Botox Is Latin For “You’re Going To Die Alone”

Because all your friends will hate you, and then no one will ever love you. Why? Because according to Fox, “a new study suggests that Botox users struggle to frown, look angry or sad and may even be unable to show empathy — for example, when told about a family death.” In other news, apparently the people in this study had the worst botox ever. But it is a good reminder to do some research before getting botox. Also, I think this study was made up of one person, and they  just couldn’t show empathy because they were too busy eating human placenta.

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    • courtney

      there has been two studies done on this one at University of Wisconsin and one at Banard University in New York! I am not a big Fox person myself but this is true. In chinese medicine each line is part of your emotions on your forhead and when you get a labotomy which is done in the frontal lobe of the brain right in that are you loose empathy as well… besides my sister gets tons of Botox and she has just gotten crazy and crazier as time has gone by. She cannot empathize with any of us and has cut us all off from her and her children. It is only getting worse! Besides when you start doin Botox and cosmetic surgery a little goes along way you all don’t look younger you look like you have had crap done and you all look the same! Creepy!!!