Sometimes, Anna Wintour Smiles

Anna Wintour seems like she works hard. We want her to be happy. But what makes her happy? Remember how in the Devil Wears Prada Stanley Tucci said about the Miranda Priestly character (who is possibly 100% based on Anna Wintour) that there was one smile on record, and it was for Tom Ford’s line? Perhaps Miranda Priestly is only 99% based on Anna Wintour, because we have many smiles, giggles and guffaws on record! Note the excerpted section of the September issue, wherein nervous designers make Anna giggle. And then, there are more…

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      Finally someone showing another side of Anna. I’m sooo bored with everyone criticizing her all the time. She is a talented woman who runs a tight ship in a massively successful (ok so not as much right now but who is successful in print these days?) and celebrated publication. I’d like to see more smiling successful women!!

    • friendliestghost

      I agree with Elaine–Anna Wintour has so much to smile about. Although somehow she doesn’t look remarkably less intimidating, even when she is…