The Gloss Giveaway: Lush Products! (And Maybe Peeps, If You Like Them)

So we got some delightful Lush bath products from their Easter collection today, including this one that looks like a baby chicken. It’s called the Hippy Chick, and it’s insanely adorable (and smells of grapefruit!). It reminded us that Easter is coming up, but more than that, it reminded us of Peeps candy. Remember Peeps? They’re the marshmallows covered in sugar that look like chicks. Now there’s some debate at the office – half the people here (Lilit) feel that peeps are incredibly gross. They think they’re disgustingly sweet, and the texture is weird and they’re just generally the most busted of all easter candies. The other half of the office (Jennifer) says that Peeps are delicious and Lilit’s tastebuds are defective, and also, that word peep is fun to say. Peep. Peep. Peep.

Which is where our challenge to you comes in. The person who makes the most convincing case for why Peeps are either A) amazing or B) busted, wins a delightful assortment of bathbombs from Lush. And, if you choose to argue A, Jennifer will spring for a box Marshmallow Peeps for you as well. As always, we’ll pick the winner in about a week.

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    • annapolisgoestotheducks

      All across this lovely country, as the crocuses and snowdrops wake up our dreary winter lives, effigies of baby chicks and bunnies crafted of marshmallow await the opportunity to snuggle into baskets and plastic eggs for eager children. Bright colors, fluffy innards, and a remarkably vacant look please all but the most hard-hearted of folks. If the super-sweetness of a peep’s lovely sugar coat is too much for your sensitive taste-buds you will find that they make excellent props. Peeps have relived bible stories, major motion pictures, and literary classics as well as performing general hijinks. Plus, since they never really get moldy or rot, instead becoming a sparkly pink piece of concrete, they are excellent for practical jokes. I’ve known more than one person who is still finding peeps years after they have had their offices thus infested. Peeps are delicious, cute, dramatic, and indestructible. QED.

    • amberlicious

      I have to admit, I am a Peep lover. I’m a sugar addict, so anything that is soft squishy colorful generally meets my lips and tastebuds in a matter of moments. I’m a girl with a massive sweet tooth, and I always like seeing the seasonal Peeps that come out. Like Stars around the 4th of July, Christmas Trees during the winter holidays, etc. Peeps are just a part of our pop culture, whether you like nomming on the sugary little creatures of not. Everyone knows what Peeps are, and people either love or hate them, there doesn’t seem to be a Peep-lovin’ middle ground. Strangely, I once had tons of Peeps leftover from Easter a few years ago, so I turned them into jewelry. I made Peep chick earrings and Peep Bunny necklaces. I coated them in Mod Podge and they looked cute. Not the best idea though…I wore them to a concert, and in the middle of the show I thought “OMG, gross what is this white sticky goo all over my neck??” Yeah, my little Peep necklace pretty much succumbed to heat exhaustion and melted into a mushy sticky messy. It looked real attractive as I walked out of the show…let me tell you. I believe in peace, I believe in Peep-ce. Love them or leave them…but if you leave them, toss those bad boys my way! (I promise to eat them and not wear them this time)

      P.S. It’s my birthday today, and now all you have me craving is a LUSH bubblebath and Peeps!

    • @Ascending Butterfly

      I don’t personally eat peeps but I do personally LOVE lush, and LUSH peeps couldn’t possibly be cuter. Spring Peeps always cheer me up, but I can’t eat marshmallow *sigh* so they are mostly just decorations in my basket, but my nieces and nephews LOVE them and I always give them mine, so I win auntie of the year award every Easter. This year Easter falls on MY birthday! I want an extra BIG basket this year! (I was born on Palm Sunday and this year my big day falls on Easter Sunday!) :)

    • coronam

      One word: microwavable.

    • kayte71

      Peeps are gross! They have the texture of a sweet snot ball rolled in sugar that has been aged for years so it gets extra crunchy and cloying.II think a more appropriate name for them would be Sugar Boogers,lol. The are cute but disgusting.

    • mineola

      Peeps are not so much for eating, they are for admiring the wonder of peeps! They are a pied piper of celebratory spring whimsy – a nod to crocuses & snow drops & states of cuteness that last only as long as raindrops on roses or warm winter mittens (try keeping a pair for an entire winter!)- Peeps are the opposite of snails & puppy dog tails, they occupy a strategic spot between pink lawn flamingoes & butter lambs, lava lamps & pez dispensers. They’re kitsch because they’re cute, cute because they’re kitsch. They’re a dessert AND a floor wax!

      They’re bright, cheery & completely puddle wonderful & spring mad. Peeps are a shade of yellow reserved for crayons & galoshes- they’re nothing but ridiculous fun & yellow No. 2.

      I’m pro-peep & proud!

    • missreneer

      I love peeps because I get a rush from biting the heads off of adorable little animals. Alright, honestly I am a sugar freak. Thanks for the great contest :)

    • purplelover04

      i love peeps and lush yaya

    • kammi

      Peeps are amazing!!!

    • coolbrina

      The best thing about Peeps is stretching them out and covering an Almond Hershey Kiss. Then pop it in your mouth. Awesome! And yes, I am a sugar addict.


      Peeps are so busted – Here is a recipe to make your own peeps – take a bowl full of sugar and add yellow food coloring, stir and enjoy! Peeps are definatley nasty little creatures! Give me a chocolate bunny anyday