TheGloss’ Editor’s Boyfriend Tried Depilatory Cream and There Are Pictures

Your critical EIC considered her boyfriend’s rakish (if of an average 5’9 height) good looks to be hampered by his “Jewish Sweater,” aka chest, shoulder and back hair. To that end, she offered him the chance to try Veet, a new depilatory cream,  which had been sent to the website for review from Renckitt Benckiser.

I should have read the instructions or at least noted that the company’s mailing address is located in Canada. But I was more interested in shedding my winter coat than deconstructing the motives of the people providing the tools at hand.

Thanks to Lilit for opening a beer and laughing at me and Scott for his wonderful photography.

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    • canonizer

      The things I do for your career.

    • themanswer

      I’m not sure which is more impressive: the cream or the conversation that allowed this project to happen.

    • canonizer

      You gotta think big picture.

    • Brooke Moreland

      Good hair removal is almost as hard to find as a good man. Yet, this article has both! WIN.

    • canonizer

      Brooke, any thoughts about the tria laser?