FDA Considering Banning Tanning Beds For Teens

In case you didn’t already know, tanning beds cause cancer, so theFDA is thinking of banning them for anyone under 18. It’s actually sort of surprising that they haven’t considered that sooner – panelist Dr. Michael Olding stated, “Given the absence of any demonstrated benefit, I think it’s an obligation for us to ban artificial tanning for those under 18″. Fair point. But isn’t a 16 year old probably smart enough to know that they cause cancer? Yes. Are 16 year olds really desperate to look cool, and by cool we mean orange? Yes to that, too. At the very least, a ban would mean their skin won’t look like a lizard’s by the time they’re 23.

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    • Laura

      This is a great move and really surprising that it hasn’t been considered sooner. A recent study found that tanning beds are more harmful than mustard gas – the price we are willing to pay for ‘beauty’. 16 year olds are indeed old enough to know that tanning beds cause cancer, but have likely not matured to a point of considering their mortality and the cost-benefit ratio.

    • tom aliprandi

      This is so wrong in many ways. I wish people would get more educated with indoor tanning. I worked for Mr. Wolff, for many years and while I developed his fitness program, we were all required to get educated on tanning. I went to the NIH with him and met with many scientists. Cancer causing is 99% squamous cell which is worse than outdoor sun and is easy removed. The cancer that the lobbyists speak of is cancer that happens to appear 100% of the time where the sun never shines. LOL. It is about a regulated eryphema doses, UVB protection, limited UVA and Sun Blocks NOT Sunscreens, no accelerator creams and waiting 48hours+ til your next tanning session.Have you ever heard of skin cancer on a dark African American? Pigment protects you but it must come in small doses.Freidrich tans an hour a day and I think he may have a few wrinkles, but that is more genetic. He killed the top photobiological scientists with their own studies at the NIH. This is almost laughable to people that are educated with indoor tanning.FYI, Mr.Wolff invented the tanning bed to prevent cancer, enhance athletic perormance and vitamin D and K and with water, alzheimer’s prevention. More… More than 9 out of 10 indoor tanning professionals think that dermatology industry groups who say that any UV exposure is implicitly harmful are criminally liable for mis-stating the truth. Only 9 percent in the poll thought the derm groups were not criminally liable.
      “The case that any UV exposure is harmful was a cornerstone of what the American Academy of Dermatology, the Skin Cancer Foundation and other dermatology groups presented to the FDA last week,” Smart Tan Vice President Joseph Levy said. “Apparently, humans are the only species on the planet for which sunshine is always harmful. Conveniently, humans are also the only species who purchase dermatology services and products.”
      Smart Tan’s position on UV is more enlightened: Saying that any UV exposure is implicitly harmful and should be avoided is like saying that water causes drowning, and therefore water should be avoided. It’s a gross misrepresentation of the complex relationship we have with UV.
      We’d be dead without UV. But we could do without dermatology lobbying groups