• Thu, Apr 22 2010

5 New Ways To Braid Your Hair And Not End Up Looking Like A Milkmaid

Apparently, braids are in. It’s actually pretty hard to find much of anything to say about a “trend” that seemed like a constant. You know what else is really hip this summer? This new thing called a “manicure.” I also hear that ladies will be walking around on an exciting kind of footwear called the “sandal.” But, hey, if you want to break up your normal hair-braiding routing, then here are some great videos to help you do so:

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  • kenneth walker

    well, i really like these hairstyles but i can only do it on other people not myself. I think this looks really HARD! I think it might need to be a bit more clearer but it did help me alot to be quite honest. :)

  • Katrina

    You’re so pretty and I love your hair! Thanks for the vid, it really helped me =)

  • tootoo daisy love

    wow,i am a girl and ALL of these hair styles are soooooooo sexy. i tried them all and they all fit me i think i might wear them all every now and then lol. cant think why i didnt think of making my hair styles like any of them lol.

  • Sara

    This really helped me a lot! Thanks!!

  • Yuri

    It helped me a lot as everyone says it above. Thank you!

  • Valerie Saiz

    Wow I think its awsome you got videos to show how to do braids. I run out of ways to do my hair and now I learned more ways to do it. Thanks

  • Braids By Sheka

    Nice Braid Styles

  • sammy


  • Kristal

    Yay i can finally do the fishbraid now :D

  • bdfsbbdfxxkbu