The New Makeup ‘Trend’ Is Painted-On Freckles

As a freckle-haver, I remember spending hours putting lemon juice on my face in an attempt to get the spots to fade. I should have just known at the time that all I had to do was hold out until April 2010, when designer Rachel Comey would send her models down the runway with painted-on freckles:

“I gave the girls freckles to create a fresh, youthful image,” says Miyako Okamoto, a Shiseido makeup artist. “If they already had freckles, I gave them more.”

The look was apparently inspired by summer camp.

What do you think – are freckles in? Or should people just rock whatever kind of skin they already have?

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    • Angele

      I have freckles too i wouldnt say i love them or that i want them gone but there sometimes are times when you feel like you have more i feel like that right now i gOt a little bit of a sunburn yesturday and i feel i have more so im very unconfortable right now i feel ugly and useless