10 Reasons Lindsay Lohan Could Never Play Kate Moss In a Movie

According to Showbizspy, Lindsay Lohan wants to reinvigorate her career by playing Kate Moss in a film. After we stopped laughing hysterically, we at TheGloss came up with a list of reasons why LiLo could never, ever even come close to being as awesome as Kate.

  • Kate Moss dated Johnny Depp. Lindsay Lohan dated Wilmer Valderrama.
  • Kate Moss did blow and kept getting steady modeling work. Lindsay Lohan did blow, and … well, not so much.
  • Kate Moss can wear anything. Lindsay Lohan seems to think that leggings are appropriate attire for any situation.
  • Kate Moss has been on the cover of pretty much every fashion magazine ever. Lindsay Lohan is more likely to be spotted on the cover of In Touch after getting drunk and throwing things at a photographer.
  • Kate Moss sometimes poses nude for photoshoots. Lindsay Lohan shows people her crotch for free without trying to pass it off as high art.
  • Kate Moss has designed successful collections for Topshop and Longchamp. Lindsay Lohan got fired from her “job” at Ungaro.
  • Kate Moss’ parents are two normal-seeming people named Peter and Linda. Lindsay Lohan’s parents are the worst people on earth. [Editor's note: this one is not really Lindsay's fault.]
  • Kate Moss is friends with Sadie Frost. Lindsay Lohan is friends with her sister Ali.
  • Kate Moss reportedly earns as much as $9 million a year. Lindsay Lohan is reportedly in a fuckton of credit card debt.
  • Kate Moss throws her assistants lavish baby showers. Lindsay Lohan chases her assistants down in her car.
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