Link Love: The Day We Wore Our Nantucket Reds to The Cape

There is about to be an entire store full of boat shoes (Sperry Topsider) so people can pretend they are in Nantucket while really in “a beige office building.” – The Cut

Dutch model Kim Noorda has written a great piece on her struggle with disordered eating – Vogue

Seriously, the only reason anyone will go to see Sex and the City 2 is the clothes, right? – E! Online

Zac Posen’s line is inspired by Lesbian Proms. Though this does seem to assume that all lesbians want to dress as though they’re in Annie Hall. – Jezebel

And Tine Fey is on the cover of Esquire. Because everyone wants a taste of the lemon. And it is not sour. – Esquire

The Runaways costume designers talks about her inspirations (David Bowie is one of them) - FabSugar

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