Poll: Which One of These Movies Should I Rent?

“Luke, I am your father.” “Say hello to my little friend.” “Play it again, Sam.” All huge moments of cinematic history, and I’ve seen every one of them.

In a clip show. Or on a “Best of the Century” special. But not as part of the actual film.

So, here’s the truth: there are a lot of movies, many of which are classics, that I have not seen. Truth is, I spend more time reading books or watching bad reality TV. Between those two extremes, my cultural education is floundering. So I leave it to you, gentle readers of TheGloss, to tell me which masterpiece of cinema I need to just frickin’ watch already.

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    • Ttilby

      Maybe Chinatown but certainly none of the others. I used to love old movies, older than those movies too, but times change and stuff becomes unwatchable. But have fun!

    • Jennifer Wright

      Certainly none of the others? Scarface? Unwatchable? Are you trying to lie to confuse her so we can make jokes about running cocaine cartels amongst ourselves and Lilit can’t join in? That’s mean, Ttilby.

    • Ttilby

      If you think Scarface is watchable, when did you last watch it.
      I’m very mean, I should have made a joke instead. My bad.