• Mon, May 3 2010

The Beauty of a (Seriously) Good Prom Dress

Check out the selection offered up recently in the LA Times (at left). That’s some classy shit! That’s some almost-too-classy-to-lose-your-v-card shit, taking away the true meaning of prom…

But seriously. I remember the whole prom dress game, but for me, I’m pleased to report that it ended quite well. Being from Boston, all I wanted as a teenager was to shop on the painfully hip Newbury Street, about 20 minutes away from my quaint suburb. Naturally, I already spent as much time as was humanly possible (what with my buse high school schedule and all), but never could I ever afford to buy anything.

Well, all that changed the day that my mother took me prom dress shopping. Bless her heart, as she has more of a down-to-earth, hippie aesthetic going on, it must have pained her to no end that her daughter only wanted to shop amongst the Burberry crowd. That, and I must admit that we are both guilty of loving a bargain.

But anyway, she took me to Newbury Street, and in the end, we were able to find something that pleased us both — it was from a trendy boutique, and it was on sale. Win-win! And that memory is the reason why seeing these dresses pictured at right makes me so happy. Because they are what a prom dress should be — stylish, classy, expressive of the young lady’s personality, and unique. And not entirely unaffordable. And with no cut-outs on the side. And yes, a little sexy — as this night often marks the transition into womanhood…

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