Gallery: The Ten Ugliest Shoes In The World

Slouch clogs inspire us with their sheer hideousness. But are they the ugliest shoes in the entire history of the world? That required serious investigation. But the selections below mean that we’re going to have to go with no. They are the second ugliest.

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    • Mary James

      Leopard spots Anywhere? UGLY! . . . . . m.j.

    • Jen Dziura

      Um, this made me laugh my drunk ass off:

      Wait, did I say Satan? I meant “no one, living or dead, real or fictional”. My mistake.

    • Colleen Williams

      The… chair shoe – the one with the 3 balls – I believe she has extremely long toenails to go with. How… classy.

    • hu


    • Kalli

      The person wearing the 2nd one has very nasty hairy legs XP

    • Savannah

      Lady: Hey someone over there just called you unfashionable.
      Lady #2: WHAT? Oh hell no! Here hold my crocs!

    • Paizoo

      God these shoes are so awesome! i’d wear em to school and everyone would be like, “Dude! What,Did you sew your feet!!??”