This Is Why Lederhosen Should Not Be A Trend

Lederhosen! They’re so hip right now. Rihanna is wearing them! So is Miley Cyrus! Designers are making them, and so is Zara!

We don’t like them because for us, they conjure up distinct visions of certain murderous dictators.


They make people  look like Hitler.

We don’t think we actually need to say any more than that.

Though if we wanted to, we could also point out that they’ll make you look like Miley Cyrus.

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    • claudio

      I agree with you about the lederhosen but i definitely think the mustache should be a trend. I can totally see Rihanna wearing one!

    • Klaus

      So anything German-related is automatically associated with Hitler and Nazis? Is everything Jewish related associated with money grubbing as well? You’re a twat and this post is utter shit~

    • Bavarese

      Clearly the most uninformed piece of scribble I’ve seen in a long time. I reckon your fellow countrymen buying real and plastic Lederhosen on the occasion of the Oktoberfest (“the beer fest” as they are wont to call it) wear them to pay homage to Mr Hitler, don’t they? Your logic follows the line of: Connection with Hitler = bad; hence we deduct: Hitler used phones, cars, razor blades, bog roll and wore shirts, socks, shoes and hats. Therefore, millions of people around the world commuting to work and communicating with each other whilst dressed in what has been established as pretty standard clothing, are obviously Nazis. Oh dear…
      If you don’t think the garb fashionable, say so, but don’t for crying out loud, snub Germans or, to be more precise, Bavarians or people who think differently because you don’t have the capacity to come up with a better argument against something that is essentially down to taste. Besides, de gustibus non disputandum.