Gallery: 10 Hair Mishaps Infinitely Worse Than Baldazzling

Yes, baldazzling is…something. And I certainly hope that Jennifer Love Hewitt shaves off all her hair and does it. Not for me, of course, for her. I want her to do it for herself. But baldazzling isn’t the only ridiculous thing that can happen to your scalp. If you’re addicted to bad ideas, you can always try out some of these, because they’re the kind of thing that show everyone that you strut boldly on the forefront of fashion (special thanks to Poorly Dressed).

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    • Jen Dziura

      Whoa. “Futuristic superhero” guy should be getting royalties from Lady Gaga.

      That said, when I clicked on “Baldazzling,” I wasn’t thinking “bald.” So, if anyone has photos of that other thing….

    • canonizer

      Being a poor hippie and owning a dog SHOULD NOT BE A CRIME.

      I have spoken.

      Ok, retracted, being a poor hippie should be a crime and SF would be better for it.