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Terry Richardson Is Really Creepy: One Model’s Story

Before I could say “whoa, whoa, whoa!” dude was wearing only his tattoos and waggling the biggest dick I’d ever seen dangerously close to my unclothed person (granted, I hadn’t seen very many yet). “Why don’t you take some pictures of me?” he asked. Um, sure.

So his assistants took pictures of me taking pictures of him. All the while, he was dropping names like they were hot, casually mentioning his upcoming Miu Miu shoot with Maggie Gyllenhaal and Billy Crudup, wondering aloud if he could get the kid from Elephant to model, and suggesting I come upstate with him and his fab celebufriends. I wish I could say this didn’t impress me, but I was fucking 19 and nerdy as hell, okay?

I’m not sure how he maneuvered me over to the couch, but at some point he strongly suggested I touch his terrifying penis. Who the heck specifically requests a handjob, that most unpopular of sex acts which, were we casting a sex act version of The Breakfast Club, would undoubtedly play the part intended for Anthony Michael Hall? I’ll tell you: high school boys and Terry Richardson. Not that I would’ve preferred him to request anything else, I’m just sayin’: if you ask for an H.J., you are aiming low with complete knowledge that the girl is not into it.

This is where I zoom out on the situation. I can remember doing this stuff, but even at the time, it was sort of like watching someone else do it, someone who couldn’t possibly be me because I would never touch a creepy photographer’s penis. The only explanation I can come up with is that he was so darn friendly and happy about it all, and his assistants were so stoked on it as well, that I didn’t want to be the killjoy in the room. My new fake friends would’ve been bummed if I’d said no.

I must have said something about finals, because he told me, “if you make me come, you get an A.” So I did! Pretty fast, I might add. All over my left hand. His assistant handed me a towel.

I was supposed to get a signed print as payment but I felt so gross about the whole thing that I never went back. A while later, someone told me my picture was in Purple. If you’re reading this, Terry, and want to prove you really are a nice guy after all, I’m over it now and wouldn’t mind collecting that print.

As much as I’d like to think he went especially mad for my unique brand of non-emaciated sex appeal, it’s likely that he approaches all girls the same way: gauge the situation, drop some names, take out your trouser monster, and see what you can get them to do. I don’t doubt that some of the girls who pose for/starfuck him really do have fun; I’m not going to tell another person how she should or shouldn’t get her kicks. But it’s not my personal cup of period tea. Or, I’d venture to guess, that of many others who’ve crossed paths with fashion’s sacred perv.

Following the article we attempted to follow up with Terry Richardson. His representatives have no comment. And, for the record, I no longer think of Terry as a “misunderstood facilitator of fun”. – JW.

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  • canonizer

    “Period tea” does not need a related topic! (hopefully)

  • photogmicaella

    Ok so I personally can’t stand his work and to hear this is shouldn’t surprise me… I am working hard on my port and learning everything I can that I don’t already know about Fashion and Photography as I am prepping to be a Fashion Photographer. The very idea that his work is on par with most others out there is VULGAR. Sure it’s HIS style and I have always been quiet about disliking his work so much for the very same reason probably nobody said anything about the creeper; NOBODY WANTS THEIR ONE CHANCE TO MAKE IT OR BREAK IT BE CLIPPED BY SOMEONE WHO HAS CONNECTIONS TO SPEAK ILL OF YOU IN ANY WAY. You are insanely brave to put this out and I applaud your honesty and audacity! I especially like how you said some may have fun and you don’t at all come across as judging any others who were in your position. Great work!

  • Kate AuH2O

    This is so disgusting! My heart breaks that you (and probably many others) have gone through this. I admire you for putting it online, and I appreciate it, it’s important for people to hear.

  • Nelson624

    Ok, let’s look at the facts: you admit that your “not a model, just a vain girl with nice tits who likes to pose for the occasional cheesecake photo”

    You also admit to have posed “au naturel” for other “fine folks,” although you wouldn’t put Terry in that category.

    Nonetheless, you agree to go to his studio twice and “danced around naked” for him, agreed to call him “Uncle Terry,” and also agreed to take naked photos of him.

    Then you agreed to give him a “hand job.”

    So my question is at what point would it be your responsibility to say no? Terry has the legal right to ask any adult to pose nude and/or to have sex with. And unless he’s married, he has the moral right to ask any single adult for sex. How he goes about asking for it is his business. Of course many have different ethics about having sex before marriage or without love etc, but judging from the facts, I would question how strong your morals are. If you felt he was a “perv”, then that is your right and you should have called him out on that then. What were you afraid of? To get blacklisted from armature modelling? Or did you think you could have used him to jump start your career? But to go along with it willingly and now try to get your 15 min of fame make it seem you are trying to take advantage of the recent situation that he is in.

    And lastly, I dont think you are revealing anything new as a warning to other girls. Terry has never tried to hid his true personality or his style. He has openly admitted in interviews and articles that he had sex with models and that many consider him a “perv” and his photographs “porn.” Please don’t go to a horror movie and then complain it was too scary.

    • Saccharine

      While what you say makes sense to a degree, this guy is unprofessional to a T. I can assure you, there are girls that DON’T know who he is and girls whom think they can get past the perviness in hopes for a professional shoot, that end up with the same degree of pressure and creepiness. While you say, “Yeah, he’s a perv and he openly admits it!” It does not excuse his behavior. It’s bullshit.

    • Colleen Williams

      I really think criticizing the author here is not at all productive. The point is Terry is unprofessional and takes advantage of a situation, manipulating women and/or men (through inebriation or basic behavioral techniques) into sexual favors or experiences. You’re one step away from saying “She was asking for it.”

      I wish TR had an HR department. That would be sooo rad.

    • Nelson624

      Yes his behaviour can be considered “unprofessional.” But what is considered to be “professional” is subjective and depends on the situation. He is not a wedding photographer. He is not even your average fashion photographer. He is one of the most proactive and controversial photographers in the world. He likes to take nude photos. He likes to take sexual photos. He likes to take what many label as pornographic photos. And he is famous because of it. This is who he is and he is not afraid of people knowing nor does he care what others think. If you don’t like his work then don’t go model for him. Don’t go to his studio and agree to dance naked for him. And certainly don’t agree to give him a hand job! I repeat, at what point would it be the model’s responsibility to say no?

      Finally, what is the point of all these recent attacks if not to take advantage of him? What is the point stating what has been known for a long time. Back in 2001, Terry did an interview with NEW YORK Magazine. The journalist details how he managed to get her nude in front of his lens:

      “…I am usually awkward in front of the camera, and I am self-conscious about my body, even on a good day, but within five minutes of the first frame, I’ve taken my top off. Why? Because he suggests it (“I love women’s bodies,” he says to me later, as in, Duh, well, of course) and because, amazingly for me, I feel comfortable. It’s like we’re in cahoots, spoofing what has gone on for years between photographers and their prey. And so, for whatever reason—Terry being Terry—he’s created yet another series of images that might well make you wonder how he got a bruised woman, clearly not a model, to take her clothes off against a white wall.”


    • ko

      Nice work David. I suggest you show your comments to your mother, sister, girlfriend, wife or daughter if you have any of the above and as them what they think of your apologists defense of a creep that uses his position to pray on young womens and men.

      Are you serious?

      Your reasoning is exactly the same used to accuse rape victims of responsibility for being attached.

  • Saccharine

    This is so fucked up! I was at that same release party. It was sometime between Feb 14th and Mar 14th 2004! I was only 17 at the time and was looking to “squeak” into SG possibly a little early. I got in with a perfect fake I.D. and got brought backstage by the bar owner (my friend knew him) I just remember thinking, “Wow, that guy looks like a pedophile!” By the time I got back there and saw the trash he was shooting (it quickly escalated from hot pin-up/nudes to HUSTLER) with obviously inebriated women and men, I literally ran out of the backstage area and said I wanted to go home. To this day, I think it was probably one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

    I think the most shocking thing about it was the fact that I had a fake I.D. and no one even CARED to look at it or question me. They just threw a model release in my face and expected me to right there drop leather pants, put on their panties, and get back there for the “SHOW!”

  • seth

    @colleen/nelson- nelson, i couldn’t agree with you more.

    “The first time I went over there was pretty okay. He made me tea and we hung out and talked a little before getting down to business. He spoke in the effeminate tones of someone trying very hard not to come off as sexually threatening despite the fact that he was basically walking around in a hipster pedophile costume. I got naked, danced around a bit, smiled, squeezed my tits together, yada yada. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ first album was playing on repeat. He asked me to call him Uncle Terry and I obliged, because why not?”
    if a situation like this happened the first time i met someone, i would assume that they were something of a freak. which, depending on my mood, i would respond to either leaving before things got too bizarre, or play along with to the point at which it felt uncomfortable. either way, the signs were there, and choosing to criticize HIM because you felt ashamed of your complicity later is a pretty cheap shot. also, when you’re dealing with an artist (and i use this term loosely- i’m not a huge fan of his work, but more due to composition than content) known for working with eroticism bordering or descending into perversity, you’re not anywhere near something that should involve an HR department. that’s too close to 1st amendment infringement for my taste, and it’s not like this is any sort of buttoned-up cubicle situation.

    • Stabby

      Are you a 19 year old female?

    • BlackJaques

      You’re right. This isn’t a buttoned-up office situation, unfortunately for the models. There is no such thing as HR in the freelance world… which allows for a lot of illegal things to take place. Coercion isn’t consent, but I guess most of the ppl victim-shaming on here don’t really have a clue what the hell their talking about. Many of us work in the industry and see this kind of thing a lot.
      “more due to composition than content…” Really?… you’re giving an art-collegey critique on this crap? Come on, people! Get out into the world and see what’s going on. Just because YOU think you’d never end up in this kind of power dynamic with someone, doesn’t mean that you won’t. I thought I knew everything about the world at 19yrs old too. But I didn’t. Neither do many of the ignorant commenters here.

    • BlackJaques

      You’re right. This isn’t a buttoned-up office situation, unfortunately for the models. There is no such thing as HR in the freelance world… which allows for a lot of illegal things to take place. Coercion isn’t consent, but I guess most of the ppl victim-shaming on here don’t really have a clue what the hell their talking about. Many of us work in the industry and see this kind of thing a lot.
      “more due to composition than content…” Really?… you’re giving an art-collegey critique on this crap? Come on, people! Get out into the world and see what’s going on. Just because YOU think you’d never end up in this kind of power dynamic with someone, doesn’t mean that you won’t. I thought I knew everything about the world at 19yrs old too. But I didn’t. Neither do many of the ignorant commenters here.

  • thejoe

    So’k…I agree…that’s a creepy business. But think about it this way: what he’s doing is not entrapment, or some form of it. According to the author’s recollection and telling of the two times she met with Richardson, he asked her permission. What’s missing from this story is the “Why did I say no to the tampon, but yes to the HJ?” Nothing was unwilling here, but rather overwhelmingly deliberate. Nothing was forced. The situation might have presented some “peer pressure,” but entrapment…no. She was not forced to do anything she did not willingly choose to do. And to say that criticizing the author is tantamount to saying she asked for it only begs the issue…she said she was over “it” but still sets out to creepify someone already self-admittedly and well-known as creepy…

  • sveta

    there’s a person under that perv, and my theory a damaged person. I’m no psychologist, but don’t most people who show this kind of behavior suffer some sort of sexual abuse from childhood of their own? I hope shining this light on it gets him to realize, and maybe some help he needs, if this is in fact the case, so that he doesn’t continue to damage other peoples lives. that being said, I really like his work, or at least the clean stuff Ive seen when I googled his name. I think he has a great eye, I most like the realness and sexuality of his photos. If his perverseness does stem from sexual trauma, and if he were to get help, I would hope that his work be effected in only a beneficial way.

    • ko

      There is also a monster and a criminal under that perv. I hope he can be prosecuted for sexual abuse and put behind bar where he can get some professional help from the state.

  • cjp

    oh my god. i felt like i was reading an EXACT play by play of what happened to me. i went over because i was told he was doing a project where girls took pictures of HIM. i would never have ever let myself get into such a situation but as soon as you walk in that loft everyone has you thinking they know whats best and that you’d be an idiot (embarrassed) not to do what they suggest.

    i refused to take of my underwear, but he did take out his penis and had me give a hand job. 3 people were taking pictures and at that point i had no control. it all happened so fast, and it was a total out of body experience.

    i too, was promised at the beginning a print, but instead i was too mortified to even deal with it.

    i seriously felt violated and disgusted and wish i could take it all back. he is a total manipulative slime ball porn peddler.

  • cjp

    i’d love to make him eat it somehow. for thinking its ok.

  • AnonymousMe

    Hi Jamie,
    Same thing happen to me. I would like to ask you few questions. If you want to contact me by email. I created an email address quickly just for this matter so you can reach me.
    When I created the gmail account I made a typing error so the email is : anoMYmousme instead of anoNYmous…anyways..it’ll work that’s what it counts.. :)

  • stan

    I have been an attorney in Connecticut for 33 years. And, for the record, I am Jamie’s dad. I think its great that so many people have expressed support for her and have called this guy out as the creep that he is. But I am quite troubled by those who have suggested that she is using her position as a writer to exploit the situation, and who go so far as to suggest that she should have known what she was getting herself into. The circumstances here go beyond the famous photographer exploiting the disparate power relationship that exists with a 19 year old girl. The law protects people from the unwanted sexual overtures of any person, famous or not. They also permit almost anything of a sexual nature to take place between consenting adults.There is the relatively clear cut case of a woman being raped in the backseat of a car. We would all agree that that is unacceptable. But there are also those situations where the question of “consent” is not so readily discernible.. In fact, consent that is coerced, in the eyes of the law, is not consent at all. Jamie signed up to have her picture taken by a well known whack job of a photographer. By her account, however, the circumstamces devolved into something much more than that. The photographer decided to take his clothes off, too. And this was not just a one on one situation. The room was filled with some number of his associates encouraging her to comply with the requests to do more than just be photographed. I doubt that the impact of refusing to participate would have on her professional career was foremost in her mind at that point. I’m thinking that it was more about the feasibility of escaping gracefully from a most untenable situation.. Taken in their entirety, the circumstances don’t seem to have allowed “no” to be be a realistic option. You can think what you want about whether the behavior Jamie was subjected to was creepy, perverted, foreseeable or just part of the artistic experience. What’s most important is that absent real consent, she was the victim of a sexual assault, punishable with a fine and or imprisonment. Uncle Terry and his cohorts aren’t t just a bunch of weirdos, they are common criminals. And kudos to Jamie for using the little bit of power that she has to expose these folks for what they are.

    • renee

      sue his scrawny ass!

    • Clara

      I highly agree…way to go “dad”! I was in a similar situation where sexual assault was present…unwasnt given the opportunity to say NO! He just did it I was walking with him and others in the middle of a small town, houses surrounding the small field in broad daylight. And no alcohol was involved in promise you that! Sorry Jamie that this happened, this man is a creep…he is more than that he is a sick man who needs a mental evaluation!

    • sml

      I thought the very same thing.. if in that position at that time, with all those people egging her on.. my survival instinct and thoughts immediately were…. and what would’ve happened had she said no? gang rape? because it certainly sounds like a gang type mentality… everyone following the pied piper with nary a logical one in the bunch ballsy enough to say – this is wrong. stop.

      at that moment in time, when she “zoned out” my feeling was she did it to get through that mess and get the hell out of there asap as she safely could. so she smiled, and did what was asked of here and played nice until she could safely get out of dodge and not be abused further.

  • stan

    Here’s the bottom line. Jamie Peck signed up to have her picture taken, and nothing more. But the situation turned into something else when Uncle Terry took his pants off and requested sexual gratiication. Consenting adults can do almost anything they want to one another of a sexual nature. But the law protects a person from the unwanted sexual overtures of another, And consent that is coerced is not consent. This wasn’t just Jamie versus the famous photographer. He also had a room full of “assistants” with towels. Given the circumstances, Jamie’s concern was less about the impact that refusing to comply would have on her career, and more on the untenable nature of saying “no”. to the perverts in the room. Think what you want about whether this was creepy, foreseeable or part of the artisitic experience., Jamie was the unwilling victim of a sexual assault and Uncle Terry and his boys are common criminals. So give credit to Jamie for using the small amount of power she now has as a writer to cal the guys out. It’s the only justice she is going to get.

  • panfrancais

    As a male model I have experienced this from gay,heterosexual male and female fashion photographers as well. A lot of these people in the industry prey on young hopefuls. Promising to introduce them to “all the right people” or my favorite line ” you would be so good for this campaign i’m going to be shooting soon”.
    When you are young and ignorant about the business you don’t realize that you can say no to these people and that other professionals in the business would never do these kinds of abusive acts.
    What I find really disturbing is the fact that his assistants are in on it and treat it as if nothing. All the people around him worship him as some kind of cool fashion hero. So he has been able to get away with this kind of behavior for a very long time.
    There is a difference between an “artistic nude picture” and a “let’s degrade this person,shoot them in a really compromising position and be the shocking image maker”.
    That’s how he’s managed to create his career by doing just that , getting models to do all kinds of crazy sexual things.
    The man is a total manipulator , albeit he does come off very nice and unfazed by the everything.
    I have been on his sets and I know there is a lot of alcohol and drugs involved in the process. And what happens when you get some young dumb girl or guy buzzed and on that high that they are working with one of the big ( no pun intended) fashion photographers of the moment ?
    You get models who are willing to lose all inhibition, and thinking that the photographer and his crew will think they are cool and get asked to come back and work for him again, but the chances of that happening are very rare , as once he’s gotten what he wants he is on to the next.
    Sad but true , that is how most of the industry works.
    I don’t think Terry Richardson should be made a scapegoat for the whole industry but it’s good that people are finally coming out and talking about it. And know that A LOT of people are going to speak out in his defense but they know that that is how he works.
    The fashion industry as a whole really revolves around sexuality. People projecting their own fantasies onto the models. Some of those models become stars and and wield the power to say no to whatever is asked of them. But many end up giving up and moving on riddled with shame, guilt and resentment about what they had to endure. Also knowing they can’t really talk about it openly to others.
    This happens so much and its very hard to stop because every season there is a whole new crop of young fresh faces that are willing to do whatever it takes to become the next Kate Moss .
    Thank you for speaking out about it.I for one, feel purged of resentment I have towards these kinds of people. I could tell you stories that would make you run for the hills.LOL

    • ko

      I don’t care if Richardson becomes a scapegoat for the industry, he and they deserve it. He has made himself rich and powerful abusing models and deserves whatever greif is headed his way. He should be behind bars. Watch out when you bend over for that soap Terry, you might find yourself on the receiving end next time.

      There are pleantly of talented artists out there who can’t get jobs because the industry is so screwed-up and insular. Let’s hope this brings-down not just Richardson but alsohis enablers.

    • Julian Ramos

      Please prove that this man should be behind bars by charging him with an actual crime.

    • Persephone

      tell me! My friend was the face for Atsuko Kudo’s 2005 line….she’s got some too!

    • BlackJaques

      I agree, panfrancais. People who work in the industry can call this out in a second! It happens all the time, and that’s something people don’t want to believe. Maybe they won’t be able to look at their favourite fashion mag quite the same if they do. It’s difficult to accept the shortcomings and misdeeds of those we put on a pedestal. In this case, Richardson’s shitty lighting “style” is an easy entre
      into fashion photography in order to get women naked. As someone in the industry, I can
      tell you, it would amaze people how many ‘photographers’ get into this
      business for that reason alone. Photographers are ringmasters of the photo studio. It is VERY difficult for a model to say
      no in these situations. It takes a lot of strength and experience. I’ve even seen older models get backed into corners on
      shoots based on the photographers direction, when they were clearly
      uncomfortable. It’s not a simple situation to extricate yourself from. Agents need to do more to protect their models.

  • Gabarracuda

    This is Stupid. I know it is difficult to come in terms with this kind of a situation, and dont get wrong i am not in any way justifing his behaviour BUT Come on! How stupid can you be at 19 to let this happen, It doesnt matter if he said he would let you suck Marc Jacobs Cock, you are developing a bussiness relationship and even if it is your big shot you have to know your limits and HOW TO SAY NO, sorry but if this was a post by a then 15 year old it would not only be illegal but also understandable,But a year ago i was 19 and i know that my dignity and respect for myself is bigger than a couple of shots at vogue, you had to take 2 showers because you were dirty too for letting himdo that, its just easy as walking away, if you knew this was wrong WHY THE FUCK DID YOU STAY?. This is a case of FAME AT ANY PRICE, that later comes as FAME TROUGH VERBORREA.
    And for gods sake this is Terry Richardson we are talking about, What did you expect a real cup of tea and scones?! I find it just as creepy and disgusting but in my opinion you just let that happen, and you were old enough to be firm, you just wanted that penis to bring you little bit of sparkle didnt you?

  • AnonymousMe

    The problem is that sometime he use pictures he is not supposed too. Having sex with him is one thing, taking picture with him while having sex is another. Until there everything is ok if he haven’t “forces” you. The problem is when it gets to publishing those images without release. Thats a problem. It is very disrespectful and not honest for him to do that. If I have sex with a journalist I am not expecting an article on our sexual relation. Well it’s the same thing with a photographer. If I have sex with a photographer, I am not expecting to see picture of me in a TASCHEN book! I use to respect Terry for his work but this time it’s over. Unprofessional isn’t the word to describe him, Stupid it is. As Terry couldn’t help me at all with that matter, I will contact TASCHEN throught an attorney to help me with the case. Good luck everyone.

  • thisheat

    Why exactly does she want a signed print from this guy?

    There’s no coercion implied in this story. No lack of consent. Not even an indication she resisted.
    Sorry to her lawyer dad, but your daughter was victimized by her lack of common sense.

    She went get photographed by a notorious sleazeball, who dresses the part, and who she had a previous experience with that creeped her out. Yet, she went back. Unlike the legit models from legit agencies he photographs, she sounds realistic about the career aspects, but what exactly did she think he was interested in shooting Suicide Girls for?

    This is no defense of him. I hope there’s a good lawsuit in her future, but it apparently isn’t Jamie’s. Writing this article isn’t taking a stand, considering anyone who does a google image search can estimate what to expect…models need not be warned. The man is clearly exploitive, and it’s the way he’s marketed himself. Meanwhile, there are entire websites set up for semi-amateur models to meet photographers, and this kind of thing is rampant. The basic rule is you bring someone with you when modeling nude.

    It’s hard to really go the extra mile and pretend she was victimized when she’s “over it” and wants a print. Seriously?

  • thisheat

    *a good lawsuit in HIS future I mean.

  • bor

    for all the people in the last comments saying that it’s so easy to say no, thats all good and well, but until you’re in a situation like that, with a room full of assistants, encouraging you, how the hell would you know? What this is is a abuse of position, where someone is using their authority in the situation to coerce people into doing things they wouldn’t normally be comfortable with. You can say she could have walked out till you’re blue in the face, but this situation has been manipulated with richardson time and again. He’s well practiced in manipulating young girls. And for everyone sitting on their high horse exclaiming “I would have never done that at 19, I wasn’t that naive!” Please. Never done something you weren’t proud of because someone persuaded you you should? If your answer is no, you’re a liar. This has nothing to do with ‘common sense’ and everything to do with abuse of position.

    • Jennifer Derpina Evans

      the part that makes everyone think she was willing was the part that she admits she was impressed with his name dropping, richdick status. she knew what she was doing. she regretted it later. do i still think terry richardson took advantage of a teenage girl’s adolescent brain? yes. absolutely. he’s a fucking pervert and i feel sorry for this girl. but that is what is confusing the other people about it.

  • lustymuppet

    YOU KNOW WHAT’S REAL SAD? That apart from Jamie Peck, this Blogger and a 14 yr old no ones talking about Terrys antics ~ its like we should wear our “touched by terry” tshirts & shut the f*ck up!!


    It truly is sad that most of you guys are playing captain save a how excuse me but i’m about to get real vulgar. THE BITCH WAS 19! This isn’t a roman polanski case where the girl was 14. Oh yeah, there’s a difference between a GIRL AND WOMAN. She’s past the “feel sorry for me stage” He didn’t rape her or anything. You guys aren’t saying anything about the fact she POSES FOR RANDOM PHOTOGRAPHERS AU NATUREL. She’s not a model but she poses nude for plenty of photographers. who knows what she’s done? He’s just a celebrity and everyone knows his behavior so she thinks this is a surprise. OH YEAH, she’s a suicide girl party. SHE SCREAMS SOMEONE WHO DOES SHIT LIKE THIS 24/7. DID YOU HAPPEN TO READ SHE WENT THERE TWICE? WHY WOULD YOU GO AFTER THE FIRST TIME IF YOU DIDN’T LIKE IT AND SHE GOT NAKED THE FIRST TIME? WHAT DOES THAT TELL YOU ABOUT HER? NO IT DOESN’T TELL YOU SHE’S COMFORTABLE IT TELL YOU SHE’S A STUPID GIRL WHO’LL DO ANYTHING FOR SOME CHANGE AND TO SEE HER NAME IN LIGHTS. WE ALL KNOW THESE INDUSTRIES ARE CRAZY AND ACTING LIKE YOU’VE NEVER HEARD OF A STORY LIKE THIS YOU GUYS ARE CRRAZY. SO YEP IM BLAMING IT ON HER. IT’S NOT HIS FAULT. THE DUMB BITCH GAVE HIM A HAND JOB ON HER OWN. (SHE) DECIDED TO COME TO HIS HOUSE THE 2ND TIME. DID SOMEONE PUT A GUN TO HER HEAD? OR MAYBE IT WAS TR BIG DICK HUH? SO PLEASE. PEOPLE STOP BEING SO FUCKING DUMB JUST BECAUSE SHE’S A WOMAN. YOU NEED TO OPEN YOUR EYES TO THE REAL WORLD. RE-READ THIS ARTICLE MORE THAN ONCE AND YOU’LL REALIZE “OH YEAH, IT’S ALL HER FAULT” AND BTW, HIS WORK IS AMAZING!

    • Wow.

      You, sir/ma’m are a victim-blaming cunt and should go hang yourself.
      What a woman does sexually, or how she does it or what she chooses do is beyond being coerced/forced into something by someone in a position of power.

      Go kill yourself.

    • Clem

      You’re right; victim blaming is disgusting. But arguably, it’s far more disgusting to tell someone to kill themselves under ANY circumstances. That really isn’t cool at all.

  • John

    Terry’s photos are to fashion photography as Girls Gone Wild is to the film industry. What a creep.

  • Dainty

    I’ve never heard of this man, and I’m not sure if I should believe this random story. It seems so pointless… I’m not saying this lightly but it doesn’t seem like he forced you, more like you weren’t thinking much of it at the time and thought it weird afterwards. Furthermore, you say you’re over it, so what is the point of this?

    He comes across as having special needs and you sound like you’re not into that kind of thing, which is rather common as far as differing sexual interests go.

    • Mandie

      Who’s never heard of Terry Richardson!?!

  • xselfyx

    from a psychological point of view, it is easy to coerce someone when they convey authority. psychological experiments back up this idea. a big well known photographer could be considered an authorative figure i spose. some people may possibly have told him where to get off, but a lot of people dont like to rock the boat and cause a possible upset amongst other people. its one of those things thats difficult to judge but sometimes more stressful than anyone realises.

  • ohgordo

    TERRY’S WORK IZ AMAZING! FUCK THE HATERZ AND THE VICTIM CARD PLAYERZ!! I’ve worked with him and I feel honoured. Love u Terry!!

    • DM

      How could anyone deny the wisdom of what you have to say, given your elegant choice of words and your flawless reasoning? I think you just proved that it’s mainly shallow, small-minded people who are a little desperate for fame that seem to gravitate towards Terry Richardson and condone his disgusting behaviour.

  • sh evans

    he is Creepy..however, why would she return if it was so uncomfortable? after all, she is taking part willingly.

  • zoee

    i concur with By Wow. victim blamers deserve to die.
    Terry Richardson is a professional, known for his nudity. One usually assumes that professionals of such esteem and experience would have an ounce of decency. She was put in a position of utter vulnerability, she shouldnt have been put in a position were she has to say no. Terry Richardson’s actual work is irrelevant to his discussion.

  • zoee

    i concur with By Wow. victim blamers deserve to die.
    Terry Richardson is a professional, known for his nudity. One usually assumes that professionals of such esteem and experience would have an ounce of decency. She was put in a position of utter vulnerability, she shouldnt have been put in a position were she has to say no. Terry Richardson’s actual work is irrelevant to his discussion.

  • gorgeousgab

    i stumbled upon this because I was curious of his sexuality, someone inferred he was gay but from his photographs I was like NO WAY. Well, at this point to me he’s a perverted bisexual pedophile. I’ll steer clear…

  • Dr. Rhramad Dhah’d

    I think you need a better bloody plug rag for your nasty seething cunt. But that’s just my opinion.

  • Cam

    No surprise at all, sadly – it’s not the first time I’ve heard this kind of thing about Terry Richardson. Aside from the fact that his work isn’t anything I haven’t seen from 250 NYU students, he’s a major creep. For one thing, she was 19 – not exactly the golden age of great judgment. When you’re young and haven’t had time to gather much of a perspective, “celebrity” photographers can have a lot of sway – especially if they’re twice your age and pressuring you, along with a gaggle of their minions. Despite what Lifetime movies may suggest, this isn’t a normal expectation of most photographers. And why would anyone think otherwise… does your dentist expect a handjob? How about the cable guy, or the AC repairman? It doesn’t matter which publications the author has posed for or what she does elsewhere – nobody deserves what she went through.

  • Aitch

    yeah, and other bloggers, female mind you, are saying that you, Jamie have been around the block sexually and you are no innocent–so basically—why are you so surprised honey?

    • AuntiSocial

      Wow- your name is appropriate. I think she was very honest in relaying an unpleasant experience, all the while acknowledging the role she herself played.
      I’ll go even further, and say that it was brave of her to share this with the world. Even if just one struggling young model reads this, it’s a heads up at least. I wouldn’t be surprised if you ARE Terry Richardson- or perhaps the assistant who handed Miss Peck the spooge towel, either way- fuck you.

  • Carla

    I know that I’m late to the party…., however, there are as yet other observations to be made, viz., that Jamie herself learned a very important lesson, but one for which she paid too high a price. She learned (among other things, I trust) that the tempter, the one who raises and directs the subject, while having all of the conditions in place, is guilty for the temptation, AND the one seduced, pressured, or otherwise influenced to be the actor, which contrary to their reason and upbringing acts to produce a “situation” is also guilty morally and professionally.

    In other words, ALL 19 yr. old young ladies know that they are not supposed to be touching any man’s penis (much less massaging it to sexual completion) in a business situation, and that failing to say no because of the innate weakness of fear and the concomitant desire for “coolness” and acceptance is no excuse. Guilty complicity, and the consequent anger with oneself for having aided in the process may inspire you to speak against these types of issues, as you should, yet they will not cleanse your guilt in the situation. So, you’ve learned an important lesson about speaking up for yourself and that you are never absolved from doing the right thing.

    Now, live life.

    P.S. And buy some silver, so you can be ahead of the crowd when the monetary system switches away from fiat currency…

    Ciao, bella!

  • edward olive photographer

    And the thing is his pictures are as average and as vulgar as he is. Yet he is still a VIPographer. Shows the fashion world is a seedy place where women’s rights and talent have no place

  • AitchCS

    She is just relaying what happened to her. She is not saying she was raped or had a gun to her head. She is just relaying what happened to her and undoubtedly she would act differently if it were today. We all would.

  • Aitch

    Auntisocial—-I was being totally sarcastic. I’m on the side of the model.

  • sheherbano

    take back what i said on jennifer’s post. what a fucking skeez.

  • Ahamamddada

    He is playing a high game. Maybe he did it unknowingly to some extent, but at some point he should have known better. The frame of mind a young woman can be in may not allow her to say “put your clothes back on” in a good disarming way , it is just not in her capabilities as she is so locked into not pissing off the big photog and all kinds of feelings, while he would probably do it in a snap without issue if she did so with a smile on her face.
    Its complicated.

    But one side to this, seeing he is the Vice TM photog which is a hipster mag, but at the same time also the kind of “hip” which entails fist fights, crack junkies, and bullying and abuse and well, thinking near “snuff” or face of death is kewl and simply not emphathizing and moralizing things on a deeper level – and not the very least “romantizising” drugs and the gutter, is that its hard to think his actions would always be on the ” well meaning missunderstood” level of wrong. But who knows, he could be a different beast to what Vice is, “guilty by association” in my eyes.

  • Sheridan

    Um … are you stupid?
    You are NOT a victim. H may be a creep, but you enabled it. You give nude models a terrible name.
    He asked you to give him a handjob. That’s when this took a turn from “art” to “pornography”. If you were uncomfortable with it, there is a simple solution. See, in the English language, there is a word we use when we are requested to do something that we don’t feel comfortable doing or just plain don’t want to do, and that word is “no.” It doesn’t matter who the guy is, if you were a smart person you would have declined his offer and either came to an agreement for where the shoot was going or left the place. I’m not a photographer, but I am a model and an assistant for a photographer, and we try our HARDEST to make sure the models aren’t uncomfortable or exploited, and when i see something like this, it just sickens me that all the hard work we go to can get shattered by something stupid like this.

    You might actually be a decent person, but you’re a terrible example of a model and I sure hope you aren’t as stupid now as this story makes you out to be.

    • Melissa

      Congratulations on your victim-blaming. You are one of the reasons so many cases of rape and sexual abuse go unreported. I hope you are ashamed of yourself, you’re disgusting.

  • Fabel

    Holy shit, she never said she was raped or claimed to be a “victim”. Like AitchCS said, she is just relaying what happened to her in what I think is an honest and actually hilarious way.

  • set terry free

    had the presence of mind/strong enough a will to decline giving him her tampon
    but was “psychologically manipulated” into giving him a handjoband
    and then builds her writing career on being some sexually liberated hipster while complaining about said handjob

    • PerchaseCompassionPlease

      He was NAKED, he didn’t even ask if she thought it was appropriate, he terrified her with his language and then demanded someonething not in their contract.
      That’s sexual assault

  • The Prof. Andmaryann

    Was a 19-year-old whose ostensible nude photo session devolved into a session at Uncle Touchy’s naked puzzle basement (TM Patton Oswalt). Had the confidence to turn down a request for used-tampon tea which was eroded by Chester’s unnerving pointing-about of wang and the cognitive dissonance of assistants acting like this was all normal. Assessed what really happened through the portal of maturity only to have anonymous internet moron engage in victim-blaming.

    You are so tired.

  • Allie

    For all of your comments how she did wrong: That is shameful. Victim blaming is not the answer. Anyone who has been raped/sexually molested knows that when you are in that situation you are in shock. That is most likely what she was in.

    • Darren

      Anyone, then or now, knows the kind of photo shoot that’s going to happen. Walking in the room is consent when you know what to expect.

    • http://www.facebook.com/lela.power.5 Lela Power

      Men had also better start realizing that YOU ask for everything you get when we cut your vile, diseased cocks off.

    • Chris Lees

      All of our cocks? but… but… what did I do?!

    • Kevin Jackson

      Why didn’t she just call the guy a creep and say no? It isn’t that he isn’t a despicable jackass, but if we are going to treat men and women as equals, she needs to be accountable for doing what she didn’t have to do. Even as creepy as he was about it, no one forced her. If you think he should have his penis cut off for sliming a hand job out of a consenting adult, then you are just infantilizing women. Take “agency” over your own body. “Empower” yourself to make the right decision for you. Stand up and be that strong, independent woman you are always claiming to be. Otherwise you are just another helpless victim who needs constant coddling and special treatment.

    • kitnco

      are you retarded or just playing ‘devils advocate’?

    • Stabby

      No, they do not. People like you are why people like him are able to keep getting away with this stuff.

  • Ari Gold
  • anne costas

    It happens all the time. Terry is no worse than the other serious creep Mike Dowson who hangs out in Pattya Thailand and Moscow getting young “models” to pay him for their portfolio while he gets to play with their bits.

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  • JR

    Wow, you sound like one of a million star struck then star fucked nut swingers with a grudge! Maybe you’re niave mind of the time shouldn’t have been out pressing her tits together. The moment he geeked you out over the tampon request you should have left. Just like the rest of these women with their “horror stories” of Terry I say the same….YOUR FAULT. The moment you felt uncomfortable is the moment you should have walked out. Yet you stayed to give him a HJ??? For what, 5 mins of fame? You sound like a hooker to me! I’ve worked with Terry a few times and not once did I feel the need to bash his style. He is a fucking blast to work with and if you’re uncomfortable and let him know he apologizes for it. I’m sick and tired of all this Terry bashing, go fuck yourselves! YOU let things happen YOU didn’t like. Novone forced you by gunpoint or maybe your ego or need for attention lead to all this. Either way its on you…

    • YouMisogynisticVictimBlamingBS

      Congratulations, you are slave to your sexual feelings, if you rape a woman it’s her fault…
      Maybe have compassion for a fellow human being, maybe just once?
      Try it out.

    • DM

      Your comments indicate that you are heartless and ignorant. Why do I get the feeling that you and your friends have date raped a few unconscious girls in your time, then blamed it on them for drinking too much? Terry is an industry “professional” who should know better, and the writer was a girl just out of highschool with a lot of bravado and little experience. Don’t we all remember what it was like to be that age and want to rove how “cool” we were — and how mucht hat made us targets for opportunists?

      Any normal person would know that how Terry was behaving was at the very least completely inappropriate and at the very worst completely TRAUMATIZING. People do not go around behaving this way to people they don’t know extremely well, and so his actiosn were unfair and actually downright immoral. If he’d gone up to her with a happy smile and put a knife to her throat, would we say that was just plain “fun”? He does this because he can get away with it under the guise of “art” and people condone it because it’s so important to be cool, popular, and famous. Also, because it seems that your parents never taught you guys the importance of being a decent human being.

  • Jalopyjones

    MK Ultra anyone? The guy needs to be beaten to death while wearing his fairy wings, uncle terry indeed. Why is this guy still alive walking the streets? That’s right money and friends in high places High Illuminati places.

    Props for being honest about him.


      God you’re a fucking idiot.

    • Hatterasman

      If it were my daughter, he would already have been beaten to death, and the last thing he would have seen was me giving him a thumbs-up.

    • Robert Miles

      MK Ultra: No thanks, Jones, but I will drink to your mental health.

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  • Toby Wong

    wtf, this article is all sorts of hilarious for both parties. celeb life sounds so awesome.

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  • oldterry

    I just came across this blog.


    check it out.

    • L.B.

      Wow. That says it all.

  • Reality Check

    We need people like Terry in this world to put people in check. Author was dumb at 19 and is still dumb today, Terry keeps people like the author in check. Congrats on sluttin’ it up with a walking STD for a career. Thanks Terry for putting people in their place. I salute you.

  • dannyboy

    Selling your soul for money and fame… awful isn’t it. At least you had the courage to tell that tale that 99% of the world wouldn’t admit to and even if one girl is saved from this nerd or the next it is worth repeating. Even if it kills you to type it out…

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  • Anonymouse

    This guy is a twisted fuck and i hope he dies painfully, slowly then rots in hell for eternity, Fucking piece of shit touches little boys and girls apparently, yet he somehow got to photograph Barack Obama!? Hes corrupting society one photo shoot at a time and we are paying him MILLIONS for it…how does that feel?

    • Jason

      Agree, agree, agree!

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  • makemelaugh

    Act like a ho get treated like a ho. Nothing to see here but a mad ho.

    • Jason

      And a post written by a neanderthal – congrats makemelaugh, and you did make me laugh . . . at how dumb you are!

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  • Niandra

    I get how that wasn’t exactly a pleasurable experience for you and I’m really sorry. If I could hug you, I would. I know what it’s like to feel young and pressured into doing something. You’re not to blame.
    But the part about how Terry’s sexual preferences are supposedly “creepy” and how no girl enjoys hand jobs and stuff… is kinda narrow-minded, sweetie. Live and let live.
    Also, even though no one blames you for not standing up for yourself, if you would maybe none of this would have happened. Still, it’s not your fault! I’m definitely not saying that. All I’m saying is it’s not like Terry raped you, either.

    • BlackJaques

      REALLY?? Why did you even bother commenting?

  • popgasmstreet

    ew. what a creeepo.

  • popgasmstreet

    She didn’t do anything wrong. Photographers CANNOT spring that stuff on models while they are alone in the room with them. If there is going to be ANY sexual contact intended as part of a shoot, the photographer has to go over that stuff beforehand and everything has to be agreed upon. A lot of women can get scared in a room alone with some guy or feel pressured to do something they dont want to do and didn’t agree to do…. the dude can’t just whip his meat out and say touch it. that’s creepy, incredibly inappropriate, its violating to the woman and potentially puts her in an unnecessarily awkward and frightening position, and it’s downright unprofessional.

    • jane_canada

      This post sounds reasonable to me!

    • Jason

      Terry Richardson is a disgusting prick!

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  • Barney Rubble

    While I cannot defend the man and do not think highly of him, this article is so sour milk. So years after the fact she wants to knock the man that she used to get a taste of fame. So she had no issue with using Uncle Terry at the time and giving him a handjob as it might have led her to other contacts.

    But years later she wants to call him a creep and say all is well if she gets that autographed picture. LOL seriously. You idiots that act like she is a victim must live in a closet. Terry is and always was known to be out there and if all can be washed away with an autographed picture, something tells me she was cool with it.

    Last time I checked most women sexually assaulted do not ask for an autograph.

    • Jason

      Never heard of professionalism? Famous people can’t manipulate young girls, right? If this was your sister or daughter you would be pissed off so please hold the bullshit, unless you are a perv too?

    • Barney Rubble

      My sister or daughter would have the character to not work with him in the first place so blindly and second leave when things became questionable and last if things went too far and they were forced until they left to do something charge the man.

      They would not go along at the time think its cool, and write about it for fame and then knock the man. While he might be as I stated to low for me to defend if you think this person was a victim you are an idiot.

    • Thewatcher

      Illuminati handler. Can’t say much more than that

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  • http://ivatanackovic.com Iva

    What I find slightly strange here is that it’s OK to mock Eastern Europeans at any cost, while it’s politically incorrect to have prejudice about black, Chinese or whomever. I guess we’re the fun think now and that’s called democracy?

    Regarding everything else – enraged at what you went through and wondering why are some people immune to law. And yes, I’m aware this is an article from 3.5 years ago.

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  • Ethan

    So you gave him a handjob and he’s a pervert?

    • Jason

      You are an idiot.

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  • justsomereader

    So basically it’s a prostitute calling a John a creep. Got it.

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  • AugustineThomas

    It’s sad that the leftist educational system is failing these girls so miserably.
    Of course it’s evil so it has no chance of instilling morals, but it’s even making them so dumb that they ruin their whole lives over some pathetic dream about getting paid to have people take pictures of them.

    These girls should go to church. Hypocritical leftists convinced everyone that’s where sexual abuse happens, but it’s actually the safest place in the world, especially for your daughters (no pedophiles with unlimited cash and celebrity friends will try to recruit them for pornography).

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  • vics_toew

    man oh man that is one hot soiled story.

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  • HermeticWonderer

    Please sign the petition asking large companies to drop this douche from their payroll
    Thank you for the article! :D

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  • Robert Miles

    There is literally no way to satirize this guy.

  • Pingback: Terry Richardson Change.org Petition Calls For Industry Insiders To Stop Hiring Him | Doohickey

  • John Doe

    I’ve blown him b4. Not going to say who I am but he made me feel safe and it didn’t feel weird. He’s a nice guy if u get to know him :).

    • Ndle

      I’m sure that you’re proud of your son, but you could have saved announcing your intense relationship for his biography.

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  • Kara Young

    Terry Richardson is obviously a creepy and borderline predatory based on what I’ve read here and in other stories, but I’m equally disturbed by his assistants…the fact that they all participate in these shoots and seem okay with what he’s doing is really unsettling to me

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