fits. Kohl’s has a great jeans section.

    • Pat Ramey

      I would buy some new sandals and maybe some capris

    • Tina

      I’ll check out the L.C. stuff!

    • ron

      i would be the necessities; underwear, socks, tshirts, shorts, etc.

    • Mary

      I’d get a new tablecloth and napkins in a spring-y color for Easter and maybe some table decorations for Easter dinner.

    • Cindy Merrill

      The Hamilton Beach® BrewStation™ Coffee Maker
      regular $59.99 looks wonderful and I need one as an Easter present.

    • Kaitlin Richenberg

      We could use some new picture frames and I would love to get new pillows for our couch! Thanks!

    • Lauren R

      I would buy some new SPRING clothes!! Thanks!

    • Sonya Sparks

      I would buy Gracie some new jeans. Thanks!

    • Jessi

      I would use the $100 gift card to replace my cookware…the enamel on the inside is starting to flake into my meals!! :-(

    • Joseph Stowell

      I need to buy tall clothing and Kohl’s is the best place for me to get a wide variety of clothing in my size that fits my style. Thanks for the chance to win the $100 Kohl’s gift card!

    • Joseph Stowell
    • Jason

      I definitely need new shirts

    • AL

      I’d buy some nice white skinny jeans (Can I wear white yet?!) and definitely the blue ruffled dress from LC’s collection.

    • Annette E

      I’d buy my son some new sneakers and a light weight jacket.

    • Jean

      I’d get some sandals and some new outfits for spring.

    • Darlene

      I could get so much at Kohls with a $100 gift card. They have great sales and even greater clearance prices. Nearly every piece of clothing I own came from Kohls.

    • Rory Kaphing

      I would give this to my girlfriend as she needs some new clothes!

    • lori

      new clothes and some housewares

    • Elizabeth I

      I would buy some Philadelphia Eagles stuff for the kids to wear on game days.

    • Jennifer G

      I want some new clothes!!

    • Janna Johnson

      I would buy some nice piece of jewelry or a watch for my hubby!
      Thanks for entering me! Great Contest!

      Janna Johnson

    • Sarah

      I would spend $100 dollars on jeans, purses, and shoes. I need new clothes!

    • Karen Pochodowicz

      I would get a new cuisinart food processor

    • M

      I’m desperately in need of updating my work wardrobe, especially since I’ll be graduating from school soon. I need new dressy shoes, cardigans, dressy tops and pants…and accessories. Kohl’s has everything!

    • Amanda Campbell

      I would buy some new cookware – either Rachael Ray or Paula Deen.


    • Jaime

      I want some sweaters and hoodies.

    • susitravl

      Spring is just around the corner, so SANDALS are on the top of my shopping list!

    • Kenny Arbuckle

      I need some new clothes !!!

    • Lucy Schwartz

      I love VEra Wang and I’d get some Vera Towels for my bathroom.

    • angie

      I would get some new jeans. I haven’t bought any in a long time.

    • crystal

      My grandma is in her 80′s and loves looking for deals at Kohls..i would love to ‘go bummin’ with her as my grandpa calls it;)

    • Terrisa Curran

      I would take my son shoping for some new clothes.

    • Jennifer gersch

      id buy a vera shirt

    • Joseph Stowell
    • Keisha Anderson

      My son just turned 2 on the first and he’s growing crazy fast out of this clothes. I would buy as many pants, shorts, onesie, and t-shirts as I could with the Kohl’s giftcard.

    • Jenn S.

      I would get my kids some new jeans and shorts.


      I think I would like to buy some luggage for the great trip prize I am looking forward to.

    • cindy miller

      I need new bras!

    • Cynthia C

      I’d get some nice summer tops to go with the new jeans I just bought at Kohl’s.

    • Kimberly

      I’d buy a new area rug for our living room. I’ve been eyeing one up for a while now. :)

    • Suzanne K

      I’d get myself some new walking shoes and some other clothes to encourage me to continue to work out and keep losing weight to get healthier!

    • stony

      It’s all about the shoes. and maybe housewares too Thanks

    • Autumn B.

      I’d put it towards some baby bedding, I just bought a carseat from Kohls online yesterday!

      autumn398 @

    • Trisha

      i would get clothes for my teenagers!!!

    • rose waterston

      I’d get $100 worth of panties.

    • Amy

      I just adopted a new dog so I would buy something cute for him (maybe a doggie bed) and then a cute outfit for myself to walk him in (so I can meet some other cute dog owners).

    • Mia J.

      I have just lost quite a bit of weight and could use some new clothes.

    • Julie

      I recently lost 60lbs so I would buy new clothes for work as most of mine are what Stacy and Clinton would throw away on “What Not to Wear” :)

    • Pat

      I’d buy some shoes and tops.

    • Steve Scott

      My teenage son has no jeans long enough.

    • Shelley Johnson

      I would get myself something new for spring!

    • Jacob

      My wife loves to buy light jackets at Kohl’s. So I would let her use it.

    • Judy Bell

      SHOES, SHOES, SHOES! (Of course.) And maybe a little handbag.

    • Vivi

      Cute Spring / Summer Collections from your blog…they’re awesome! Thank you!!

    • Melissa

      I would buy quite a few pieces from the Vera Wang and Lauren Conrad collections!

    • Stacy

      We really need new pots and pans and I would replace some of them.

    • Brittany L.

      Please enter me into the contest. I’ve been unemployed for a while now and haven’t had a chance to do anything other than window shopping. I would buy some dresses for the spring.

    • Karen

      I really want a breadmaker!

    • Lily

      I think I would buy a new sundress and some shorts for spring!

    • Kim Benton

      My daughter’s childhood friend just had an apartment fire, I’d help her get some stuff for her kids.
      Thanks for the offer.

    • Michael

      I would ‘gift’ it to my wife – who would use it for new clothes. She likes to keep in style and, being that her closet is full, I guess that’s why they constructed two closets in our master bedroom! ;)

    • dreeg

      I’m going to buy my son 2 pairs of Levi jeans.

    • Joseph Stowell
    • Jeff

      I would buy some video games and kitchen appliances.

    • Christine

      I’d love to buy their Keurig mini-brewer for my son! Thank you!

    • alicia wallace

      I would use the $100 Kohls gift card to buy new, fresh towels for my master bathroom for the spring.

    • Shelley Mitchell

      I would buy some pictures for my newly redone living room!

    • Carol G

      I would definitely get myself some new summer weight jeans and tops–I need some badly.

    • Jennifer R

      I would buy some items from Twilight Sarah Jessica Parker Perfume Collection

    • Deb Armus

      Believe it or not, I buy coffee for my Keurig at Kohls. They have the best prices – especially with all their discounts.

    • Angela

      New blinds for the bedroom!

    • Susan A

      Need new clothes!