Link Love: The Day Terry Richardson Shot Stuff

Terry Richardson is shooting Doutzen Kroes for American Vogue immediately after shooting for Vogue Paris. Because honestly, the fashion industry just doesn’t care about sexual harassment all that much. - Fashionologie

It looks as though Victoria Beckham ripped off a column dress designed by Osman Yousefzada, and he was left awkwardly talking about how great it is to have Victoria Beckham copy your designs. -  Vogue UK

Aaron Eckhart is shooting Molly Sim’s new jewelery line, and says fashion photography “is really the only thing I think about… I’m really just a photography geek” – People/StyleWatch

Anna Wintour + Roger Federer = TRUE LOVE FOREVER – Daily Front Row/Chic Report

Fashionista has a list of their favorite sex toys, from bondage ropes to love bumpers – Fashionista

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