• Wed, Mar 10 2010

Poll: Death or High Heels?

Lady Gaga, she of the lobster hats and gyroscope dresses, recently told a British television show that she “would rather die than have my fans not see me in a pair of high heels.” So, there’s only one logical question that can come from this: would you rather wear high heels, or would you rather die?

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  • val1124

    If I could walk in heels without being in pain within 10 minutes and/or toppling over, I’d choose heels. However…flats it is.

  • Jennifer Wright

    I wear high heels all the time, and when I flip over to flats, I feel strangely off balance and waddle like a cartoon duck. So, death.

  • canonizer

    Jennifer, I think you mean not death.

  • l0vemar

    i love high heels. definitely will pick my chinese laundry heels over death any day :)