• Tue, May 11 2010

Food Is Fashionable: Is This Hamburger Dress Hilarious Or Horrible?

I’m posting this dress in honor of the fact that May is National Hamburger Month. However, I can’t decide if this dress is kitschy-cute a la Katy Perry or if it’s a badly conceived garment you shouldn’t even wear on Halloween. Thoughts?

[Via What the Cool]

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  • canonizer


  • beth

    I would totally wear it on halloween or to a dress up party! In fact, this may have given me an idea for my next halloween costume..

    • Jennifer Wright

      That is a brilliant idea. And the perfect way to break me out of my “oh, I’m wearing a black dress, I’m Holly Golightly” Halloween rut without having to make something elaborate. Fuck it being May. I’m buying one now.