In Case You Weren’t Sure, DIY Pap Smears Are A Bad Idea

I’m not sure about you, but the idea of a DIY at-home pap smear sounds like a really, really terrible idea. Like, on par with shooting up heroin or riding the subway barefoot. However, not everyone agrees with me. Recently, a British online pharmacy started selling an at-home pap smear that is specifically designed to test for the strains of HPV which cause cervical cancer. As you know, I’m totally on board with women monitoring their sexual health and finding out if they have HPV, but I think you should visit an actual medical professional. HPV is not something you should mess around with, and you don’t want get a false positive and freak yourself out. Plus, you can get a pap smear while also getting your regular annual exam, which is also a good idea.

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    • Suzy

      I avoid gyn exams because I have never been able to make peace with being exposed that way. I had an option to do the test at home, I might consider it. To those of you who think screening is essential, isn’t it better to have an option than none. Please, no comments about how I should get over it. it’s my decision.

    • bea

      I don’t mind being exposed (not particularly, any way) but I have a retroverted uterus, which means the gyn exam is really painful (even more so than for women with the uterus in the right place)

      Bet if it was for a man they would have come up with something simpler

      a normal, non-painful test would save lives

      nobody cares