• Thu, Apr 8 2010

It’s Official: Fashion Designers Will Put Logos on Anything

Tom Ford, always the fashion vanguard, is branching out into beauty. First up – a line of lipsticks with his initials pressed into the actual lipstick. Will you get a “TF” on your lips if you use this product? Anyone able to snag some of the lipstick (which hits selected locations in June) should let us know.

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  • corporate tool

    It also has the side benefit of letting you know that the lipstick is new, and not a tester they’ve filed down…

  • Jen Dziura

    Ooh. Do you ever feel really decadent tossing out a lipstick that before it’s fully used up, because it’s so much fun to start a brand-new one? (Last month, I spent about three days pissed off at the last little bit of toothpaste in the tube, because I really wanted to start a new tube). Yes, this would definitely add to the temptation.