Why Do Men Hate Sarah Jessica Parker?

Given that Sarah Jessica Parker is twisting and twirling all over Vogue this month, someone must like her. And by someone, I mean fashionable girls who love high heels, which comprises pretty much everyone at Vogue. However, that “someone” never seems to be men, and I’m convinced that has a lot to do with SJP’s relationship to clothing.

To be fair – people don’t really tend to hate Sarah Jessica Parker most of the time, they really hate or love Carrie Bradshaw. Because beyond that, we’d just be hating on her character in Did You Hear About the Morgans and Failure to Launch and, well, too easy.

Given that I have plenty of male friends who have a crush on Maureen Dowd or Michelle Obama, I don’t think this is just a case of “OMG Carrie Bradshaw is a strong woman and men can’t HANDLE that!” But then, look, I watch the show mostly for Charlotte, because, um, she seems nice. Carrie always struck me as a bit of a neurotic who, as one of my male friends credited for his visceral hated of her, “spent $40,000 on fucking shoes.”

I definitely don’t think that there’s anything wrong with the fact that Carrie Bradshaw loved fashion. And I think it’s great that she dressed for herself rather than for men.  But I do kind of get where men are coming from, at least insofar as she seemed to prioritize fashion over her relationships and being a sane human being.

And look, it wasn’t just the $40,000 shoe debt that Charlotte was expected to give Carrie her wedding ring to pay off (have I mentioned I liked Charlotte best?) Remember the episode where Aiden needed some closet room and Carrie was all “no, I will not get rid of this hideous Cavalli sweater-thing I’ve never worn?” Or when The Russian was sitting reading her poetry and she grabs a picture of an Oscar de la Renta dress and says “that’s poetry for me!” Or when she just can’t stop berating Berger about having his female character wear a scrunchie? Or, for that matter, when she expects Berger to start wearing Prada despite being a writer living in New York? Or when she very nearly dumps Berger for not liking her hat? Or when she scraps the whole idea of her and Big having the quiet, tasteful wedding they’d agreed upon because Vivienne Westwood gave her a killer dress?

Though perhaps the most ridiculous moment in the entire movie is when, after Big left her, she bemoans the fact that “I put a bird in my hair for him.” No. No, you did not do it for him unless he had a bizarre fowl fetish. And the fact that, in Carrie Bradshaw’s head, that counted as doing something for someone else makes it seem like she does not understand what doing something for someone else entails. Hope may be a thing with feathers that nestles in your updo, but selflessness is not.

Now you can just say “oh, that’s seriously just Carrie Bradshaw, it’s not SJP, men hate SJP because she has a horsy face.” First of all, men like plenty of jolie laide types (see Anjelica Huston and Sofia Coppola), and second, that attitude seems to carry into every movie she’s in. First Wives Club? She’s informing her beaten down boyfriend that she needs every designer dress in an enormous pile. Did You Hear About the Morgan’s? SJP packs only lingerie and ball gowns for her trip with the witness protection program.  And every article written about her pretty much focuses upon how she is devoting 42 hours a day to fashion lines.

Dude, I love fashion. I love weird, eccentric fashion. I would happily wear a tutu under the right circumstances. But there’s loving fashion and then there’s loving fashion in a way that makes you act like an idiot. And SJP seems to cross that line in every role she’s in. And sure, women – and by women I mean writers at Vogue – understand how loving fashion that much can take you to that crazy place. And maybe we feel better when we see a character who goes to the crazy place for us. But men? Men would probably rather you just buy some shoes you can afford and not go insane about it.

So that’s one theory on why men don’t much like Sarah Jessica Parker. That, and she does have a bit of a horsy face.

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    • Amanda Chatel

      When I saw SJP on the cover of my new Vogue, I hurled it across the floor. Then I picked it up, apologized to my beloved magazine, removed the cover, and then conveniently skipped the section about her. Not because I hate her, or because of that horsy face…but because I’m over her. She’s always the same character, and it’s just boring…oh, and she likes the smell of dirty baby diapers…and that’s just plain weird.

    • Brooke Moreland

      I thought the dudes were just standing in solidarity with Aidan. I mean, that was totally wack what Carrie did to him, bro. NOT COOL.

    • canonizer

      No man watches Sex and the City so I’m pretty sure this whole piece was about why women hate her.

    • Jessica Pauline Ogilvie

      whatever, i love sjp and i LOVE her HAIR. it will be mine….

    • bobbob

      Ok, as a guy, let me tell you why men cannot abide Sarah Jessica Parker. Fistly she looks like a very ugly horse, secondly, she is WAY too old to be trying to look & act the way she does. Thirdly, she has this opinion of herself that she is somewhat attractive, (LOL), Fourth, she is the WORST advert for displaying designer clothing. I DID watch SATC movie, (but only because my wife was watching it), and I actually quite liked all the bits that did not have the Horse in it, why does she have this air of ‘I am the star here’ when Kim Cattrall is clearly the star of the show, and certainly the most attractive of the four. It is time for SJP to realise her position in life, and go back to the stable where she belongs.

      • Michael Case

        Hit the nail on the head. I think men sense there is something amiss in her behavior. It doesn’t match…well…her. It’s not to say that someone can’t be young at heart or can’t be different…there is just something about how she acts that feels unnatural. Shit, maybe it is just men being sexist, expecting women to fit in a certain category based on how they look. Maybe it’s totally wrong. But there it is all the same. She behaves like a 15 year old girl.


      I HATE YOUR FACE, it’s too skinny and you’re awful from the outside and the inside……….damn you are ugly…………i just wanna puke all over your old face.

    • J. Anonymous

      Years ago I knew SJParker when she was in Annie. At 14 she was worried about her career and the fact that she was getting too tall for the role of Annie. She was so awful in ONCE UPON A MATTRESS on Broadway. She is a terrible singer and a terrible actress. The only thing I liked her in was an off B’way production of SYLVIA where she played a dog. I can’t watch her in anything…I change the channel when she’s on t.v. She has never done a thing to me. It must be chemical. I don’t like a thing about her. I think it’s because I admire talent and she has talent by pass.

    • J. Anonymous

      I think she has had talent by pass. I’ve seen her in Annie (she was good but complained about getting too tall for the part and was worried about her career…at 14) She was terrible in ONCE UPON A MATTRESS. THE WORST Princess Winifred I have ever seen. She was good in SYLVIA where where she played a dog. It’s a chemical reaction. It’s not her looks. It is her manner and the fact that she is everywhere…not because she has talent…She is pushy and annoying.

    • Eileen

      You’ve covered most of the reasons why I hate her. Honestly, I think Carrie sets women back – when she realizes she has $40,000 of shoes and no money, does she learn from it? Nope. Charlotte sells an engagement ring (notably, this is a gift from a man and not something Charlotte bought with money she earned at a job), a book deal drops in her lap, she marries a rich man – men continue to solve all of her financial problems while she flits around being “fabulous.” And, of course, claims that she doesn’t need a man. (Why would she? Carrie’s view of a man is essentially an ATM attached to a vibrating dildo – not a human being with needs and desires and a personality of his own) The idea that people think of Carrie as a strong female role model seriously disturbs me.

      And Sarah Jessica Parker is not very talented. As an actress she plays the same character over and over again, and whenever she’s called upon to sing it makes me cry. I’ve heard high school drama clubs put on versions of Once Upon a Mattress that sound better than her awful rendition. And, honestly, she’s not pretty – which is fine. Not her fault. But she tries to market herself as a pretty girl, which is the wrong niche for her.

      • JuneBug

        That is what I like about her – SHE IS HUMAN. She makes mistakes!

        Her love of shoes for example – how many guys don’t buy a ridiculous amount of money on toys even though they cannot really afford it? Gadgets, cars, computer games etc.

        Carrie did NOT ask Charlotte to sell her engagement ring – but ask for a loan as she knew Charlotte had enough money in the bank to live without a job (in such an expensive appartment in the middle of new your, may I remind you) – She choose to use the ring as she wanted to start fresh – she could have given her the loan from the bank instead if the wanted!

        Don’t blame Carrie for that!

        And about Sarah Jessica Parker??? Are you an idiot? The way SHE tries to marked herself?? No celebs marked themselves, she did not choose to be portrayed a certain way or seen a certain way.

        Don’t judge someone when you have no clue! She played an ugly nerd when she was a teenager (guess you did not see that one) and a worn down mother (not that one either) the only movies where she is portayed as being sexy is SATC and that wedding movie.

        OH and pretty might not be the wring niche as there are people who find her beautiful – it is in the eye of the beholder!


      • jasmine

        i agree with you my friend. i’m so sad with the shallow point of view of this non-familiar writer…and her being an IDIOT :)

        not worth reading

    • Neru

      We, that is men, hate Sarah Jessica Parker because she is a hideously ugly horsefaced bitch with a fundamentally emasculating personality. She represents materialism and the painful sense of entitlement that no straight man would go near with a ten foot pole. It’s that simple. I speak for all men. Ask around, and see if the men you know don’t agree with me.

    • emmajulie

      i used to watch her in square pegs and loved her growing up. i have no issue with her but i have seen the two sex in the city movies (never watched the show) and she treats mr. big like SH*T. no man (regardless of looks) who is successful and has a backbone would ever put up with her neurotic BS. carrie is the most neurotic unhappy competitive character i’ve ever seen. any man like mr. big would bolt. who would want to live with someone who’s always disappointed in you? WTF? i still think SJP is attractive in her own way. but carrie is an absolute pain in the ass. i see why men can’t stand her.

    • USA lover

      In the love of god i hate her face and how she speaks!!! i ve seen the poster of her movie by chance and i remebered how much i hate her so i google “i hate SJP” . i think i will go further and create a facebook page for this ! god i hate heeeerrrrrr!!!!!

      • Blue

        Well, I guess it is more appropriate to call you USA hater. Get a life and stop rambling and focusing on someone you hate, and for your information, it is said, ahters are admireres in disguise, or that what irriates you about a person you have plenty in yourself… just a theory :-P. Let the woman be and again… get a life!

      • Erika

        I’ve never watched Sex and the City, but from her other roles and just her existence I absolutely agree with you. It’s not even the fact that she plays bad characters as many people are suggesting, but rather the fact that she is ugly in every possible way. I cannot listen to the sound of her voice without wanting to tear my hair out. She is just innately annoying.

    • gio

      It’s simple. She’s ugly. Inside & out. Hideous in fact.

      Zero talent. Another desperate person who screwed her way into a “position” no pun intended to make money. She’s not an artist. She’s a prostitute who was in the right place at the right time. If it wasn’t an interesting TV show she would be shacked up with some sheik in one of the Emirates. Would make no difference to her.

      • unamused

        The words of wisdom! But why is her hideous face still on tv? The “sex symbol” is past her menapose.

    • don

      i have no problem with a powerful woman, just that her “power” is based on nothing but shallowness and was symbol of that cheapness for girls all over that idolize shallow BS. if she could play a guitar or not have her concerns be high heels and shitty movies with shitty sequels, etc. guys see this and it’s just to intellectual or likable. it’s symbolic of what’s wrong with america- gossip, being fake, fashion, unimportant qualities. gross qualties. sarah sucks.

    • Doug

      I am a straight man who really enjoyed sex and the city (the TV show, the movies in Mel Brook’s words “the quest for more money”). I liked Carrie she was quirky without being annoying, confindent without being stuck up. Her obsession with fashion was an important part of the show as I feel like it was intentionally over the top and I always saw humor in it as I just dont get why women lust after designer bags and shoes and here was the queen of the pack.
      As far as SJP herself, I think a lot of guys just find her unattractive and the fact that she stars in very female oriented media does not paint her in any better light.
      I like SJP, but I also like sex and the city and Charlotte was the standout in that show for many reasons, she was the most attactive (by far as time went on) the only one who was not casual about sex, which was a nice counterpoint to the other three ladies and she was a genuinely kind person which can be tough in NYC.
      Oh finally I did not like Aidan. He was a good guy but he was too much of a counterpoint to Carrie, adding him to the show never sat right with me, he was just so not NYC (or at least not Manhattan).

    • Nigel Tufnel

      I agree with Canonizer. No straight guy watched the show or the movies unless his wife changed the channel. I can’t stand anything about her, starting with her annoying lisp, her ratty hair and her emaciated yet muscular look, similar to how Madonna looks today. Her lack of talent restricts her to playing that same, neurotic, Jappy character she always plays. Yes, men do hate her.

    • shvep

      Shara is wonder !

    • johnny

      I don’t think it’s the fact that she’s ugly or has bad skin. I think most men could deal with a petite blonde with a fit body if she weren’t completely devoid of sex appeal. I mean there’s nothing there. If I wanted to lose an erection, I’d think of her while having sex. Yeah, it’s that bad.

      The show was a horror. A bunch of egotistical women, obsessed with fashion, and how much money men have. It shouldn’t have been called “Sex in the City”. It should have been called “Whores in the City who Don’t Get Charged with Prostitution”. Seriously, guys should have to watch this show before they commit to marriage because they will start to wonder, ” If this is what women are really like, I’d rather stick to one night stands and maybe consider hookers who have been checked for STDs.”

    • Roberto

      I don’t hate her (I admire her frankly. With about as much talent as the KArdishians sans the looks, she’ll bankroll more than all of us who commented put together. Where the heck can I sign up?!)

      I do hate the idea of her. I keep getting told how pretty she is and I am just not buying it. At all. She’s a manufactured sex icon who fails to appeal to the opposite sex. And judging from the opinions of other guys, I am not alone on this one.

    • tim barnes

      Guys can’t stand her because she is a sex symbol for ugly women.That ticked off scorn feminist BBW can have someone they feel represents them who is just as hideous.She has never been a sex symbol for men and it is shame that beautiful cannot get the recognition they deserve. Beautiful women rule and Sarah Jessica Horseface drools!!!All of the ugly women Hollyweird promote do not make them money.

    • Colleen Adams

      Well, I’m none the wiser. Half the men in the world are married to, or in relationships with women who are “”uglier”" than SJP….it has got to be something else,.,,,paricularly as few of them ever watched Sex and the City so it’s not that.

    • Sonya S. G

      For many women, SJP is a source of empowerment. We do not feel that we have to please men anymore, but that we can be happy on our own and explore other sources of joy and have fun. Men can only be one source of joy. Women, from the time they are little girls and until the time they die, love pretty clothes and different sorts of fashion. Dressing up is a way to show your creativity and for women with the greatest fashion sense, there is nothing more unattractive than a man with no appreciation for beauty except the beauty of a doll face with big huge breasts and a jiggly ass. Appreciating a woman’s fashion sense is a part of appreciating her as a person because it is a sign of her artistic sense as well.

      • rm

        What a generalization that is…and a crock. If you want to look intelligent here, why not be honest with yourself as a female human being.

        You’re going from one extreme to the other. All you women. To say you have to be subjected to oppressive male opinion when you haven’t shown any sign of wanting equal rights, only special rights. Then you’ll always live niavely, only to never be taken seriously.

    • Sonya S. G

      For many women, SJP is a source of empowerment. We do not feel that we have to please men anymore, but that we can be happy on our own and explore other sources of joy and have fun. Men can only be one source of joy. Women, from the time they are little girls and until the time they die, love pretty clothes and different sorts of fashion. Dressing up is a way to show your creativity and for women with the greatest fashion sense, there is nothing more unattractive than a man with no appreciation for beauty except the beauty of a doll face with big huge breasts and a jiggly ass. Appreciating a woman’s fashion sense is a part of appreciating her as a person because it is a sign of her artistic sense as well. Also, as one other person who posted mentioned, more than half of the women out there do not even look HALF as good as SJP does anyways. She is a 46 year old woman that looks stunning for her age despite having a long protruding nose on a narrow face. I walk outside and I see women everywhere. Sarah Jessica Parker may not be as sultry or voluptuous or dollish-looking as some other celebrities despite having the financial resources to make herself very much voluptuous and dollish, but she helps all women with all sorts of facial features avoid needless visits to the plastic surgeon. Some men are just so far behind their game that they post ridiculous nonsense about her and see her as the culprit for women not taking any interest IN THEM.

      • Average artist

        Listen as much as you believe men can only see ugly as a physical thing, it only proves you know nothing about men at all. If a girl had her looks, was a complete sweetheart, dressed in sweatpants and a t-shirt, and being a normal, aloof, life-loving girl, we would not consider her ugly. At this point you females should be doing the math. If you take those same looks, add in a “im the shit” attitude, a show that basically says empowered women drive themselves into debt and try and marry rich men, add in the “i dont care what you think of how i look yet i wear 40,000 dollars worth of designer shit everywhere i go” attitude, add in the fact that every movie she seems to be some shallow bitch wearing the same aforementioned overblown fashions, you have the maxim unsexiest woman in the world. I’ll say that she probably isnt as bad a person as most men (including me) think she is in real life, but her public image is that of a self-centered, materialistic, egomaniacal bitch. I dont really have a problem attracting women either, i play guitar in a band, so you know how that goes, so im not lashing out because im some loser who cant get laid, just pointing out the truth. Oh and im currently dating a feminist, so empowered women dont scare me, infact quite the opposite, im attracted to them.

    • Ben

      To sum it up: I don’t like the idea that I cannot find her ugly (which she is) and her character in SATC shallow without getting accused of being a sexist.

    • Alzon

      I don’t hate her personally and in fact I enjoyed Sex And the City very much. She ‘s not ugly imo . However what I do hate is her constant smoking cigarettes on the show. I assume she received some kick back for all the close ups of her lighting up a fag and blowing smoke. Surely she receives enough income from the show without endorsing this foul and disease inducing habit.Where is your social conscience Sarah ?

    • sue

      i thought that cartman off south park summed her up when he called her a “transvestite donkey witch!!”

    • straightguywhoneverwatchessexandthecity

      she is very beautiful
      some men hate what they can never have

      • rm

        Someone’s kissing ass.

    • ned

      she is so ugly , she looks like a foot to me and everybody else in the word . except you people !!!!!!!

    • rm

      She must have relatives in Hollywood or know someone of importance, because there is no plausible reason for her fame. Her acting is mediocre, and aside from her unfounded confidence, she is not attractive. Men hating her has nothing to do with her being successful on or off screen. She just doesn’t seem to deserve any of what has been given.

    • The Average American Male

      So you’re saying men don’t think she’s pretty because of her personality and her clothes?

      The simple truth is:

      Men find her unnattractive because she has an ugly face.

    • Reality Male

      I can’t think of anyone on Earth that embodies fakeness, arrogance, entitlement, unattractiveness , greed , and everything that is wrong with the world more than this hideous spoiled princess . People from other countries look at her show and think most American women aspire to emulate this horrible woman . Any woman that can’t see why men hate her is totally out of touch with what is attractive in the real world as far as men’s desires go.
      She is only attractive to 75 year old investment bankers from Long Island who have wives that look like Leona Helmsley and summer in the Hamptons without them . Materialistic , unattractive , social climber , Liberal Fake feminist that pushers crazy agendas and foists beliefs that dont apply to her.

    • Ana

      I can’t believe I liked her before. The more I watch movies with her, the more I can’t stand her. She can’t act. She plays the same character over and over. The same voice, gestures, character, hair, clothes… And, yes, she’s ugly… her face, her legs. She’s so bony that she can easily play mommy without any make-up. It bothers me when she plays sexy girls because there is nothing sexy about her.

    • Renata

      U just have to shut your face.
      SJP is great, i don’t care she loves fashion so much, ( and i have 110 pair of shoes )but that ‘s only her caratcer u idiot. i wonder which kind of face u have. i want to take off every man’s balls because one of them cheat on me because i would not have been a good wife, like suck dick , clean and cook. what all of man think what a fuck woman are? are we your slaves?
      fuck u all man!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      i ‘d be rather a lesbian a eat pussy than be with a guy again,
      fuck u all.

    • Dorkus_Amorkus

      My husband hates her because he hates her voice and says that she seems like a phony. He’s never seen a single episode of SITC. Neither have I. Couldn’t stand her back in L.A. Story. Thought she was not attractive enough to play the energetic cutesy young blonde they were trying to portray her as.

    • Jo mama

      It wouldn’t matter how obnoxious she is if she was more conventionally attractive. Men will endure endless pure insanity or obscene stupidity for a woman as long as she’s smoking

    • Yes

      Ehm, men just think she is ugly.

    • Honey

      Yes!! Finally someone who agrees with me! I’m a girl, and I’ve gone crazy over shoes too (nevermind the fact that i’m 16, all my money comes from my mom, and “going crazy” means spending 20bucks -half my budget- on some stilettos that were on sale and were way too high for me ever to be able to walk in).
      I’m ok with a character/person loving fashion. It’s normal. But all SJP or her characters personalities seem to be is what they wear…

    • Anon

      She’s not the prettiest woman out there. I’ve seen far less attractive women. For men, I think it’s the size and shape of her nose plus the closeness of her eyes. Note that most women considered “attractive” have opposite qualities.

    • Jasmine

      Woah, you totally don’t understand her character in SATC!

      “I put a bird in my hair for him.” was meant as a joke – like if I said about new years eve “I wore a duck on my head, for crist sake!” because the night did not turn out the way I wanted.

      The sweater was hers and I understand holding on to an item for sentimental values.

      She also Loved Bergers novel and the scrunchie was the ONLY bad thing she could think of, and she said herself that she wished she hadn’t mentioned it, right after she said it. OH, and she did not nearly dump him because of the hat – but because of all the issues that got them to that point (I cannot believe anyone interpreted it that way!)

      The Russian and the poetry was (to me) also sweet, as it shows a her bubly personality and even the russian thought it was cute (he did buy her the dress because she thought it was as beautiful as poetry) .. So I guess it is how you interpret things!

      I think you favor Charlotte because you are a very simple minded guy, you see their actions rather than what lies in the background. You actually remind me of all the guys who misunderstand their girlfriends all the time because you cannot grasp an action can be a symbol for something else – most women are NOT upfront about things.

      Like Adrian tell Carrie her breath is bad and that is why he wont kiss her, when in fact it is because he is still hurt about the cheating.

      I see why you like Charlotte, she is sweet and there is not much depth to her personality – she does not have a lot of flaws or querkyness – she is meant to be the “perfect” womanly, fragile mothertype of the four.

      • JASMINE


        at least you got the profound metaphor of the SATC…thank you for having a brain…not like the one who wrote this article…sooooo IDIOT, SERIOUSLY!

    • Dan

      She’s ridiculous with the clothes and shoes. Seems like a psychological compensation for a shortcoming. Clothes don’t make the woman. Most men could care less. If anything she comes off very shallow and superficial

    • cyril walsh

      Its because she is an ugly c*nt

    • sickofOmom

      charlotte is, by far, my favorite but i honestly love samantha for her masculine sexuality (i totally identify w/ this) & miranda for her non-emotional approach to everything. i DON’T identify w/ this but i envy her for it! ok, I’d be lying if i said i don’t enjoy SJP in the show for her overall ‘cuteness’, quirkiness & of course love of fashion. But, gaaaawwwd there are some episodes that i watch where i want to throw the remote at her face on the screen. she is SO incredibly neurotic, insecure, & needy (her character), that it makes me uncomfortable. this article was amazing & totally nailed it. it was making me giggle too:)