Adorable Newborn Panda Excellent At Being Adorable

Here are some things I am pretty sure adorable newborn baby pandas would say if they could talk:

- Let’s be friends!

- I love to cuddle

- More hugs, everyone!

- I do not like these new laws in place in Arizona.

- Snuggling is my favorite thing to do.

-Sometimes I get cold. Can you help move me to a sunny spot?

- I think pants are overrated.

- Can we bake some cookies for Grandma and Grandpa?

- In my past life, I was a rainbow.

- I am the cutest thing you have ever seen! I am not narcissistic. I am factual.

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    • Trilby

      He is cute fer sure, but I always think a newborn animal is thinking “Shit! I’m a _____!”