The Family That Facelifts Together Stays Together

My mom and I bond. She sends me lots of videos of kittens frolicking; I let her know how cute they were. Sometimes we go to the spa and get pedicures together. But obviously my mom and I aren’t really that close, because we haven’t gotten cosmetic surgery together like Christie Brinkley and Alexa Ray Joel just did. I know that both the ladies are going through some hard times right now – Christie had that whole “douchey husband cheating and making sex tape with teenaged assistant” fiasco, and Alexa had the “bad breakup and possible suicide attempt” thing – so, hey, I guess they thought this would help them both feel better?

Star reports that the two had mother/daughter procedures: a mini-facelift for Christie and a nosejob for Alexa. This is exactly like when my mom picks out the Iridescent Rose shade and I pick Bronze Medal! Except that we can’t bond with each other while checking each others’ facial bandages. It’s beautiful, really, if you think about it.

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    • Jen Dziura

      Oh! Alexa Ray! If I were a dude, I would kill to get with her. That nosejob is going to be a tragedy of Jennifer Grey proportions.

    • Alexandra Stone

      Facelifts and nose jobs really need to be tailored to the individual in order to look natural! And no one else should influence your decision to get cosmetic surgery: