Confessions of a Dirty Girl: Why I Hate to Shower

I’ll admit that many of my poor bathing habits likely stem from my hair history. In high school, my hair was so long it came down to my belt buckle (Note: I do not recommend this.) Once I got to college – and before I entered my “Felicity pixie-cut phase” – it became a major chore to wash it. I’d pin it up before I showered to avoid dealing with it, and each week I passively tested myself to see how long I could go before I looked like Janis from The Muppets. After I chopped it off it seemed even more unnecessary to wash. I could get hosed down with beer (hypothetically, of course) and still decide not to wash it the next day if it looked OK. Hell, I might not shower at all.

The irony is that I’ve got a washroom stocked with myriad bath products. Like any girl who grew up with easy access to a mall, I’m a huge fan of bath gels, fancy shampoos and conditioners, and lotions. The only difference between me and everyone else is that I end up keeping mine for years. As a teenager I convinced myself I was being frugal, never recognizing that I’d actually use them if I just showered more frequently. It excited me to know that I’d had the same dusty bottle of Bath & Body Works Juniper Breeze bath gel for over a year. “Money in the bank! Cha-ching!” I would think to myself, giving my back a congratulatory pat. It wasn’t until years – and several apartments – later that I realized how ridiculous this was. Even now, I hoard my partially used gels and potions as though they’re something to treasure, rather than something to replace at a drugstore for $7.99. Just knowing they’re in the bath rack, waiting to be used again, gives me the illusion that I’ve won half the shower battle.

So how infrequently do I bathe? Let me start by saying that I’m currently on Day 6 of not washing my body or my hair. That’s unfortunate for my live-in boyfriend, who thinks I’m crazy, but as I said to him this morning, it’s all in the name of research (or whatever excuse I come up with each week). That being said, I typically shower at least every 3 days. OK, no. Every 4 days. My hair probably gets washed once every 5-7 days….if I’m lucky. Like I said, I’ve gone two weeks before and I wouldn’t pass up a dare to do it again.

There are a ton of great excuses for not showering. I have work to do. My cat needs petting. It’s environmentally sound. In fact, every time I read about some celebrity like Jennifer Aniston yapping about how she showers in under 4 minutes to help save our natural resources I think, “Screw you, Aniston. I barely shower at all!” I hover between thinking I’m the laziest, dirtiest girl I know to joking about being “more European.” I engage in conversations with girlfriends before beach trips about needing to shave my legs without fully admitting that they haven’t been shaved in a month (hey, I have light hair). Not showering regularly has become one of my ‘quirky little flaws’ that makes me me. I’ve crafted several self-deprecating jokes about it to try to assuage friends that despite being dirty, I’m still able to be funny. And being funny is what counts, right? Well, that and not smelling bad.

Avoiding a funky smell when you hate to bathe is actually easier than you might think. Deodorant is key. As is wearing clothing that’s relatively clean. Changing your underwear is good. You might say I’m the human body equivalent of that pair of jeans you never wash but nobody knows the difference. Except when I shower people actually say, “You look nice!” Looks are the biggest downside of this little habit of mine. When I do shower, I feel better, look better and smell better. I know all of this, so I try to make a concerted effort. If anything, I do it to please my man. Being clean is sexy; ponytails are not. It’s difficult to find a balance when every shred of my being is beckoning me to wait until tomorrow (or the next day). But sometimes being clean is important.

If I have a business or doctor-related appointment, I shower. If I’m attending a wedding, or an event where I might be raising my arms, I step up my game. When I went to see Martha Stewart’s show film a live taping I thought about showering, but I had to get there at 8am so it didn’t happen. Still, deep down I know that cleanliness is next to godliness. Bathing allows you to have a clear mind, to wipe the slate clean and start anew. I have much respect for those who make this happen once or even twice a day. It’s remarkable, really. I’ve just come to understand that I’m not one of those people. And that’s OK – at least with me.

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    • amanda

      blair, you should be commended for your honesty. i, too, shower as little as possible. currently working from home, makes me shower maybe twice a week, if that…and i won’t even admit to how often i don’t wash my hair. i even have friends ask me: “are you going to wash your hair anytime soon?” no, actually, i’m not…and like you, i’m fine with that.

    • bpilcher

      I would be lying if I didn’t admit to recoiling at the thought of this. And I’m an open-minded guy who’s spent time in Europe, dated European women, and would like to think this wouldn’t bother me. I can’t decide if I should feel ashamed of that reaction or not.

    • seth

      i find this troublesome on a number of levels. from a purely personal perspective, it’s impossible for me to wake up if i haven’t showered, period. from a hygienic perspective, though, it sickens me somewhat to think about having to press closely to you in the subway. regardless of your perception of your odor or oiliness, my perception will likely be more severe, having not slowly immersed myself in a slow-build of nasal and visual immunity to your grime, as you have. mostly, though, i just find it lazy, on a level that’s similar to people who don’t bother using turn-signals, who always have coffee breath, or who don’t lift the seat before pissing in unisex facilities. it’s just slobbish, and it’s hard for me to imagine how you’ve maintained a relationship when it’s clear that you don’t at least respect HIM enough to put a little more effort into yourself.

      • Blair

        Hi Seth – I don’t think I’d like to press closely to you in the subway either, because your *attitude* stinks. Like I said in the article, I do not consider myself a “smelly” or “oily” person, and when I need to shower I do. I also use turn signals, brush my teeth and do not even BOTHER sitting on the toilet in a unisex bathroom.

    • heatherina

      @seth and @bpilcher its obvious that neither of you have any comprehension of how infrequently many women don’t wash their hair or shower. women, unlike most men, don’t sweat and smell like neanderthals.

      • Ronny

        Yes I think they must have a certain level of misogyny, and or completely fooled by Madison Avenue’s propaganda that women are dirty if they don’t obsessively shower, and by tons of chemicals to cover up a female’s natural scent, which smells a million times better than the toxic junk they sell. Plus in my experience it was my gf’s that over showered that got monthly thrush and/or UTI’s, giving them bad vagina odors, not the one that showered less and got not a single thrush or UTI, and no bad vagina odor, in our entire 5 year relationship.

    • randi

      i think that you and my husband would get along BEAUTIFULLY! i actually think this is hilarious.. and eh! if u don’t wanna shower.. then you shouldn’t!! but me.. oh lord! i feel terrible if i don’t.. seriously though my brother would DRIVE YOU NUTTY… we’ve been on family vacations before.. u know- all the parents, the kids, husbands wives… anywho.. sister and i have counted before.. our crazy brother has truly showered SIX TIMES IN ONE DAY!!! i know right?

    • Hunter_S

      I often fail to shower, too. Then again, I’m not having sex with anyone right now. I do not envy the man who has to cunnilate a vagina that has not been washed in 6 days. Unless he has some kind of a fetish for it, that’s just yucky.

    • gina

      My parents don’t shower everyday & they have always smelled really good, however that doesnt mean they arent washing up, they are. I think not showering for a few days is okay as long as you are sponge bathing the important bits. It is probably less drying for your skin & hair, so that is a positive spin on it. I think as long as someone isnt offending others with their odor then its their business on how often they bathe. I shower or take a bath everyday unless I am not feeling well, but I remember being a kid & only taking a bath a couple times a week. Then again that was after the playing in the dirt phase & before the hormones kicking in phase.

    • canonizer

      I refuse to shower unless there’s clean laundry handy.

    • seth

      @heatherina and blair- i certainly comprehend how many slovenly ladies exist. trust me, i ride the L train every morning, and i went to college with plenty of people who also felt it was in order to roll into class in pajamas and college-tees on a daily basis (as well as the even less savory anti-ablution veganemo crowd). that doesn’t mean i don’t find it disrespectfully lazy to those around you. despite the fallacy that it’s ‘european’ to avoid bathing (or at least washing the smelly bits, as another commenter mentioned), i’ve never known a european of our generation who didn’t bathe daily, and i lived in germany for three years (the pre-war and senile are a different story). i think my attitude is the norm, rather than being particularly terrible, hence the reason you chose to preface this with the title of ‘confession.’ and paul- not having any clean laundry is equally egregious. even a ‘clean’ pair of underwear worn for a single day contains an average of a gram of fecal matter and adherent bacteria that isn’t even killed when laundering in hot water- only when placed through the dryer. just saying.

    • Blair

      Seth — I don’t live off the L train. I never wore pajamas to class in college, nor have I worn them outside anywhere else. You have a particularly bad problem with over-generalization. Also, I don’t think anyone who considers not showering daily to be ‘European’ is thinking of Germany, one of the more sterile European countries I’ve visited. But again, it’s the way you express yourself that makes you sound like an ass, not the fact that you’re expressing an opposing view to the article.

    • turboterp

      Very interesting, but honestly, I can’t relate. The highlight of my day is a shower, or ever better, a long, hot bath.

    • Sharonica

      Er, some girls think they don’t stink, but they do stink. They stink like girls, which is totally different from how boys stink.For all the reasons I like guy smell (sometimes, when I like the guy), I don’t like girl smell. Maybe it’s a turn-on for people attracted to women.

    • seth

      my mention of the L train was not a generalization about people who do live off the L train- as i stated, i am one such person. i mention it only because this is the only time i find myself squeezed against other people against my will. i also mention the ‘pajamas to class incident’ as an indicator of laziness or general lack of regard for one’s appearance or the way in which others might view them because of it. examples and references are not necessarily generalizations. the ultimate fault i find with your article, though, is the fact that you’ve posted something clearly intended to elicit both shock or approval, simply so that you could castigate people who offer the former and bathe (so to speak) in smug self-approval when given the latter.

    • seth

      ‘and* approval,’ apologies.

      • Blair

        “Bathe in smug self-approval”? I disagree, Seth. First of all, the intention behind my essay was to make a few jokes and get people thinking from a different perspective about bathing. It’s not as black and white as seeking to “shock” people or get their approval. I personally don’t think it *should* be that shocking, actually. I haven’t posted a reply to anyone who has disagreed with my showering essay except for you.

        I will point out, though, that you’re the one who said this: “even a ‘clean’ pair of underwear worn for a single day contains an average of a gram of fecal matter and adherent bacteria that isn’t even killed when laundering in hot water- only when placed through the dryer.” << THAT is some sick shit, dude.

      • Olivia

        However, it is very true. That is another reason why underwear should not be thrown in the washer with dish towels, for example. In fact the average home dryer does not get hot enough to kill bacteria either. For that reason I wash like things together and use chlorine bleach, which turns to salt water, on dish towels, towels,sheets, and underwear.

      • seth

        it’s a factual statement, blair, and not intended to shock as much as inform. i stated it only to further my point that regardless of how we feel about personal hygiene standards with regard to personal acceptability, the microbial world maintains its objective presence. as clean as you might personally feel or consider yourself, the ecosystem that you represent must be abundantly diverse. i prefer to keep my own biodiversity at a minimum, and prefer the company of others who do the same.

        and i think you responded to me because my criticism struck a nerve, rather than the simpler statements that were easier to slough off, as though with a loofah.

      • Blair

        Seth — Your statement struck a nerve because you’re weirding me out. Who sits around thinking about fecal matter in their underwear and keeping their “biodiversity at a minimum”? Chill out. Have an ice cream cone or something.

      • seth

        sigh. if reading science articles as a supplement to cultural critique and the occasional beauty blog is considered creepy, then i’ve clearly chosen the wrong forum in which to voice my opinion. i will let you and your single-celled dependents enjoy your ice cream in peace. good day.

    • thejoe

      Sometimes I just clean my junk, Speed Stick the pits, and put on clean clothes. A shower-a-day does not keep the doctor away, or even friends/lovers. Blair, I think you’re my kinda woman…

      • seth

        joe, that’s the last time you ever sit on my couch.

    • Belinda83

      I just created this account so I could leave a comment here.

      You are free to do whatever the hell you want to do. This is your right as long as you’re not stepping beyond your limits (and in this case, I am not sure…)

      However, this does not negate the fact that you are a dirty person when it comes hygiene. I am sorry. You can sugarcoat it, you can throw in a few jokes about it, and you can slap on fragrances and deodorants, but for someone who can even go as far as 3 days with showering and washing themselves, in my opinion, is DIRTY. And you can push it to 6 days and even 2 weeks.

      I have to say you are lucky to have a boyfriend who is not even disgusted by touching you or holding you. Unless, I am guessing, he is like you and showers every fortnight.

      Seriously… this is not something to be proud of or to brag about or go around telling people or writing articles about.

      • Blair

        I didn’t say I go 2 weeks without showering. I said I have gone up to 2 weeks without washing my hair. My boyfriend showers every day, if not twice.

        I never said I was *proud* of not showering regularly; I said I have come to accept it as part of who I am. I don’t think I was sugarcoating it so much as making light of something that is taken far too seriously in my opinion.

    • Belinda83

      Well… who *you are* SUCKS. Change it. If you were living on a damn island alone with your boyfriend, then you can go a whole year without showering. But, people have to look at your hair get greasy, and smell your sweat and stale odor (and trust me, you’re not gonna know it’s there… but others do… oh, the odors I have to put up with in public places).

      And I don’t believe your boyfriend showers or is clean, as you purport. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be sleeping with you. Sorry.

      • Blair

        Apparently your morning shower did nothing for your disposition.

      • M

        Yeah, Blair, you should change because the great goddess Belinda the Good Witch says you should. :P

    • ivgotvertigo

      Absolutely. While I was in school I showered probably twice a week, and while I was working in a nasty greasy deli I showered every night after work – but I hated it. I hate having to undress and get the water temperature just right. I wash my hair, scrub, shave, and get out at soon as possible, just to encounter that miserable cold feeling when you step out of the hot water. Then you have to deal with any breeze that may just so happen to hit your wet body, then you have to dry off, dry your hair – and yes blow dry it or you might as well never have washed it! Then when you want to put clothes on it’s a pain in the ass. The whole task of taking a shower is just that, a task. I really don’t enjoy them and I find the lamest reasons NOT to take a shower.

      And, FYI, I think showering every 3 days is perfectly healthy. I, too, have gone 2 weeks w/o bathing – not to say it’s healthy, lol. Right now I think I’m on day 5. I may take a shower later if the mood strikes me. :)

      • Olivia

        Ever think of drying off with the shower curtain still closed? That’s what I do.

    • dklrdl

      I’m an older person so I actually remember people who had no shower, and a only a bathtub in their home. Showering daily is a new phenomenon, probably just within the last 40ish years. I shower every other day, and have a spongebath the other. Why? Because my stylist told me hair should not be washed everyday. Unfortunately, my hair is thinning as I age, so I think I will be doing the morning shower soon.

    • caitlyn

      i just googled ‘i hate showering’, to procrastinate. i am very pleased to have found this article, although to be honest I am only commenting in order to waste more time.

    • kristen’s mom

      personally, i don’t think showering everyday is going to kill anyone. I can see skipping a day of washing your hair but really 2 weeks? I can’t say I would want to sit near you on a bus or perhaps even want to eat at your house. If you don’t keep your parts clean, you aren’t going to keep anything else clean. Do you at least brush your teeth? I hope I never procrastinate that much or become this lazy.

      • An “Unwashed Hippy”

        Actually, I scrub every dish thoroughly after cooking and before eating. Then I wash my eating dishes when I finish eating! My filing cabinet is meticulously organised, I make my bed before I leave the house, I clean the sheets bi-weekly, and I think I’m the only person I know who regularly launders their messenger bag. I am – by most people’s accounts – meticulously clean. How many people know that I take showers no more often than every two weeks? I have strikingly honest friends, and I work in an office. If I smelled I would have heard about it. My hair is always exquisite, I spend a lot of time braiding it to absolute perfection almost every day. I get compliments HOURLY on my appearance. So what do you know about my cleanliness?

    • Lily

      I have always hated to shower as well and I’ve never really understood why either. I shower Mon-Fri in the morning because I have to. I live in the SW where’s it’s hot all day long even in the winter. I don’t shower Sat and Sundays. My hair is very dry and frizzy so I can get away without washing it everyday. Not washing it everyday actually helps prevent further dryness. Lately I have been washing my hair once a week but I really should wash it twice a week. I googled “why do I hate to shower” and came across your article. Thank you for writing it. Now I don’t feel quite so much like a freak for absolutely hating to shower. I’m glad to know I am not the only one. I still wonder why I hate to shower but I guess I’ll just never really know. Maybe it’s just part of my personality. Another thing I noticed about myself is that I used to hate the rain until I met my husband. He helped bring out the beauty of it. There is a song called “Rain” by Clint Black that reminds of my transition towards it. Well anyhow, speaking of showering, I really do need to shower right now and I’m not looking forward to it either. Maybe I’ll just take one in the morning. I won’t have a choice then because it will be Monday lol.

    • Electra

      I am so phsyched there are other females that cbf showering. I always thought i was really odd because it’s only ever spoken about boys not showering. It’s so time consuming!! Although the freshly showered feeling is nice but a soapy smelling perfume gives a similar feeling (and hides the non showering from others!) ;P

    • Miranda

      I typed “i hate showering” in Google, ‘cuz I am gearing up to take a shower. I dislike showering, not because of the shower itself, but because of the extra time it takes to get out of the house feeling presentable! If I roll out of bed, all I have to do is brush my hair and put on clothes and a little blush and lipgloss and voila! On the days I do shower (which is about every third day, barring any overly-physical activity which makes showering necessary), I have to blow dry and straighten or curl my hair, which takes an extra forty-five minutes, as I am far too vain to share the frizziness that sits on top of this head of mine with the world.
      If I had no sweat-glands or pores, I would probably never shower. However, reality being what it is, showering remains a necessary evil!

    • kendra

      i found this article about 240 days late. i love it. i feel the same disdain toward showering…so much effort. haha. i’m interested by the people that are so adamantly against your article. i wonder if they are as on top of washing their hands throughout the day as they are on their daily showering? trust me – people don’t do it as often as they would like to think they do and the water-only rinse doesn’t count. just ask the CDC.

    • Susan

      As I read this, I kept thinking to myself “wow did I write this?”. You are not alone in this overly clean society.

    • seth

      i’m not sure whether you anti-shower filthfolk are familiar with the show ‘hoarders’ on a&e, but i can only assume that my theory regarding the root of their mental illness is similar to that of yours. this being, of course, that a viral-fungal symbiotic relationship has formed from the crust on your skin and seeped into your brain, where it’s neurologically programmed you into doing the one thing vital to preserving its habitat- avoid washing. so, while my friend colleen is content to refer to you people as ‘anal phase hippies’, i’m going to express concern that you see a healthcare professional (specifically, a neurologist) before you die of some mutant toxoplasmosis and transmit it to others around you. otherwise, please move to some wilderness camp where you can do your moonlit menstrual mud-rutting to the goddess, while the rest of us enjoy the civilized, sanitized splendor of the 21st century. also, to the lady who mentioned that daily showering was only a development of the past century- unless you reject penicillin, refrigeration, electricity in general, or the internet in which this post appears, you can’t exactly limit yourself to rejecting only showering on that basis.

      • Kera

        Seth Shut it down, lol!

    • spot

      I think it’s hot, tbh.

      I love the way girls smell when they don’t wash or shower for a few days. It turns me on. Your boyfriend is a very lucky guy.

      If I was his, I’d be fucking your brains out every night.

    • Nicole

      oh. my. god. i too typed in something about hating to shower in google. actually, i was wondering if something bad could happen to me because of it. and because today i have a handful of redbumps on my chest – which im pretty sure is from the new perfume i got. and i was thinking to myself “but i just showered yesterday! and i washed my hair 7 days ago, i can definitely wait until tomorrow to shower”

      i always thought boyfriends didnt notice but the two i lived with both used to make a daily habit out of showering with me. maybe they were on to something.

      my best friend showers and washes her hair daily AND DOESNT USE TOWELS TWICE!! (even the one for her hair) and i think shes just nuts.

    • 777

      i have never thought i would find another girl that understands!!!! i can handle rinsing off the body every now and then. but i might have washed the hair weeks ago maybe…not to sure. blessed wit the good folicles!

    • Laura

      I woke up this morning knowing i should shower but i really just do not like it. I pulled out my laptop and googled i hate showering. I thought i would find articles ridiculing people that hate showering but instead this artlicle made me feel empowered, i dont stink, my hair looks good, and i don’t feel gross. Gosh darn it, im not showering today!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Metoo Metoo

      I can’t believe I found this article. I work from home sometimes and love the fact that I don’t have to shower on those days. I too found this article after googling “hate to shower”. Off to bed now

    • seth

      i love that you nasty ladies are too lazy to shower but take the time to google ‘i hate to shower.’ i think this absolutely convinces me that you’re not being disgusting due to your own volition or even out of slovenly lassitude- i think you actually have a parasite that is grooming you to become its ideal habitat. get checked-out, my friends- this could be deadly.

    • Wow…

      I read this, and I just felt this need come over me to go hop in the shower and wash all my clothes, change my sheets, etc.
      Typically, I dont shower ever day. Usually every 2-3 days, simply because Im really lazy.
      However, the more and more comments I read after reading this article made me really just want to go clean…everything.
      I feel disgusting now.

    • Sara

      I stumbled upon this article because I don’t want to go take a shower and was googling I hate showering. Now I am commenting on it so I can waster more time and continue to procrastinate taking a shower. I’m dirty and have a full day of work tmrw. I hate showering.

    • Jane

      I never liked showering, but after years of enduring disgusting, cold smarmy water and cockroaches staring at me . . . I would give anything just to stand in a clean shower stall with some hot, steamy water pouring on my back. I’d probably stay in there for hours. Sigh . . .

    • hiresolution

      Well I had googled “i hate bathing” too…because I wanted a permanent solution to my problem or something. I used to bathe irregularly, like maybe once every other day unless I had somewhere to go (if I had school then I bathed once everyday). But there were a couple times that I didn’t bathe for more than 48 hours…I’ve been working to change that habit.

      Now I bathe twice most days, but at last once everyday…sounds standard to some people but it was a big improvement for me. However today it was so hard to bathe today and I almost didn’t until I read your article. Then suddenly I had the strength to go and do it. So thanks…though you probably won’t not appreciate this very much. I see my own irregular bathing as a lack of discipline, which is why I force myself to do it more often.

    • kyle

      This article made me seriously consider going home on my lunch break and taking a shower. There is something deeply, morally, wrong with you.
      I used to date a girl like you. She would also let her dog crap on the carpet and clean it every few days. Hey at least your saving water?

    • MMR1985

      I found this article because, i too hate showering. It didn’t really help me though, as my disdain for showering doesn’t come from procrastination…i just hate to be wet in confined spaces. I know that sounds weird, but it is what it is. I love being in the ocean/bay/sea whatever. But just thinking about being in a shower, bathtub or pool literally makes me sick to my stomach. I hate having wet hair stuck to me, i hate my skin feeling wet and i especially hate the way anything feels under my feet when they are wet. I shower every two days, but man i really hate it. It’s a “bite the bullet” scenario when i do it. When clothes too. Ewwww….

      • arizona color

        I agree with you and have the same feelings about confined, wet spaces…just feels icky – no matter how clean it is…I hate wet hair on my back and never could understand how people walk around floors with wet feet. Yes, I may have a mental issue, but I’d rather be the way we are than to be a non-hand washer who wipes their butt in public restrooms and leaves without really even washing their hands. LOL- THINKS about it- we probably are cleaner than those people that wash up daily. DAILY WASHING is not necessary if you weren’t working in a dumpster or etc. BATH WATER is NOT RINSING YOU OFF. Its your own dirt splashed back on your skin…SMH…YES, we need to soak in some water weekly, but not daily.

    • Arizona Color

      I googled and found this. I don’t like my feet touching the bottom of the wet tub, and I dont like baths either as my buttt and privates touch the bottom of the tub (even if its a brand new tub). I live in Arizona and shower once a week. I have ethnic hair, therefore, we generally dont wash our hair everyday anyhow – no need to. However, I have a question – WHAT DO YOU WOMEN DO WHEN YOU HAVE YOUR MENSTRUAL PERIOD? :( – Again, I do not shower every day and am glad I dont., but just CURIOUS as to what you do at that time of the month (eeeww). LOL. ALSO: The more we use these sanitizers and chemicals and etc, the more these bacteria mutate….and if you over wash your skin (which is the biggest organ your body has), the faster it ages… and for you uppity, judgemental peoplewho are AGAINST us non -daily bathers – you pick your nose and where do YOU put the boogers? I watch you over clean freaks in your car at red lights PICKING away and I wonder if you know that’s poison. YOU DONT EVEN WASH YOUR HANDS (one of the DIRTIEST PARTS OF YOUR BODY) but you judge us non-daily bathers…GET REAL

    • Kiara

      I used to be this way when I was a kid. It’s disgusting beyond belief, but I would go like a month without showering. Then when people started talking about me, I got off my lazy behind and started showering everyday. I still hate to shower, but it’s a necessary evil because remember: Even if you can’t smell yourself, others CAN. It’s like how everyone’s house has a smell, but you can’t smell your own. I shower to clean my body, so I don’t linger. I take a 5-10 minute shower, and jump out. If you don’t like to shower, just make it quick.

    • Felipe

      Wow. Your point of view is interesting. I am the complete opposite of you because I love to take long showers, but today I decided not to shower just because I didn’t have go anywhere special. Let me tell you, I feel great. My body probably needs a rest from all those hot showers I take two times daily. I even like my smell. It stinks a little bit, but since it’s coming from me, I like it! I will probably take a shower tomorrow morning, though.

    • brianna

      I found this article because I always have to have my hair clean,I can’t stand dirty hair,but I used to shower every other day and in elementary used to just stand in the shower and get wet,I hated soap.but now I love showering.

    • Marie

      Wow, I did not even see my reasons for not liking a shower. I get cold when I get out of the shower in the winter, and cold when I get out in the summer, my husband loves air conditioning. Brrr! It is all about staying warm. I hate being cold.

    • Bree

      This is amazing – it’s like we are the same person!

      • Kimberly

        me too! I HATE showering(:

    • Manda

      Came across this while googling “dislike wet hair on back”. I had no idea your skin will age faster the more chemicals and products you put on your skin. Makes me want to try regulating how much I least in the winter time.

      The only reason I shower out of habit has to do with body hair, but that’s another story! >.<

      I once had to stand in wet MUD while at a concert with my ex. It was the grossest feeling ever for hours.

    • ruby22

      This article has made me so happy! I hate showering too, it’s the worst!

    • Poka

      Personally I can’t imagine not showering for 2 weeks, but I have gone this entire week without showering! I just took one. I like taking showers during the summer because it’s cool and I usually get pretty sweaty outside, so I usually take one every day or every other day, but now that it’s winter and I live in a house that has no heating I’m freezing my ass off…who wants to get naked when their house is 30 degrees? Torture man.

    • Katie

      I too am a reluctant showerer. Partly because I know the plot: wash hair, condition hair, wash body, wash face, rinse hair, done. I’ve been doing it for three decades now and it is BORING. Also, I work from home, so I have no reason to be presentable most of the time. Also, my boyfriend is also a reluctant showerer, so we don’t find it weird or gross that the other has gone four or five days without washing their hair.
      Another reason I am a reluctant showerer, however, is what type of hair I have. It’s “normal” as your’s is, but it’s also curly. I follow the Curly Girl method of caring for curly hair (look it up). Depending on what type of curls you have (wavy all the way through to corkscrew) it’s actually healthier to wash your hair infrequently – weekly in my case, but for some this is never. Seriously. Some curly people wash their hair with conditioner only – men included. Some just spritz on some lavender water daily to brighten up the curls. And it looks and smells great. So I wondered if you have curly hair – if you do, you are just intuitively treating your hair the way it wants to be treated.

    • J.A.

      No. I shower every day, at least once. Because I’m a woman with a healthy reproductive system, I shower at least twice a day during ‘that time’ of the month (in the morning and after work in the middle of the evenings). I have a boyfriend; before spending time with him, I will ‘rinse off’ or ‘freshen up’, which puts me under the shower head again for about five minutes while I use hot water to cleanse my body of whatever might have caked on during the day. We go out in public, come in contact with all sorts of people and things–we urinate and defecate. I have too much dignity to allow myself to have my boyfriend get close to me if I haven’t rinsed my private areas, and it would offend me if anyone I was dating thought I wouldn’t mind if they expected me to handle them before cleaning themselves. Reading this and the comments only reinforces my need to live with myself as cleanly as possible. My answer to harsh chemicals that our bodies age faster from and build immunities towards is to do the ‘big’ sessions only once a day–normally at night, I lather up, exfoliate, and rinse. In the mornings, I jump into water hot enough to kill bacteria, rinse off my private areas, and head to work ‘fresh’. I use lotion to moisturize, which usually leaves a light scent, and also a perfume. By the time I’m through with the day, I’m ready for another scrub down. Any rinses in between are to kill bacteria, make sure I’m ready for any ‘intimate spontaneity ;)’, or if it was particularly muggy outside or something spilled on me or whathaveyou. I like to rinse frequently as it gives me peace of mind and shows the respect I have for my boyfriend, but a full on scrub session is something I feel should be reserved for just once a day, maybe even once every other day. But to skip a good rinse with hot water just because you don’t want to soap up? That’s disgusting… It takes just 20 seconds of hot water to kill bacteria, but more than that, it takes less than five minutes to get that water on you, rinse away urine and feces, and just ‘freshen’ yourself up without the need to wash your hair and soap up a wash cloth or poof and scrub away. Just get that water on you and clean up before you expect anyone to put their hands on you… and wash away any lingering ‘smells’ from bodily functions, spills, smelly environments you’ve encountered, etc. I would never date someone who didn’t show me the courtesy of freshening up before seeing me, and while I respect other people’s ‘thresholds of cleanliness’, I will avoid someone, however nice and intelligent, who neglects to keep themselves clean. There is no excuse, in a developed nation, to go 2 weeks without at least a non-committal 5-minute rinse. Don’t want to mess with your hair today? (I flat iron mine and am bi-racial, so my half-black hair doesn’t need to be washed every day–I wash my hair once a week): put on a shower cap.

      • Megan

        Obviously you just don’t get it.

      • laura rae

        What?! Washing yourself that much isn’t helpful, it’s harmful. You shouldn’t be scrubbing your vagina at all, first of all, and washing too much just continuously washes away good bacteria. Sheesh. I know we like to cast women as “dirty” in this society, but it’s not true. Your vagina will take care of itself.

      • Ruthless

        You can certainly scrub your vulva and ass with a washcloth, I highly doubt she is sticking a loofah up there.

    • Phyrehart

      I hear you!!

    • Rose

      I am glad to know that I am not alone, but I am not as content with my dirty habit as some of you ladies are. Maybe because mine partially stems from depression? I am surprised that it has not been mentioned as a factor for others because the two are strongly associated. I also dislike showering because of my awful hair. It is extremely frizzy and wavy, and takes over 30 minutes to blowdry. After the effort it still looks like I’ve been electroluted so I then have to straighten it, my stubborn hair still looks like shiit after 20 minutes with a Chi but its at least marginally presentable. Sigh..its been 4 days for me but I am mustering all that I can and entering the dungeon now..

      • Pinkecube

        look up the curly girl method.. you probably have wavy hair and are treating it as though it is straight… stay away from shampoos especially with sodium laureth sulphate. condition/cowash only and use a non crunchy gel and then diffuse

    • thesame

      Just wanted to put it out there that when I was reading this i felt like finally someone understood me and goes through the same thing. People would NEVER know it to look at me but i can regularly go 5 days without showering or washing my hair…I hate being cold and i think that has a lot to do with it…and also I just don’t really see that much of a difference between when I am freshly showered and when its been a couple of days.

      Sometimes when i talk with my friends who say they shower and shave their legs everyday I am literally in awe because I cannot imagine doing that….and also to the guy who commented about us taking the time to google “why i hate to bathe”….how did you find yourself here without googling the same thing!

      • MrClean

        I actually got here by googling “I hate dirty people”.

    • Rebecca

      Ugh T.T I do show every other day, but I hate it. I only do it because I don’t want to have those conversations with people and have to lie to say I don’t show often. Have I showered only once a week? Heck. Yes. I don’t really like it though, because even though I hate the cold with more than a burning passion (Sunlight is so amazing guise…) I think that if I don’t, its noticeable. I get paranoid though, so when I’m in public I make sure to shower more often (Like school, shopping, around guys, etc..) But if I’m just at home or something, I don’t mind skipping a day. My schedule tends to change a lot so I just make sure to shower enough to where as long as I smell good, I didn’t have gym that day and my hair doesn’t hate me, I’m good. I can’t stand perfume, so showing and a little lotion are all I got. ^^

    • Unan emos

      I am a 23 year old female and for as long as I remember, I have always ALWAYS hated to shower. I don’t get why, but I do. I really need to fix it but it’s a problem I’ve had for so long, I’m not sure how. I know it sounds super easy to fix: “Just go take a damn shower!” but it isn’t. My disdain for the shower stems partly from depression and partly from laziness. I literally hate thinking that I am in the shower when I could be doing something else. Anything else really… It’s nice to know that I’m not the only one. Thanks for writing this. :)

      • Ruthless

        I have read posts from lots of depressed folk that showering takes supreme effort

    • bhlaherr

      I am with you guys, hate shower, bath etc. though for latest years for me it is not simply hate but reminding of bad memories i had in the water…

      still, i do not feel it is right thing to do. why? because it is normal to get a shower once a day and being dirty is nothing cool or be glad about.
      i am one of those people who shower once a month though, i also work from home and no bf\gf.

      BUT the more days without showering – the more i feel depressed somehow and after showering i feel okay again. dunno why, cose the part of being dirty is not so important for me(which is contradictive to upper words, yeah).

      being lazy and having ugly bath is my main problem xD why to shower? the day is too short already! xD
      but if i had amazing bathroom and more steady income i would spend time on showering properly and taking long bathes in stead of thinking about the time i waste with these activities which i should invest on my job.

      it is all just excuse for being dirty :(

    • mmkvickers

      Me too!!!! It’s not that I dispise it, it’s more that it’s not necessasry. If I reek, then yes! I’m going to run into the shower when I can…or maybe just apply some more deoderant. ;0)
      My hair is also “awesome hair” and I barely have to do anything with it to look good. But washing it is really annoying. Especially as it gets longer and is a little more on the thick side. I regularly break the thick, big hair ties.
      If I were even anywhere near gross, I’d take care of it. So, rockit girls. Showering every day just not for us.

    • Flash

      I have been employed at a day care center where some of the children have contracted hand foot and mouth disease because their parent do not believe in daily baths. It has spread quickly through the center among the children and I will frankly be very upset if I contract it as well.

      I am shocked at the amount of people (adults) who don’t believe in personal hygiene.

      I am at a loss for words really.

      • Wow, what an idiot

        I call bullshit. If those kids were getting sick, it was because of poor cleanliness at the daycare, or a child was brought there who already had the virus. YOU are in charge of ensuring those kids wash their hands while there. Just because a parent doesn’t bathe their child daily, doesn’t mean that child never washes their hands.

        Educate yourself, why don’t you? You look like a fool!

    • The Wanderer

      Why aren’t you my girlfriend?! xD

      I really don’t mind a dirty girl at all. In fact, a woman’s scent during sex is the most arousing thing ever. I hate when they smell like nothing due to showering.

    • bumbebum

      I hear you. My hair is ethnic, so I’m not supposed to wash it everyday anyway, but I can go awhile without showering. Like 3-5 days. I don’t smell, so no one notices. And I like showering. But trying to do so everyday just causes so much trouble for my skin, and it really just isn’t that necessary or beneficial to shower once a day for me. Maybe other people actually need that, no offense, but not me.

      • alex coleman

        wow that is so hot i love a girl who doesnt like to wash that is so hot omg contact me asap please we are ment for each other baby,

      • rreeve2

        Haha. I’m with you on that Alex. A dirty body is just as sexy as a dirty mind. Don’t ask me why that is. I’ve also got a thing for women with smelly feet too. Again, don’t ask me why because if I smell a blokes smelly feet, I want to throw up in disgust but if that same smell comes from an attractive women I could literally lick her feet. HaHa I think I’m insane.

    • Nizo

      I hate to shower with hot water. me and hot water ? not friends, AT ALL.

      i really believe that the temp. of the water or climate is the Key.

      i live in desert climate, temp. here in Dubai is 43-45c on average. water is boiling while you shower. most buildings are cheap built so no problem MEP systems or for those who dont know, built with poor mechanical equipment to control temp. or water. its easir to heat water rather than cooling it.

      in winter time, i shower daily and have no problems what so. sometimes i even shower twice or even 3 times. when i wake up, when i finishing working out and before i sleep.

      but in summer i avoid showering and i just HATE IT !! summer time i sometimes stay without shower for 3-4 even 5 days. i’ve showered just under 48 hours ago, and now i smell like an Indian and my sculp is fucked due to the amount of heat and humid.

      • Razz

        What do you mean by you smell like an Indian? Am I reading too much into this or are you being offensive and racist?

      • Ruthless

        I thought that too, I think that might be the mindset of folks in Dubai :(

    • Mari

      I have say that while reading this it felt like I was doing the talking. It’s the biggest most thing I despise doing, the thought of having o shower makes me quiver. I could go up to a week without showering of course keeping all special areas clean with wipes but the thought of getting in that shower is annoying. It’s like job.

      • Truth

        What a pig…Don’t expect men to treat you like a lady.

      • Fran

        It really is a hassle.
        It’s cold(men don’t understand how cold we
        get), takes time(men don’t understand how long it takes to dry mid-long
        hair, especially if you avoid hair dryers), and a lot more work
        overall(some men don’t understand that women grow hair all over their body
        like men, and must shave it daily, on every limb, armpit, etc… in
        order to appear “normal”).

        As long as society doesn’t care for men who are beautiful, men will never understand the hassle and pressures we have to go through.

        If I’m not planning anything, I just don’t see a
        point to doing all of that work.
        Would a man do the same in that situation? Surely he would want to be lazy and relax too if given the chance.

        Don’t assume
        all women are social butterflies who all want to look/act perfect and
        impress men. We’re not slaves to men’s desires, we do what we want
        for our own sake, and showering is something done for the general public including other women, not solely men. Woman’s world doesn’t revolve around impressing men, and most things we do revolve around impressing and getting along with other women. That’s why women wear clothes, and not run around in their underwear.
        Even then, there are women who don’t care to impress anyone, and want to just live life their way. If they don’t care about that, that’s their own choice. A comfortable and low-stress life is the best for them.

      • Nies

        You’re a fucking idiot

      • sean2101atgmail

        I agree, it’s really sad the women hating posters here, that say you girls are dirty for

        going a week or so without showering. I have chemical allergies to so many of these lotions

        and potions that women are fooled into thinking they need to smell good. I break up with a

        girl who over perfumes and over showers. The truth is a woman’s natural scent is plain sexy,

        especially her privates and underarms. A girls scent is natures all natural healthy

        aphrodisiac, prolly most of us wouldn’t be here, if nature didn’t figure this out thousands

        of years ago. Most ‘men’ these days are like little boys thinking girls are icky if they

        don’t smell like a perfume store and over wash, and Sadly many women are shamed into feeling

        dirty, when there not, and to over washing and perfuming when it’s just not necessary.

        It’s hard to find a natural girl that isn’t brain washed by the media. Here in Toronto, it’s

        only girls that stink from over washing and perfuming, or third world girls that have bad

        smells from spices. I wish I could find one of you natural girls, but the over showering and

        poisons the retail industry pushes to women, makes it like a taboo if a woman showers less,

        and makes men who prefer a natural ‘dirty’ girl feel like it’s a fetish. Maybe I’ll start

        dating green girls, I read somewhere that many of them see through this profit driven

        racket. Of course men sweat more and need to shower more often, but unless a girl is really

        over weight, it’s just plain silly, and obviously washing hands, and brushing teeth is

        something that needs to be done all the time for men and women.

        Thanks Blair for seeing through the madness, and having the balls to post it.

    • Powers

      Who the heck told you ponytails aren’t sexy??

      THEY ARE.

    • Ruthless

      I try to exercise vigorously 4 times a week so I have to shower, otherwise I get stanky. I can’t imagine the smell of someone’s junk after not showering for 5 days. Not washing your hair for two weeks isn’t the same as not showering BTW. Even if you just use water. There is no way I would put my face near someone’s crotch if they hadn’t showered recently. And there is no way anyone who doesn’t bathe regularly can claim they don’t smell-no, you just can’t smell it because you are used to it. Same with your partner. That being said, you do what you want because it’s your life and unless we’re trapped on a plane together it doesn’t bother me.

    • chatseh

      Wow, okay, you’re so not alone in this habit. Starting with the day I shower, I know that I have all of that day and all of the next with pretty oil-free hair. The third day is more oily but nothing a ponytail can’t cover up. I only skip the shower on the fourth day if I don’t feel like waking up or doing it the night before (which means practically always). Showering is a MUST on the fifth day because by then my hair is extremely oily so I rarely skip it but there have been times where I’ve gone up past this point (usually I’m ill or have a real legitimate reason) and just worn a hoodie with the hood up. Unless you want to look like you’re about to mug someone, that’s not the best idea. I even had to explain to a bank manager that I was sick and that’s why my hood was up and I would look right into the camera when I took my deposit slip to the cashier.

      • Kety

        Not looking like you’re about to mug someone is what hats are for :)

    • laura rae

      Okay, I have to comment. People are crazy in these comments. I shower every day because I have some weird cleanliness complex (and because my hair is short and sticks up everywhere without a shower, which I can tell you right now is annoying as f***). But showering every day is NOT necessary. It’s not even that good for you. Westerners, due to access to a surplus of clean running water and an attachment to the notion that “sterile/chemical =clean”, have gotten into the widespread habit of bathing every day, but it’s just not necessary. And people “smelling bad” is a matter of opinion that sprang from this. We now think that our natural smells are “bad” because we’ve grown accustomed to scrubbing ourselves with chemicals every day. Like I said, I shower every day myself, so I get it. I participate. But I would never freak out on someone who only showers once a week and tell her that she’s disgusting. Kudos to anybody who can be comfortable showering at a more reasonable rate.

      • Ruthless

        40 years ago people stank. My father, who will be 72 has clear memories of how much people used to stink because bathing and showering on a daily basis wasn’t as common. People. Stank. Sweaty BO armpits and ball/vag stank may be “natural” but it doesn’t mean it’s GOOD. Please show me the proof you have that daily bathing is bad for you. Regular bathing kills bacteria on your body. The Greeks and Romans were very clean people that bathed on a regular basis. Every time you take a dump you wash your hands. Imagine the bacteria that’s still on your genitals and surrounding area. Like I said if I can’t smell the person I don’t care, it’s their choice. I don’t think the author is disgusting, but I probably wouldn’t date her. (if I was a guy)

      • e

        The Greeks and Romans didn’t even use chemicals or chemical treated water; they used oil.

      • chanela

        you don’t necessarily have to use chemicals though. there are TONS of natural soaps that can do the trick. i use dr.bronner’s lavender castile soap. it’s amazing!

        then again i also apart of the ” meh i don’t feel like showering” i just don’t feel like it! if i REALLY don’t feel like it i get a small towel and some soap and clean the “important parts” and that’s it.

        i am so shocked. i thought i was the only one who didn’t shower everyday. i see so many people freak out over not showeirng in the morning AND at night so this is definitely a secret for me.

    • Cass

      I hate showering. I. Hate. It. I regularly go 3 days without showering because that’s how long my hair will let me get away with it. I’ve always secretly wondered if the people who LOVE bathing are actually pleasuring themselves every time they bathe because I honestly cannot explain how else it could be so enjoyable to them. I have showered every day here and there in my life – I’m an archaeologist and it’s necessary after a day in the field – and I’ve found that doing so dries out my skin and hair. I have to use extra conditioner, and I already use a lot on my long hair. I also have to put lotion all over my body, which I hate doing because it makes my skin feel greasy and makes me smell artificial. It seems pointless anyway because if I shower less often I don’t even need to use lotion. My boyfriend doesn’t mind, he prefers my body’s natural smell to the overpowering fake scents in many beauty products – as do I. I use scented shampoo and body wash, but I make a point of picking ones with light scents that smell like real things, not what the cosmetic industry *thinks* things smell like. I use fewer products when I shower less often, which makes me think the social construct that we must bathe every day somehow ties into the overmarketing of beauty products. I used to use one to get rid of zits and then added a moisturizer when it dried out my skin. After a month or so I gave up on that and found that just scrubbing my face with a washcloth and hot water works much better for me than any acid solution. And I can’t do it every day – I do it when I shower. Oh, and you missed my favorite legitimization – sleep. Because I shower at night, don’t wear makeup, and have well-behaved hair, I can be out the door ten minutes after I wake up. It baffles me to think of the hours of sleep people give up just to do those things every morning.

      • Ruthless

        Try using a cleansing conditioner when you choose to shower, without sulfates (L’oreal ever creme kicks ass). And a glycerin scent free soap with washcloth (when you choose to shower) I’m not trying to tell you to shower more just suggesting things to make your life easier.

    • Sheri

      It’s nice to know I’m not the only one who procrastinates on bathing, though my hair will only let me go 2 to 3 days without shampooing…

    • Caroline

      Yeah I like showering. Just can’t be bothered to do such daily unless smelly. It’s crazy how people can hang up themselves to their ritual of hygiene; possibly your body needs it, well other bodies don’t. I smell a lot more now I’m pregnant and now I need a daily wash, previously I did not. Go after necessity, not after silly first-world ideas of what one needs. Just wash your hands after touching your bum and before cooking, that will do for ‘necessary hygiene’

    • Astoria

      I’d imagine you eat a pretty healthy diet; that helps keep you from smelling for a few days. I was once at an animal rights convention where the smell of unwashed hair hung heavy but there wasn’t even a whiff of B.O. So, these vegans obviously hadn’t showered in quite a while, but the only result was a fairly inoffensive odor. Meanwhile, when my younger brother lived on greasy fast food, he would start to smell the first day he skipped his shower.

      I feel like we all have a smell expiration date that’s based on the climate, what our activities are, and what we eat. It’s not a one or even two day mark for everyone.

    • Sahie

      I shower daily when I’m working but I’ll admit when it’s the weekend and/or I’m unemployed or staying at home over a long weekend or annual leave, I can go a few days without showering. If I’m out and about, showering is a must but a trip to the local shops for supplies doesn’t count! I can’t quite imagine stretching not showering out to a full week or more, though. :P

    • jimb

      i hate showering, and i hate taking a bath, but i love feeling clean. so, i fold a couple of paper towels, wet them with reverse osmosis water (most municipal tap water burns my skin) and use a few drops of tea tree oil. i start with my face, and save my most sensitive areas for last–and often use another paper towel for my feet. i am able to clean my whole body this way, and i feel much lighter than i do after a soapy, chlorinated, unevenly warming/chilling shower.

    • Cynthia :D

      I thought I was the only one! Bathing seems like a waste of time to me too. I think it’s also that I find it so frustrating to bathe, and expensive. Every shower I’ve ever been in is dark; too dark to see what I’m doing. Also, the damn nozzles: clogged? Sprayed in the face. Clean? Bounces off of something, sprayed in the face. I mean, think about it; no matter who you are and where you’re from, one thing you can count on is that the next time you get in the shower you’re going to get hit with ice cold water for about 2 seconds. And some people do this every day? And enjoy it?? How? Hell, I have to buy things to stick to the bottom just so I won’t slip and crack my head wide open. Think of how much water will be wasted before anyone finds my body? And the soap! Do I get the cheap, sweet-smelling kind full of parabens and other chemicals or should I buy the hippie stuff? You know, the kind that you practically have to import and costs more than the water bill. The kind that’s cruelty-free, environmentally friendly, comes in a nice recycled bottle, and just so happens to be owned by Clorox. I’ve heard this argument before, usually from children, but now even in my late twenties I can’t help but think: “Why? I’m just gonna get dirty again anyway”.

    • Adelle’

      && I thought it was only me. I am 17 now and my mom is always yelling at me to take more showers. I mean i want to, but i just don’t want to. Although I am a health freak and i love to find out new stuff and give them a try so whenever i buy new smelly good healthy products for bathing i always use them and i use them a lot. so maybe that will help other people. I also noticed something else. go with me on this: i hated to clean my room until we moved out and I got a much bigger room that looked modern and clean and just the way I like it then i was obsessed with cleaning it but now i stay with my dad and my room is tiny, and yes i hate cleaning again. I Keep imaging in my head a big nice shower with the rain faucet at the top and adjustable settings and all this other cool stuff. sure its costly but I truly believe it will help and lets be honest maybe washing twice a day like other people is beyond unnecessary, but the whole going 2 weeks thing like i tend to do and maybe more sometimes is pretty gross. I can’t wait until I move out on my own so I can really focus on being clean & healthy. I hope this helped some people :)

    • Hannah

      Using baking soda and vinegar on your hair instead of shampoo can keep your scalp from producing more oil than it needs to condition the hair. Also, using a boar bristle brush spreads the oil throughout the hair strand – keeping it healthy and strong.

    • sayitaintso

      Bitch you’re disgusting. I bet your whorehole smells like an asian sweatshop for tuna.

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    • Fran

      Wow I have never met anyone who feels so similarly to showering as you posted here.

      I think I am similar… I feel it’s useless for me to shower unless I am going out somewhere, which is rare, honestly. You could consider me a geek who stays home all the time playing games and browsing the internet all day.

      To me, showers are something I do for myself… I will only do it when my body feels it’s time to, when I’ve gotten to the point where I’m too oily.

      Either that, or when I must go outside where people could smell me. I am actually really self-conscious when I go out, so I do make sure to shower the day/night before a planned outing.

      For me, a shower will keep me feeling clean til about 3-4 days, which is when my hair starts to get oily/damp.

      I do wash my hands(more like quick rinse of water) several times a day because it only takes a few seconds, but when I shower, which is maybe once a week on average, it takes awhile.

      My main reason for hating showers is possibly because I just don’t like getting wet, and hate the coldness from not having warm water constantly on my skin (my parents are frugal and often turn the heater off against my will, plus it’s never warm where I live).
      I also just find it a pure waste of time when I’m only being to be staying home the entire week.

      I do not wash my face except in the showers(which is only a rinse/rub with water), and somehow I get tons of praise on my face’s skin quality. I suppose I must be one of the lucky people who are naturally clean/healthy (excluding mental health).

      Then again, I do not exercise or go out, so that’s probably also a huge factor in preventing excess sweat.

      Along with the shower habits, I have probably not washed any of my clothes in over a year… Though I somehow mastered a sort of method in order to do that. I reserve my clean clothes for the days that I am still clean from fresh showers, and when I start getting dirty/oily, I switch to my older dirty clothes.

      Nobody I see outside the house tells me I smell bad, or look dirty at all. In fact one person keeps telling me I smell like flowers, even after I tell him I have not showered in a week… And clearly my hair is clumped with oil. (Though maybe he is just weird, or it’s pheromones?)

      It’s weird, though… I feel as if sometimes I’m an OCD neat freak, and sometimes I’m a lazy dirty slob, and mixed altogether.

      When I clean something, I clean it very carefully. I don’t do this when it comes to chores at home, but when I worked at a store stocking room, and anytime I am given a task for folding clothes, I folded them perfectly… when I am instructed to place things on shelves, I place them in perfect alignment… when I am told to wash something like a shelf, I clean a small area until it’s spotless. (Though, this perfectionism doesn’t always reward me with praise, because I waste a lot of time doing this, so they tell me that even though they’re glad I’m into it, that I should hurry and not be too focused.)

      Sorry… I get so carried away and type way too much in blog comments. >_<

      • Fran

        Ah I forgot to add:

        I do hear that depression has a connection to loss of interest in such daily tasks, so that’s probably a big factor for me.

        I do however, know one friend with cerebral palsy and aspergers(but not depression) who NEVER showers, and well… you can smell him from the next room almost.(it smells mostly of sweat) @_@ I don’t smell that bad since I do shower before going out, and at least once a week at home. He seems to deny that he doesn’t shower, though.

        I think that an acceptable rate of showering (if you go out often) is once every 1-3 days, depending on how often the person sweats or gets oily/dirty.

        I have noticed that on weeks where I shower more than once a week, the rate at which I get oily seems to increase… Perhaps not showering often is somewhat like how an immune system gets stronger from not taking medicine for minor illnesses?

        My cosmetology teacher did tell a story of how she had oily skin, so she would use alcohol wipes on her face, which only made her skin even more oily.

        Don’t you get annoyed at how some people insist that everyone must shower 1-3 times in a single day, and cringe whenever they hear about anyone who even skips one day?

        I can’t understand people who shower more than once a day! It’s a major waste of water, money, and time. I’d rather use that time having a life and enjoying my hobbies.

        I’m just glad there’s many others feeling such frequent showers to be unnecessary/annoying.

        Again, sorry for the really long post, it just intrigues me a lot. xD;

      • Ronnie

        A lot of good points here. I like that you know when the time is right for your own body to shower, not when Madison Avenue tells you it’s the right time. Plus I agree as well, if your not doing heavy workouts, of course you won’t be sweating a lot, especially since it’s always cold where you live, and your healthy skin is proof that harsh chemicals don’t really help people, in fact they damage the skin.

        You have a common sense system with your clothes, that is Earth friendly, and will make them last longer. And the guy that compliments you may indeed be reacting to pheromones, and/or simply enjoys a healthy girls natural scent. Nothing weird about that, the weirdness is Big Chemical brain washing women into buying all their poison to make a buck.

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    • Hasbro

      Thanks for sharing your experience. You should know, however, that others CAN and DO smell your funk even though you have long since lost the capacity to notice or care. This is not an insult, but a favor to you. YOU SMELL BADLY. You think that you don’t and that a well written introspective essay has settled this issue once and for all. You have some kind of unnamed disorder found mostly among affluent white
      women from my own unscientific anecdotal experience. I’ve come across
      it often enough that I can reckon it with eating disorders or cutting. Those easy target hippies you mock? You smell similar to them. There is no getting around it, and worse still is the fact that you smell badly because you are willfully unclean. Sure, there are many supporters here who suffer from the same unnamed disorder and also claim that it’s perfectly normal and that they too don’t really smell and it doesn’t matter. Often they are meticulously clean about dishes or keeping the place tidy, and so think these attitudes enable them to transcend their own repulsive smell which pervades even clothing. Yes, your clothing stinks too, and your apartment smells like a locker room. It’s like a locker room, but not quite because your place smells more caked in and crusted because lockers rooms are hosed down frequently with bleach. Anyway, it’s a problem.

    • Anonymous

      I absolutely hate cleaning chemicals and never use them. Today I used shampoo and I’m pissed. My hair is always perfect without using any shampoo but now it’s messed up and I have this horrible noxious chemical smell around me from the shampoo. I also hate showering and if I wasn’t forced to do it more often I’d only do it like once every 2 weeks. I hate people that wear cosmetics, use cleaning chemicals, and shower every day or multiple times a day.

    • Lucy

      oh god, i feel like this is my life condensed into one article. i admit, i once didn’t shower for three weeks.

      yes, i’m a girl.
      who loves clothes
      and fancy bath products

      • Ronnie

        I agree with most of you. an X gf of mine only showered once a week or two, and she didn’t have a bad smell anywhere, including her privates, just a sexy sweet natural feminine scent, and in the 5 years we were together she didn’t have 1 UTI or thrush infection. Unlike subsequent partners that showered everyday, and used all kind of perfumes and chems on their skin, and they averaged a thrush or UTI about once a month, and the chems and perfumes gave me a head ache.

    • dddiiirrrtttyyy

      Wow im not alone…..

      • dirtychick

        I went almost a month without showering or washing my hair and dont know what the hell is wrong with me. When i was younger i wouldn’t even leave the house without full hair & makeup….sometimes I’d shower twice a day. Am i totally disgusting? At least i dont subject anyone to this since i rarely leave my house..

    • guest12345

      Ugh, I could never shower every single day. I can’t understand people who do. It’s unnecessary and bad for your skin and hair.

      I shower about every 4 days… I’d probably be better off every 3 days, but my hair is really thick so it’s a pain in the ass to wash and takes forever to dry. It gets oily fast though, so I can’t have the luxury of going a week or more without doing it. I know, it’s gross I guess, but showering is tedious and boring and I just don’t like it.

      Don’t get me wrong though…I like being clean. I look better and feel more confident when I am. I just hate the process.

    • Bridget

      I’m so happy I’m not the only one haha! I can never find the strength to turn on the shower and get it over with. Having dry, thick hair has its advantages too! Oh, and I don’t smell nearly as bad as half of my mates do after 5hours of having a shower. YAY I’M NOT ALONE,

    • sarah

      I see that this is an older article, but I cant help but comment. I find it interesting because I rarely shower (okay once a week maybe once every two weeks, sometimes more) and I admit this to very, very few people. If someone asks I say every other day or so. What is interesting is nobody knows, notices, or cares. I also wear clothes longer than average before washing them. My method is, if it doesnt look dirty and doesnt stink, i wear it. And after seven days of this, I still dont stand out from my coworkers who bathed this morning.

    • Lori

      Really gross!

    • Ginger Lee

      I am like others on here that do not shower daily. It stemmed from childhood. I would get soap in my eyes all time when I was young. We also did not a full shower for quite awhile as a kid and then we only have about 5 minutes of hot water and so cold showers were not fun. And my long hair always take so long to dry and I dont want to use a blow dryer each time as I dont want to damage my hair. I have a huge procrastination problem as it is and I hate walking out of the shower and getting cold. So although I love a nice warm bath, I only look forward to showers in the summer time when I need to cool off. Not in the winter when the cold air chills you. Plus there is that laziness. It also seems my hair looks the best on day 3 or day 4. So I will clean my self and leave my hair up in a shower cap sometimes. My bf will take 1-2 showers a day and has gotten use to my lengthy periods away from the shower but he still wishes I would shower more. Maybe someday!

    • Nikki

      That is so nasty in my opinion. The human body needs to be cleaned on a daily basis. You shed dead skin during the day and you should definitely shower. That’s disgusting

    • Ashlynn

      omg!!!! I just came across this story and am glad there are others like me! I am 21 year old girl that HATES showering. Right now as i type this it has been…ok ready for this..26 days since my last one. i have washed only my hair in between but nothing else. Do i smell? I dont think if i do its a bad one, ok my nether regions are pretty rank but overall not bad. And i have no plans to shower anytime soon after reading this!

      • Ronnie

        Ashlynn will you marry me? ;)
        I love a girl that knows her natural scent is much hotter than perfumes and chemicals.

      • Ashlynn

        oh you should get a smell of me right now then, I am beating the streak of last time by far, its been 48 days and counting and I smell pretty bad but I like the scent myself and am not planning on showering anytime soon

      • Stinky McStinkerson

        Finally! Someone who has me beat, with your 26 days! I’ve been reading through all the replies/comments (as a distraction from SHOWERING, of course… ;) mentioning 3 days/4 days/a week or so at most,, thinking “Wow, I really *AM* the Non-Showering Queen of Uber Filth!!!” Then I saw Twenty-Six Days.. and I know everything is going to be okay.

        Now I guess it’s time to RELUCTANTLY go get in the F-ING SHOWER! grrrrrrr

      • Ashlynn

        why get in the shower now? keep the streak going lol, I randomly logged into old email and saw your reply and I don’t remember how long I went that time but am currently beating it by 22 days…yup its been 48 days for me right now, lol, and I cant lie, I stink pretty bad but I don’t mind and am not showering anytime soon!

      • Charlotte

        I was thinking the exact same thing! I shower at MOST every two weeks, I think I’ve gone two months! My body has never been assaulted with daily chemicals, which causes your natural bacterial defense system and cuts down on odors. I am not a naturally sweaty person, at all. I’ll have friends guess how long it’s been. Since they know my emotional reasons for showering, they’ll guess a few days (I HATE being wet in any way, I can’t even swim. I cannot stand the sensation of water on most of my body parts). My boyfriend is the only one who knows the truth. He’s actually disturbed by how I never smell. He gets so jealous and pissed when he has to shower and always reminds me of how lucky I am :p my hair gets so disgusting if I wash it too much. I have somewhat Native American type hair; my hair is long, black, straight, and completely “normal” when it comes to being dry or greasy. It doesn’t even begin to get greasy until about week 3. If I have a doctor’s appointment, I’ll shower… Usually. I always wash my face, I brush my teeth twice a day AND floss, and I wash my hands obsessively. I wash my privates every couple of days, and if I go “number two” I wash that area every time. If my boyfriend and I are about to have sex, I skip to the bathroom first and I’ll rinse it with wet paper towels or baby wipes. My mom is the exact same way, and my grandmother, who was born and raised in the Philippines, only does wash cloth and oil baths. We all eat very healthy and have all gone our entire lives like this. I’ve literally never been hospitalized except once for a migraine, and I almost never get sick.
        Dirty girls forever!

    • someone_

      While reading, I was a little bit released that I’m not the one who hate showering.
      But I’m not the one who have a ‘normal’ hair and I have to shower everyday!
      The reason why I hate showering is because of my depressed feeling while showering.
      When I shower, I come up with many awful thinking, and feel lonely. I cannot stand the that silent and lonely moment.

    • Kaylee Foley

      I am similar. I shower about twice a week. I wash my face every day, brush my teeth twice a day and will usually take a quick body wash up at the sink every night before I go to bed. I don’t like showers because for one I have several chronic pain conditions and the water spraying on my skin hurts. I’ve tried to find a gentler shower head but have had no luck (I have no bath tub, just a shower stall so a bath is not an option). Another reason that I don’t like showers is because I hate being wet. It feels icky and cold and I really hate it. I’ve also been reading up on the subject and washing your hair and skin everyday is not good for it. It strips away natural oils and bacteria that are beneficial to health. So, about every 3 days is where I stand. Maybe more often in the summer and little birdbaths in between in the sweatier, smellier places.

    • k

      I hate showering. I have hair down to my rear, the whole process takes FOREVER and I hate being wet and cold that long. I thought I was alone. I’m married and to my long suffering husbands chagrin I shower about twice a week.

    • Candy

      Story of my life. My husband will never understand… I should send him this link.

    • rreeve2

      Smell bitch. Ha Ha kidding. Good on you. What courage you have to write an honest article like this. I can’t explain it but it’s as if society EXPECTS us to shower/bath at least once a day and anyone who obeys this rule, usually turns their nose up at someone who doesn’t, as if they are somehow a better person, or more worthy because of it.
      Personally however, I do shower every other day because it makes me feel and look better but, like you, I’m lucky in that I can go a week without a shower and still not have that musky sweaty smell. For some reason, I only get the musky smelling sweat under my arms if I do a workout, which I always shower after anyway. The ONLY thing I do every day is brush my teeth because as much as I would love to not have to, this is something that can’t be avoided. Confession time, I have been known to skip brushing before bedtime though. I bet most people have but just like showers, I doubt many would admit it.

    • Sexy Gamer

      Seriously hilarious, I got from showering every day to probably not washing my hair for over a week I’ve the same kind of hair that you talk about!

      You should look into antiperspirant though hopefully it’s deodorant anything as antiperspirant has a ton of aluminum and it’s really bad for you. could certainly get away with not showering for much longer when I was using antiperspirant, but I still don’t! Haaaa

    • Ja Will

      Omg love this article it is me I’m glad I’m not alone. my partner always says is it not your bath night and i think well my hairs clean and i don’t smell and don’t need to shave for anything so no. i like baths too i just dnt have the willpower. i bath every 4 days i would say

    • Mike Schonewolf

      It’s pathetic and sad how many commenters don’t shower regularly, how many women smell like a combination of rotten fish and fried onions, and I think to myself, here’s the big reason why not to put pussy on a pedestal.

    • NickoMiguel

      ever seen a staff infection?

      • NickoMiguel


    • Marie

      I had a roomy who never showered and I honestly judged her as disgusting. I have long thick Native American hair that cannot go a day without washing. I hate washing my hair but I also hate smelling my hair if it’s dirty, because its thick the sweat and nastiness gets lost inside my hair and it lingers. Besides hating having to wash my hair because the difficulty of the task, I wash anyway because that’s what I was taught to do by my parents. We actually were suppose to wash in the morning and at night (that was the era kids played outside and made mud pies). My worry isn’t about what others do in their daily routine, if you missed a shower for two days I can tell, not because I’m magic or anything but because the oil in your scalp start to clump up your hair with grease, showering isn’t about if you NEED to or not, its about washing away yesterdays work. This probably pertains more to the cells that died and linger on the skins surface. But if you want to be dirty, then by all means, be dirty. :) I never understood the sell of shampoo and conditioners, additionally hair dye. Not everyone has the same volume of hair, why should I have to buy more because I was born with thick hair?

    • Calendula McBeanblossom

      I have a cousin who always, ALWAYS smells of putrid dirty hair….even sitting a couple of feet away from her. She has very tight corkscrew curls.
      I do bathe and wet my (straight) hair daily, but don’t always use chemical soap. I like rinsing in warm water. I feel fresh and clean, but I agree that we can over do it with the drying products offered us.
      The point is: without bathing, you can easily take it too far and become ratchet stanky. Even if you think otherwise.

      I am old enough to remember that all four of my grandparents lived in the early 20th century and only had tubs in their homes. They re-wore the same clothes some days.

      But when I’ve been camping or hospitalized and gone without washing and shampooing for 3-4 days I cannot stand myself, so expect that others would notice. Plus I feel sticky, even in the winter.

    • Summer Paisley

      Wow. Like so many other people here, I am delighted to read this article. I thought I was the only one. I thought something was wrong with me. It”s been my dirty little secret-and not so secret from partners-for years. I actually googled why I don’t like to shower to try to figure myself out…reading your words helped alleviate my shame, .I’ve actually gone for three weeks just washing the essentials and not stepping into a shower…I know it’s gross..and I DO feel better when I shower, I just…I just….have other things to do…it’s boring, it’s…well, just everything you said. yes, everything. THANK YOU!!

    • warren22theape


    • philip

      Is this a joke? I wont leave the house without a shower. And I used to have long hair (not down to my waist though), its not that hard to maintain otherwise half the population wouldnt have it. I dont understand how you can hate showering. How do you go through days of pooping without wanting to wash your ass?

    • Kazuma

      Ugh, I shower every single day it takes about 15 mins, and 30 to dry and straighten my hair. There are no real excuses for not bathing other than sheer laziness, or having toddlers you can’t leave alone. Trust me, you’re not getting away with anything, if you smell some one somewhere in the vicinity is talking about it, I always point out dirty hair, it’s easy to spot and gross to smell. nothing is worse than sitting behind a girl with dirty hair in class, or dirty everything else for that matter. P.S. Dry shampoo isn’t a replacement.

    • ThatOneGuy

      I was suprised to read this and see so many comments… I am ashamed to say, its been a few months since i last showered… Yes a couple months… I have only showered a few times this year… I am a guy ofcourse, and i have a shaved head so i dont have the hair problem to worry about, also i work in an office like 70 hours a week and i have never ever had someone comment on a smell. I smell good, or rather neutral i think… I am also forever single, no girl friend, no company comes over, and no close friends. This is all completely by choice, i have a couple close friends i see once every few months, more often than i actually shower, but i dont lie people so i stick to myself. I think people these days think they must shower to stay clean because they have been taught that their whole lives, its not true people. Another commenter mentioned people back in the day smelling bad, that isnt because they didnt bath, its because they didnt take care of themselves… I wash my feet once in a while, wash my face every day, shave once every other day, no shaving cream by the way, just water and a good razor, then shave my head, same razor, once every week or so… Also, while i am ranting, i only wash my hands once a week at the most, stupid habit that i believe is UNhealthy.. You have to be exposed to germs and bacteria on a regular basis to build an immunity to them. I never get sick, havnt seen a doctor in over 20 years, im 28 by the way, and i dont have sex anymore, havnt had sex in over 5 years, dont miss it at all, its just another thing we get conditioned to do, take my advice, stop bathing (wasting water) stop having sex alltogether (exposing yourself to every other partner they have been with) and stop going to the hospital (exposing yourself to disease, un needed antibodies, and preventing your body from building immunity)… Everybody would be better off, just wash up once in a while, when needed, and take care of your self, exercise, eat right and avoid sugar… Live well all…

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