Poll: Is Oral Sex Sex?

According to a recent study, only 20 percent of young adults believe that oral-genital contact (aka oral sex) counts as “sex,” compared to those who say that vaginal intercourse (98 percent) and anal intercourse (78 percent) count. Why the discrepancy? Many, including Salon’s Tracy Clark-Flory, believe that the very public Bill Clinton sex scandal had something to do with that. For kids who came of age during the time when discussing the president’s blowjob on TV, oral sex seems less stigmatized and less connected to “actual” sex. Do you agree?

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    • rachelkramerbussel

      I think it’s sex, but it’s different than intercourse as sex. It can be more intimate at times (and, at times, less intimate, depending on the situation). I don’t know if this is all totally new, though; seems like we haven’t agreed on what “sex” is for quite a while. My personal take on Clinton is that he was just using that as an excuse. Also, have to add that I love this photo of Monica from her book cover – very elegant and classic.

    • svalentino

      Yes, it is and always will be sex. It brings passion to love under the covers.

    • beth

      If it was “sex” then why would we call it “oral sex”? Is field hockey the same as ice hockey? No. By definition, sex is vaginal penetration. You can’t dispute the meaning of a word. It means one thing and one thing only. Oral sex does not involve vaginal penetration, therefore it is not sex.

    • Eileen

      I think that oral sex is sexual relations, but I would never refer to it without the “oral” qualifier.

      However, as a woman who was just old enough to figure out what oral sex was during the Clinton scandal (try nine years old), I do agree that women my age think of oral sex as less intimate. Maybe it’s just me, but I know that when I was younger, I thought that oral sex was something you did with a man before you were ready to marry him and lose your virginity.