Why I (Really, Seriously, Truly) Hate Carrie Bradshaw

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I was in college when Sex and the City premiered on HBO. I was a kid from New Hampshire who had dreams of moving to New York City, so the designer clothes, the openness about sex, and the on again/off again relationship between Carrie and Mr. Big lured me in for six whole seasons. I was 20 years old when the “iconic,” and I use this term loosely, show started, and twenty-six when it ended. I was a writer who was moving to New York City after graduation; I was obviously, Carrie. And of course, I could take my three closest friends at the time and pigeonhole them in the roles of the slut (Samantha), the prude (Charlotte), and the career driven redhead (Miranda). In life women can only be one of four possible types, right? Right!

As I type this, I am living in New York City. I’ve been here for seven years, and although I am technically a freelance writer, I, shockingly, don’t have Carrie’s apartment, wardrobe, footwear, or Big…weird, because I really thought that’s how it was going to be. No, I joke! If I really thought that, I’d never admit to it, and if I did, I’d jump from my fire escape.

At thirty-two years old, I hate Carrie Bradshaw. When I see episodes now, I cringe. How could such an idiotic, needy twit be the basis for such a successful and long-running show? If that weren’t enough, how could she spawn not one but two hideous, over the top pathetic attempts at cinema type movies!? Someone tell me!

So I’ve broken down the reasons why I hate, actually abashedly loathe, Carrie Bradshaw:

Carrie sucks at love. To quote a friend, “Carrie treated Aidan like shit.” After being treated like a piece of trash by Mr. Big for so many seasons, she decided to do the same to Aidan: she cheated on him, lied to him (about everything from her smoking habits to her abortion in her twenties), and after breaking his heart, went and did it again. Aidan adored her beyond belief (why, we’ll never know), but she, stereotypically, went for the “bad boy” in Big. To use her words, she was addicted to the “exquisite pain of wanting someone so unattainable,” so she sabotaged a potentially amazing relationship with the type of man the majority of us dream about…and for what? Big and his money? A walk-in closet for all her heinous shoes she can’t even afford? Man up, Bradshaw! Falling for the bad boy is cute at sixteen, and maybe even eighteen, but when you’re mid to late thirties, it’s just sad. Get a sense of yourself and quit being a twit.

Carrie sucks at money management. This is where most people who know me might say “people in glass houses…,” but at least I know I can’t manage money. I also know I can’t afford those stupid Jimmy Choos, so I’m not going to buy them anyway and then expect my friends to bail me out of my financial crisis later in life. Shoe addiction is not okay! It’s sad and a crutch, just like all addictions, and should be treated with the same extreme intervention as coke or heroin addiction. Bullying Charlotte into giving you her engagement ring so you can pay off your debts is pretty pathetic Carrie…even I wouldn’t sink that low, bitch.

Carrie sucks at fashion. Yes, I’m sorry, but Carrie Bradshaw dresses like a moron. It’s fun to pretend she’s so daring and innovative in her style choices, but she’s not. She dresses like a six-year-old who was let loose in a drag queen’s closet, and when she came out, her mom clapped and shrieked: “she’s so original!” If I ever saw a woman dressed like that either here in the city, or anywhere else in the world, I’d throw a Twinkie at them, tell them to take a long look in the mirror and eat a damn carb for a change. Yes, I keep Twinkies on me for such occasions.

Carrie sucks at writing. YES! How it is anyone decided that this woman should get paid to be a writer, I’ll never understand. I realize that Carrie is based on Candace Bushnell, and since I don’t read that type of swill, I can’t comment on her lack of talent, but I can say that the fictional version can’t write. I write better when I’m hungover and tied to a lamppost without access to my hands. Anyone who takes life advice from those columns of hers needs to have their head examined stat…there is nothing poignant, thought-provoking or even educational in her rambling. My ass, Vogue paid you $4 a word.

Carrie sucks at friendship. Ms. Bradshaw is the most self-involved person in the world. No matter what issue arises in the lives of her friends, she immediately makes it about her. Charlotte can’t conceive? Well, let’s see how I can make this about me and Mr. Big. Miranda’s in love with a poor bartender? Well, let’s see how I can make this about how I’m a whore and ruined a marriage. We’re talking about a woman who, when her shoes were stolen from a friend’s baby shower, went and “registered” for a new pair…after bitching and moaning for the entire episode that singles never get any gifts after graduation. Shut up! What do you think birthdays are for, Carrie? The friend, who was played by Tatum O’Neal while she was briefly sane, actually has the nerve to tell Carrie that $485 is an irresponsible amount to spend on shoes…forcing Carrie to huff and puff like a spoiled brat, again, making it all about her and her needs. Not once does it cross Carrie’s mind that maybe she’s in the wrong, that she’s the one who needs a reality check. Gag.

Simply, Carrie sucks at life. I get that it’s a TV show (and now two movies) and not steeped in reality, and the whole entertainment factor is key, but is it really entertaining to watch cliché after cliché? At the time, Sex and the City was something new; it took cable television to a whole new level and helped paved the way for so many amazing shows that followed (“Sopranos,” “Six Feet Under”), but it also sort of set women back, Carrie in particular. Her inability to see things clearly, her lack of self control and responsibility, her complete dependency on a man (all the while constantly decrying how much she didn’t need a man) and her total disregard for the importance of friendship and how it needs to be a two-way street makes Carrie a horrible role model for women the world over. And for that I hate her. I don’t hate her enough to let it keep me up at night, but I do hate her enough that I’m prone to throw things at the posters for Sex and the City 2.

So should you find yourself on the streets of New York and happen to witness an angry girl throwing a Twinkie at a poster of Carrie, don’t fret, it’s just me expressing my inner turmoil. Carrie once threw a Big Mac at Big, so throwing things have been all the rage ever since, right? Right.

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    • littlekaren

      BRAVO! Bra. VO. I can’t even tell you how evilly thrilled I am to read of your venomous hatred of Carrie B., and your general scorn for the show. Now, of course, I cannot tell my friends how whole-heartedly I agree with you because, you know, the show is so AWESOME and they’d all gang-pile me while trying not to scuff their $800 shoes. But a huge, secret THANK YOU, my new very best friend, Amanda.

    • Amanda Chatel

      Thanks, Little Karen! I do have a section of friends who would also “gang-pile” me (a term I plan to use as many times as possible today, thank you!) if I were to ruin brunch with such a topic. But I have to say, finally getting all that hatred out was very therapeutic…I feel like a new woman and surprisingly, it didn’t take a pair of $800 shoes to do it.

    • sfbirdie

      This is precisely everything I hate about Carrie Bradshaw. Thank you for putting into words what I’ve been thinking for so many years.

      I can remember watching SATC a few years back and, all of the sudden, thinking “Wow, Carrie Bradshaw is the most narcissistic character I’ve ever seen. I can’t believe I’m watching this.” It was a very clarifying moment.

    • jane d.

      Agreed. I don’t understand why it took me years after the fact to see Carrie for what she really is: a narcissistic skank. I guess it was that Carrie/Big dynamic that kept me coming back for more.

    • samo1234

      I’m pretty sure the show’s writers intended for Carrie to provoke some of those emotions in viewers. I don’t think they wrote her as an adorable, faultless character. She’s narcissistic, needy and irresponsible — duh! Anyone who watches the show for more than an episode knows that. Also, she treated Aidan like shit after she herself was treated like shit — that’s the point. I think the fact they made her such a bad writer was totally done on purpose. Her newspaper is supposed to be a NY Post-type, which is awful but ‘juicy’ (Ashley Dupree is a columnist, for god sake).
      Your gripes are kinda dumb, short-sighted and angry-sounding.

      • elderlypornstar


        Meee-ow! Don’t get your party dress all in a bunch…

      • Chastity

        ^retire already. ew

      • Amanda Chatel

        Dear samo1234:

        I’m merely stating my opinion on Carrie Bradshaw. You clearly feel otherwise and I respect that…I would never say your opinions on the topic, or any topic for that matter, are “dumb” or “short-sighted”…however, I will give you “angry-sounding.”

        Again, we’re all entitled to our opinions and thanks so much for sharing your positive feedback!

      • Cher

        Totally agree. I don’t like Carrie at all but that’s the point. That’s where the writing is good. This writer sounds so silly/angry – I hardly think she’s paid to write. Holy passive aggressive!

      • Sanju

        Actually, this is all wrong. If Carrie had been purposely written as a flawed character then the show would make her a) suffer the consequences for being flawed, and b) would allow other characters to call her out on her bs WITHOUT getting proven wrong for criticizing her.

        Ugh, I feel like stupid people shouldn’t be allowed to have opinions.

    • elderlypornstar

      Extremely well done. I detest the devastating effects Sex and the City has had on our city. Brunch used to be about having some eggs and a bloody mary. Now it stands for single girls in brunch dresses re-hashing their lives as single coquettes in the city. Fuck you Carrie Bradshaw, and the investment banker you rode in on.

      • NelsonAnd Anais Rodriguez

        This is quite possibly the funniest comment of all time! You win the internet!

    • erin

      Even if the show’s writers did intend for the Carrie character to come across as imperfect, I think their message was lost on many of the 20-somethings traipsing around New York who fancy themselves little Carrie Bradshaw’s. Now we all get to deal with the consequences of the materialistic, self-involved generation that this show has spawned. Fun!

    • canonizer

      I mean, the fact that you were all so long Blinded By The Bradshaw must in some way indicate why the show was immensely popular. It’d be nice to say (ie, lie) retroactively that you never had any interest or admiration for her but it’s simply not true. Rethinking your original position doesn’t change the tenure of the original position.


    • shannoninatl

      After reading this article/blog, which you obviously put so much time and thought into I am left with a some what, I believe, obvious question. If you loathe this character as much as you say you do, how is it her actions, life, ideals and shoe collection (which I think you secretly covet) have managed to occupy your, obviously intelligent, mind for so long? There are so many other TV/Movie characters that defy human belief (MacLovin, Ferris Bueller, Forrest Gump). You ever hear the saying “Me thinks he doth protest to much”(or something to that effect, as I am not a professional writer like you I am apt to mis quote. I believe Carrie Bradshaw is a woman you would aspire to emulate if only there were a real world to emulate her in, secretly of course…and I would never ever spill the beans to any one about you aspirations…..I promise.
      Now Miranda is some one worthy of our admiration. To love a man with only one testicle and to raise a child knowing the ridicule it will face having a father with only one testicle is simply miraculous….
      (Please do not castigate/castrate me as I write this tongue-and-cheek as I believe you have written yours)
      I only hope I have contributed something worthy of your time.

    • where the style things are

      I also came of age during the Carrie years, and I remember being so enthralled with her and her life. Now, I watch it and sometimes I have to turn it off – she’ s just so needy! But, to be truthful, she did hold a standard that I aspired to, which got me to where I am….26, living in a tiny NY apartment with just my shoes and ketchup, getting paid minimum wage to do the work of 12 people. AWESOME!

    • mctdoyle

      Nope, not a better writer than Bradshaw (as much as is revealed on the show), or, I’d wager, most anyone who considers him/herself a writer. Using “Right? Right!” like an inane cheerleader twice in one article speaks of a less-than-witty editorial voice. And you are aware that a space exists between an ellipsis and a word?

      • willa

        Awww! Squires doesn’t understand sarcasm! How sad for him or her or it!
        I love Carrie Bradshaw, but I have enough class to not hit below the belt just because someone doesn’t agree with me on the subject. Class, Squires, get some.

        P.S. “There is no space between the ellipsis and the preceding word…”

    • dcb123

      Cute article. I’m glad my friend sent me the link, as I also hate Carrie Bradshaw. However, I think you give Carrie the bum’s rush. For all her wrongs, Carrie was in the right to whine about ‘friend’ who wouldn’t pay for $495 shoes. That episode was all about life choices, and friend’s choice to get married and have shower after shower was her choice. Carrie supported it, begrudgingly. When the shoes go missing, Tatum offers to pay until she hears the price … then she turns judgmental. The situation wasn’t that Tatum was poor or couldn’t afford to replace Carrie’s shoes, its that she acted all pious and scornful to the idea that Carrie would ‘frivolously’ spend on herself, instead of her husband/home/kids/family. Tatum got the point in the end. Also, Carrie never bullied Char. into selling her ring, guilted maybe, but not bullied. What I hate about Carrie is she is supposed to be a with it sex columnist, but she’s really an overly romantic prude. I mean, this is the woman who had hangups about a bisexual boyfriend, watersports, and analingus. She even got all judgey when Sam explored lesbianism. I’m not saying she should be into EVERYthing, but she seemed awfully sheltered for sex columnist in NYC.

    • eastcoastgirl

      Dear Amanda,
      A former Manhattanite–Ivy educated, beautiful, pulled-together, a journalist with the best international newspapers–I can tell you that I never lived this kind of life of dreary materialism, neurotic self-loathing, friends-who-secretly-hate-you, and depressing promiscuity…..and I felt I was “New York” in the best, spirited sense of the word. I too lived in a closet (Tudor City) and I too had the worries of any one out to forge their path of grandeur in life…..I kept my head together, my principles in tact, I had two major relationships with wonderful, high educated men with great manners and compassion (resulting in one marriage proposal that I did turn down..) It is all possible when you carve out a solid intellectual and cultural niche, and stay away from negative, spirit-sucking, intellect-vaporizing friends.
      Out of a sheer sense of affinity with Europe, I moved, seven years ago, to Europe, to a major (and expensive) world capital. Knew no one here, mae friends/contacts through WORK (always the best, even better when it is a passion), and met and fell in love with the man I am now engaged to. Again: I kept a clear focus, kept myself in top health and always beautiful; on solo evenings/weekends (which for some time were constant) I learned my new language, read great books I always wanted to, attended gorgeous art exhibits. I acted like the city was mine. Always well dressed, I didn’t have some absurd clothing budget, and often wore “H & M” that I was told “looked like Chanel” (all in how you carry it, I suppose!)….My point is….Go forth and conquer! It is all possible–but you have to have the mature, focused, polished personality that will bring “the best” to you. Watching what I think is such an immensely idiotic show (that I saw only on planes to and from the States), women should be careful to see those characters as somehow an “ideal” or even some kind of cutural standard. They are awful–lewd, crude, not funny, not lovely, not intelligent (when did we ever see any of them reading The Wall Street Journal or buy a serious work of literature?)…My “fear” is that young women will be “poisoned” by the cynicism of the characters (never mind the silly spending) and that is too bad. It is very important to see this stuff as it really is: garbage, marketed to women’s insecurity, not their sense of self, not their intelligence, and certainly not to their emotional and relationship well being.

      • Stine

        Wow. This comment was astronomically more annoying to read than any episode of Sex and the City.

      • bigheaded

        Articulate yes, but full of yourself much? Almost as obnoxious a reply as the character for which the article was written.

      • Sanju

        Thank you so much. I’m the 20-something version of you (though I’m a non-Ivy corporate lawyer, not a journalist – and I live in Tudor City too!) and I agree with you 100%. I keep saying that our standard of conduct, and what it means to be a lady, has fallen lower than ever before and shows like SATC prove that.

    • Eileen

      I am seriously so excited to discover this post. This is how I’ve felt through three years of college roommates and sisters who enjoy this show. Thanks for letting me know I’m not the only one.

    • Vi

      I’m a 32-year-old woman, moving to NYC this fall, and I’ve never even managed to sit through one entire episode of this virulent garbage. What in the world was up with you all, that you were even fans at one time? The whole lifestyle portrayed in that show was just glossy, candy-coated shit. I have never understood it or been able to stomach it, and that makes me question my femininity at times. I don’t feel superior or inferior to fans (or former fans), just totally perplexed by the appeal.

    • NYViva

      Hilarious article and very tongue-in-cheek, I suppose. I’m a native New Yorker, currently living in Virginia (and can’t wait to eventually return home), who Sex in the City, for character of New York. The scenery is what made me tune in on a regular basis because I’m constantly homesick.

      As for the humans in the show; I found Carrie totally pathetic and an absolute twit, Miranda very selfish, Samantha complete degrading, and Charlotte was cute. The characters were not worth a moment of time, but the setting of NY, and much of what I love and miss about it, is what did it for me.

      Oh, by the way, I worked in New York City radio in the mid-90′s. I had an incredible salary plus bonuses…and had a decent sized 1bdr apartment on W.56th between 8th and 9th. However, despite the good salary, there is no way in Hades I could afford Carries wardrobe (especially at retail) and her unlimited Manolo’s. It’s not real, not for someone in a profession as hers…unless there’s a serious Sugar Daddy in the mix, and he has to be along the lines of Donald Trump.

      • Amanda Chatel

        Thank you, NYViva! You are one of the few people who seemed to have read my tone correctly, and you clearly, have a sense of humor…

      • Grade Eight Girl

        your humour ‘sucks’, so does your vocab. An undergrad on speed could articulate prettier shite than this lol

    • Jamie

      Bravo indeed, littlekaren! This article really hit the nail on the head! Carrie pretends to be a thoughtful, nice person but she is a self-obsessed, narcissistic bitch! One thing you left out is how smug and patronising she came across in the episode ‘Splat’. Her Vogue editor asks her why she, a 30-something year old woman, is dating a 50-something year old man, leaving other single 50-year old women with no dates- THE LOOK ON CARRIE’S FACE! She should have been slapped. Her confidence and arrogance is worst than Samantha’s. Also, her friendship skills are atrocious! She just doesn’t care! She never gives advice…it’s always a hmm..yeh-looking-down-sad-face-can-we-now-move-on-I-got-these-shoes-for-my-new-date’. VILE CHARACTER!

    • Rose

      Bravo! Your right, Great analysis! So I really don’t live in a big city. I live in a small town in Germany and many women here are trying to copy Carrie, but thats wrong, just like you say that Carrie is “a horrible role model for women the world over”.
      greeeat! :) well done!

    • Leah

      I wonder if your sort of slow recognition of your hatred for her is common. I used to be a huge SITC fan in it’s hay day, and now I’m horrified by it. I don’t know if it’s something that happens when you get older, or if there was something about that point in time that caused so many women to like the show, but I bet if you talked to a lot of old fans about it now they’d have different opinions.

      I also wish that the first thing I could ask a new potential friend was “So, were you happy that Carrie ended up with Big?” so I could know to avoid people who thought THAT relationship was healthy.

      • Eileen

        I actually am glad they ended up together – they were both such awful significant others that it’s good to have them taken out of the dating pool. Normal, non-assholes should not be subjected to dates with the likes of them.

      • malmn

        No, rather then get married the adult and healthy thing to do was to stay single, work on their issues and then get back into the dating world to find healthy partner. But no. Doing the right thing does not get TV ratings.

    • Marissa

      wow! i checked this out after reading a comment recommendation to do so, and i can’t believe how passionate some people are in defending carrie bradshaw. get a grip people! she’s a fictional character written and created by men. yes, she’s inspired by candace bushnell, but the show is very different from the column/book.

      the female obsession with her saw only pretty and stylish, and we identified her as an every(wo)man, despite the fact that she was so incredibly vapid. it’s fitting that we loved her when we were in our most self-absorbed stage in life.

      luckily, most people grow up and realize that you would never want to be a writer who can only make puns, a self-absorbed friend who constantly has a self-created crisis, and a fashionista who has no savings. again…not a truly strong woman…just a cliched portrait of a new york socialite with little goals in life other than getting paid to write/think/be self-absorbed.

      • malmn

        The problem is that some, actually many, don’t grow up (That includes my ex-fiancee (34) and y last girlfriend (32) – I’m obviously going after the wrong girls). Go take a look at POF.com for lots of examples!!!

        It’s very clear that our modern society is going through a narcissistic epidemic and TV shows like this only fuel the problem.

    • Stephanie and her sort of funny blog

      You Really, Seriously, Truly Hate Carrie Bradshaw.
      I seriously really seriously hate a lot of things, too. Even make angry letters to them.

      I think we all thought it was novel, or cool, when we were younger. Remember how awesome ‘Married With Children’ used to be? Have you watched it lately? Cheeeeese-balls.

      It’s a matter of maturity and perspective I think.
      And I think you just forced me to realize that *I* often tie comments back to how I relate to them.

      Jeez, I’m a bitch! (Okay, okay, I already knew that).

    • Ugh

      I agree. I hate this character more than anything. I watch the show and find myself with the overwhelming urge to jump through the screen and rip her narcissistic head off. I think I keep watching because we all have a friend like her. You know, the one who only calls you when she wants something or wants to bitch about her own problems, but is never truly there for you when you need her. The one that no one really likes, but we keep her around just because you feel bad for her.

      I truly, whole-heartedly despise ALL Carrie Bradshaws.

    • nevia

      great analysis! thank you! I still like the show, it’s pure escapism, fun and fluffy. but I loathe Carrie! I like the other women though, they’re exaggerated of course, made into caricatures, but it works in the show. it’s just a show. but Carrie is not an exaggeration, she was supposed to be this leveled modern urban woman, a glue that ties them all together or sth like that. what a fail…

      • Mary J. Berry

        This show is a terrible representation of women who are single and live in a big city. Most women myself included are appalled at this character’s behaviour toward her so called friends and her attitude with respect to her affairs with men. Carrie Bradshaw is just an immature girl who has no fashion sense whatsoever, however she gets the money to pay for her extravagant shoe fetish. It couldn’t be that her books pay that well, and column in newspaper/magazines pay just a little. Her commentary during the show/movies is suppose to be pithy and full of insight but just sounds bitchy.The only character who has achieved a semblance of maturity is Miranda who juggles career, motherhood and family responsibility the way most women do.
        That being said the show does have great fashion, and some laughs if you try to keep it in perspective…..

    • Lara

      I found this today after re-watching the show and being so emotionally terrorized by her character that I just had to type in, “I hate Carrie”. Brilliant. I will be the first to admit that this is my guilty-pleasure show, but that doesn’t mean a character like Carrie should be allowed to run rampant or even encouraged. I’m not asking for amazing role models on a glitzy show about fashion and sex, but it seems like whenever people (Miranda) comment on Carrie’s ridiculous choices, they immediately revoke them and the person in question ends up apologizing. And shortly after, when her life goes to Hell again, everyone’s left confused and genuinely shocked. The argument that a “girly” show doesn’t need to be taken seriously seems only half true to me. We don’t need Wonder Woman, but it’d be nice for the skank to be held accountable once and a while. I found this show late, so I can’t speak for having watched it while I was young, but for those who did – the very fact that you see her idiocy now means you’re more mature than whoever wrote this character in (presumably) the middle years of their life. ANYHOW, this post was great. Thanks! <3

    • Dan

      My Fiancée is watching Sex and The City, the first film, after the entire series on a DVD box set, I never used to watch it, though saw the odd episode and thought it was OK, I myself have noted most of the points you made here as well after seeing some and hearing the rest.

      I just typed ‘carrie bradshaw idiot’ into Google to see if others agreed!

      Another truly awful role model for women, selfish, stupid, conceited, spending and encouraging others to spend all their money on shoes as if its a good thing to do on limited finance, constantly whining about men and going on about deadlines, she only seems to have to write a load of unanswered questions once a week.

      Truly, truly awful, perhaps we are coming to the end of society that had any cultural significance after all! Maybe (and most likely) it is written like this deliberately, that doesn’t make it any better or excusable, I just wish this stuff wasn’t popular, its so inane.

    • JC

      I just never thought Carrie and Big had any chemistry, compatibility or anything in common. He’s a successful businessman and she was simply a scarily underweight needy skank. I cannot see someone like Big wanting a real relationship with someone like Carrie other than cheap sex. I suppose the producers were sending that message through the fact that he wouldn’t commit to Carrie and married a classy model at one point. The ending of the show and the movies where he finally committed to her were unrealistic.

    • Ruthy

      Thank you so much for writing this article! After years of refusing to watch the dreaded SITC i finally gave in and after enjoying the first few episodes, thanks to their easy viewing style, I realised that I hate it! How is it possible that 3 such annoying women (miranda, carrie and charlotte, sorry i quite enjoy samantha’s cynical attitude) can be the basis of a world famous and much loved television programme. They encourage women to be nothing but boring, neurotic, self obsessed, self indulgent and unfortunately stupid people. This article has proved that the whole world has not had the wool pulled over its eyes so thank you, thank you, thank you!

    • lola

      what a fantastic rant.
      i used to be a massive fan of the show…until the movies. and until i WOKE UP and i started to actually question the show itself, the message it spreads, how carrie earns a wage just writing about her (boring) life problems while living and dressing like THAT? all this questioning has led me to hating carrie’s character for the very same reasons that you have outlined above. well done, i enjoyed reading and agreeing with your post.

    • Alicia

      I love this show. I like the fluff, the fact that it takes no brains to watch, and that it’s cheesy as all get out. I love AND hate the character Carrie Bradshaw. I like this article mainly, but I think the bit involving Candace Bushnell was unfair. You admit you’ve never read anything she’s written, but you call her type of writing ‘swill.’ I have read her writing, and I won’t say it’s not swill. However, since I’ve actually read books by her, my opinion isn’t just based on my hatred for a character that is very different from the original Carrie in the Sex and the City book.

    • whatsaysyou

      Thank you for this lovely blog post explaining what you hate about Carrie Bradshaw and I just want to give you a round of applause for that. As an anti-Sex and the City fan, I too dislike the show and Carrie Bradshaw. She is everything that is wrong and a negative depiction of a modern and educated woman. She is not just materialistic, selfish, nasty and ill-mannered but also Carrie is a homewrecker who has the cheek to go and have an affair with Mr. Big who happens to be a married man (oh yes, don’t forget that Carrie even destroyed Mr. Big’s marriage to Natasha by ruining Natasha’s happiness). That is not all, Carrie always sinks to a low by not recognising the fact that Mr. Big is only taking her for ride and being disrespectful to her. She can claim she is in love with Mr. Big and all nonsense but I am sorry to say this (Carrie Bradshaw fans will kill me for this but who cares): Carrie’s relationship with Mr. Big is unhealthy and is considered harmful if she and Mr. Big are real people in this non-fictional world. Last but not least, you are not the one who wrote a blog post about why you hate Carrie Bradshaw.

    • LilyEvansMagic

      I think your jealous, because you wanted her life, didn’t get it so your mad and resentful. It’s like how when Carrie and Big are seperated in the first movie and Carrie reads Charlottes daughter a fairytale she tries to expain to the daughter (Lillie) why the fairytale is silly!

      Fourteen years old x

    • frambuesa

      Liked the show, its writing, but hated Carrie too. for example, when Miranda had neck problems and Carrie sent Aidan and then when she came herself she immediately started talking about HER problems with Aidan. or when pretended to listen to Sam but was about to have the jazz guy go down on her. what a stupid friend she was

    • boulderjen

      Loved the rant! I am sitting here watching a SATC rerun and just marveling at how truly repulsive Carrie Bradshaw is… The high squeaky squeal (who finds this attractive?), the endless self-absorption, the psychotic fashion, the life choices (shoes vs. savings), the nauseating “witty repartee”, I could go on for days…. Girls really want to emulate this trainwreck? Ugh. She’s simply loathsome.

    • Christy

      If you read the book Carrie B. is more like a call girl waiting around-desperately- for a rich guy. Being a ‘journalist’ is more like her cover story so that she is not classified as a whore. The writer describes a pessimistic and cruel city where everything is shallow and superficial and women don’t really count if they are not preety and where men don’t appreciate anything else than looks. At some points, especially the beginning of the SATC series, they kinda show that but generally it has been changed to match what the producers like to feed the viewers nowdays.

    • Chris

      As a native New Yorker and a gay man who LOVES this show, I can attest that this show is VERY realistic of some (not all) women (and men) I have come to know know in the big cities (and I have lived as well in South Beach, Miami) and people (both men AND women) in large cities have a different mentality when it comes to sex and materialism. Most live for owning expensive items that demonstrate to others that they are important and successful. Now that I live in Wisconsin in a tiny suburb, I have come to love small living and not having the latest fashions, gadgets and the trendiest, latest products doesn’t matter to me anymore. I remember a time when an expensive lifestyle as well as living beyond my means was important to me, even if it put me in the poor house (not to mention, an inevitable bankruptcy to start clean). I am in my 40s, and spent most of my life in large cities and for the past 7 years, have come to embrace smaller and simpler. I mention all this because Carrie’s shoe addiction is a very real problem and most of the people on here, I bet, probably don’t have her show addiction, but how many of you are living beyond your means? Probably most of you. We all buy stuff we don’t need, but want, in order to impress the Jones’, boyfriends, or friends.

      I think we need to give Carrie a break. Sure, I hate her character as well, because she was very flip-floppy and neurotic, but ladies…. give this show a break; it’s a damn tv show! As for the writer of this article saying she moved to New York to emulate these women…. you set yourself up for failure because not all New York women act like this, but some do. And this is not a problem in NYC. This is rampant even in the Midwest, where I have come to live. Despite what I said about big city living, not all New York women (and men) live beyond their means. Most earn a great living and buy only what they can afford and are fiscally responsible. Carrie wasn’t but people like her do exist. Just ask Suze Orman! She is my idol. She constantly is mentioning how Americans are suffering from this obsession with trying to shop and add to our debt and living beyond our financial means. I have a friend like this who is has been unemployed for 2 years, yet keeps charging up his credit card every time a new Iphone comes out! And drives an expensive car he can’t afford (that his mother pays for) and doesn’t want to be seen (god forbid) driving a Hyundai. Carrie is merely an accurate description of some people who are materialistic and shallow.

      As for the women being overly sexual; I have no problem with women having sex with multiple partners AS LONG AS they practice safe sex and are sexually responsible. Samantha seems to be that way and I admire her. If a man had wanton sex with different partners, most people wouldn’t have a problem with that, but if a woman does it, she is a slut. Marriage is not for everyone and neither are kids and that is one of the central messages of this show that I love; that one can be happy childless or unmarried. SATC not only pushes sex and non-commitment but it also advocates women having the CHOICE; that if one wants either of those, you can still have it, as long as you realize that you are doing it for YOU and not to satisfy some societal or family expectation. This show has a lot of lessons that we can take from it. Sure, I hate Carrie for being such a bitch sometimes and for being irresponsible, but this show is NOT meant to educate young women or asking us to emulate them. It’s merely a description of different types of women (and men) and life lessons to be learned.

    • Mel

      “Carrie sucks at writing.”
      You know what dragged me from vague non-approving indifference to outright Carrie hatred? When I caught the episode where her computer crashes and she reveals her supercool plan of NEVER BACKING UP HER WORK EVER. She said she didn’t even know how to do that!
      I think that might be the only time I’ve ever yelled out loud, “Oh you stupid bitch!” at my television and meant it.

    • BooBooKitty

      I watched the show, liked it somewhat, but never cared for Carrie. Who choses Big over Aiden? Dumbest move ever, but I find the movies 100 times worse than the show. She goes all over the top on her wedding, totally ignores the dude she’s marrying (’cause of course marriage is all about the uber expense wedding and your horrible fluffy dress…and what in the flying F was she wearing on her head? Geez) while he’s having his dude issues and needing some reassurance, but no, it’s all Carrie, Carrie, Carrie. And then, when Miranda tells her what she said to Big, she has the audacity to blame her wedding not happening and Big not showing up on Miranda! Seriously? How is this Miranda’s fault? She neglected future hubby and he got cold feet, whether Miranda had said something or not, Big was going to have his reservations. A rational person would never ever blame their best friend for something like that. And then when Miranda tells her pals Steve slipped his salame in another lady it’s all “oh, can’t you just forgive him and get over him boinking some other chick?” Sex and the City is just ridiculous.

    • BBB

      I totally agree with you. Especially on the whole Aidan/Big thing. She bitched and bitched and bitched about Big then did the same to Aidan and was shocked that she was getting “bad reviews” by Nena Katz. She even had the nerve to confront her and tell her that she didn’t know what Aidan and she had. What, what did you have that could defend the fact that you totally f’d him over twice? Stupid bitch.

    • Rita Banerji

      Thank you. Well put. Just the way I feel about the character. She’s actually in my opinion the worst of the 4 women characters. She never grows. Her relationship with Mr. Big is what I imagine a 19 year old’s would be!

    • leah

      wow, sounds like a hater here, you’re quite rude. obviously the writer of this article is not custom to the lifestyle these women have. Please don’t hate if you don’t understand their lives, you sound like a pathetic hater.

      • Lee

        Shut up. Amanda Chatel was right on about every Carrie Bradshaw comment. Carrie makes a lousy friend, is a cheap slut and has no sense of style. One of her worst outfits was that nasty looking pink crocheted holly hobby hat paired with a dark blue velvet jacket, some tacky looking dress and a cheap necklace. None of it went together. Carrie is a skank and if that’s hater her, so be it.

      • Sanju

        Not only are you wrong, but you can’t write. For the record, it’s “accustomed”, not “custom”. Jeez. Nothing worst than trying to sound snobby and elitist, and revealing how uneducated you are.

    • Tessandra Holland

      Also just to mention Carrie’s selfish behaviour when Charlotte has to wear a blindfold in a department store. Then the Russian phoned and she left her to take the call and when the call was over she went off to try on shoes while charlottes wandered aimlesly. i know it was for athe sake of comedy but it reflected Carries poor friendship too. Also when miranda had Brady she couldn’t get out of there fast enough to get back to Big and was so disappointed when he was gone.

    • K

      I wish all you #CarrieHaters would STFU!!! Carrie’s life is so much like every womans in different ways… Everyone has had a man like Mr. Big in their lives… And Carrie was NOT a selfish friend, she was there for each and everyone of the girls… Maybe not in the way you jealous biotches wanted!!! Needless to say I just think all you lame broads are jealous of Carrie, who’s not even real… She’s a character!!! Do me one favor and get a grip!!!!!!! Sorry you can’t afford the fabulous life!! Hahahhahahaha!

    • Jesslina

      I don’t understand the point of analyzing a fictional character and bashing them. What makes Sex and the City so appealing to women is the fact that it embodies what so many women want: a successful career, fabulous clothes, an apartment in the city, and friends that you can count on no matter what. Sure, Carrie can be a little self-involved, but I think she has redeeming qualities for that. Sure, her problems always seem to outweigh the problems of the other girls when it comes to Carrie, but she will more than likely return the favor in her own little way. For instance, when Charlotte was freaking out about the fact that she was experiencing her second engagement, Carrie was there to help her realize that everything was okay and that Charlotte can have whatever she wants. Carrie helps in small ways, but she’s still there. She worries about her friends like nothing else and it’s even stated in the show that her friends are her first loves and a guy would be lucky to come in fourth.
      What takes up a big amount of the show is watching the girls’ search for love. They have everything else and it’s the only missing puzzle piece, so to me, it does make sense. If you look around at the people around us, what is it that so many of them are searching for the hardest? A companion, someone to be their number one and be their rock. You can hate on the show all you want, but it’s possible that your hatred comes from seeing the reality of things that you don’t want to believe. The show takes us through several different kinds of lovers, different kinds of scenarios with those lovers, and while not a lot of us date quite as many men as the girls did, I think the purpose is to show the range of relationships, so that everyone can feel completely connected to the show at one point or another.
      Carrie expresses a woman who has a void that she wants to fill. I have no doubt that she could be happy on her own, but everyone just wants to have someone. Even if you don’t realize it, you want someone. If a lovely man stopped you in your tracks, it’s highly unlikely that you would pass that up. Carrie is extremely vulnerable and it doesn’t seem like she afraid of that, so in a way, I find that admirable.
      And yes, Carrie also has spending issues, as does Samantha. It’s a common woman trait and it also fits in with filling that void. Material things can make a person happy for a while and it’s just nice sometimes to revel in your successes and spend some of that money. So, once again, the show shows another truth about a lot of women. Think about it. This country is in debt due to people wanting more than they have; more than they can afford. So, once again, Carrie just shows more truth that you might be finding hard to handle.
      I personally adore Carrie and all that she is because what you see is what you get. I don’t think that there’s anything more amazing than a woman who isn’t afraid to be herself – flaws and all.
      But then again, I am only 20. Maybe when I’m 32, I will see things differently. I don’t see myself throwing Twinkies though. (:

    • Evey

      I used to love SATC too, when I was 25…I watched the whole show right after moving to a big city to go to school (mostly because I didn’t know anyone in the city).

      I watched the whole show again when I was newly single at 32, then sat around feeling depressed for myself because there was no way my life would ever be THAT fabulous.

    • Sara

      First of all, only shit writers use the word sucks. If you were a, “better writer drunk” as you put it, you wouldn’t be freelance, you’d be getting paid by the word. If I didn’t know any better, I would think you really are jealous of a FICTIONAL character.

      From reading this article I’d also believe in your 20′s you were stupid enough to believe that you would actually move to the city and be Carrie. When you found out the real world is a more brutal place and Carrie Bradshaw’s story was FICTION and strictly ENTERTAINMENT, you became cynical. Which is why now, you are a 30-something, single, freak show who throws twinkies at photos of Sarah Jessica Parker.

      I feel sorry for you.

      • Sara – I’m doing your man

        Sucks is bad, shit is okay. Thank you grammar guru!

        Sara, you seem to be the one who needs a pity party. You read the whole article and had time to bitch about it. What’s wrong? Screwing around on the computer til he calls you? Here’s a tissue.

    • strawberry

      I just watched a clip of Sex and the City again where Carrie apologizes to Natasha in a restaurant — Or, I should say, she tries to apologize and fails because she is, as you say, a selfish twit. First, she takes a big gulp out of Natasha’s companion’s water glass. So rude! Then, she basically says she’s sorry, but there’s nothing she could do to fix what happened. Then, after Natasha puts her in her place, Carrie leaves thinking “deep” thoughts about how her actions set off “a karmic chain of events.”

      Carrie was an awful character because she was a terrible representation of women. There are women out there everyday who have beautiful romances, tragic romances, awesome careers, floundering careers — you know, the highs and lows of any real life. The Mr. Big kind of love affair, yeah, that happens everyday too, everywhere! Take any handful of women and you can find enough drama to cobble together a decent character MUCH more empathetic and real than Carrie.

      Carrie had the emotional maturity and self-awareness of a 6-year-old girl. I’m 29 now, and I hate her too.

      • food for thought

        THE NATASHA EPISODE IS THE ONE THAT SEALED THE DEAL FOR ME! She relentlessly STALKS this poor woman whose marriage she has already actively destroyed, all for HER OWN sense of closure and guilt abatement.

    • Cat Jones

      I agree with you on some (actually very few) points.
      1. Carry is a HORRIBLE friend. Can not for the life of me argue that. Someone pointed out the Charlotte blindfolded thing, and that was the moment I started saying “Carrie is a really self centered person.”
      2. Her life is a fairy tale. Period.
      3. People should NEVER emulate Carrie Bradshaw.

      Now that said, I think that you have taken your own jealously and twisted it until you can not understand that is it simply fiction. Have you written about the heinousness of other New York portraying shows? Wanna take a swing at Friends? Have a rant about the unrealistic aspects of Living Single? Go ahead, let it out and know that you have only yourself to blame for not understanding what life is really like in New York City. Or really anything about life if you honestly believed these things. I agree with another reviewer who says they feel very sorry for you.
      It was a fun show, and had some very shallow moments and even a few deep ones (mostly in the first and second season.) It was very artistic and well scripted. It also is a MANHATTAN SHOW, and all that entails.
      Grow up. Wake up. Don’t blame a TV show for your own problems.

    • Linda

      As a non-conforming type I did often cringe at the slavish adherence to femininity including the one dimensional template for phallocentric sexual practices. But hey, it was women’s voices, women’s stories, women’s perpectives – and that my friend is a true rarity in film or tv. While I did wish there was more collaboration among them(for example why didn’t they help out a bit more when Brady was born?), and although it was nice to see Charlotte help Carrie acquire property (women should do more of that shit) I thought they could have demonstrated a more collective approach to female empowerment. But still, I’ll take that over the knuckle-dragging dudebro ‘humour’ that dominates all screens across the globe, any day. Plus, SATC is womancentric AND a commercial success and don’t men just hate that. Yay!

    • Tammy Debono

      Amen, you have hit it on the head with your article. They (the writers) ruined Sex in The City. By season 5 I ended up loathing all the characters and their stupid selfish banter. I would kick all of them to the curb. I loved Aiden but Carries treatment of him made me cringe.I always tell my daughters to find themselves a kind man and I stand by that. My sixteen year old daughter was yelling at the TV, that frustrated with the characters, she had become. I agree Carrie along with Mirander and Samantha are all losers who deserve to be treated badly. I found myself wishing the whole series would fold with her and her friends firmly squashed inside never to be released again.

    • RD

      You seem very jealous of a fictional character. Bizarre that you expect a person to be perfect, pick the perfect guy, be a perfect friend. The show was about Carrie Bradshaw, a women growing and learning and if she seemed self centered, it is because she was the star and the main focus of the story line. Yes she made money with her column, not pennies off of google ads and pay per clicks, no offense. Carrie’s writing was thought provoking for her fans, which is why her column worked -she was not a blogger bitching about a fictional person’s life. Se was living her own life.

    • aranter

      What I hate most about Carrie is the fact that every cute guy is in love with her at first sight. The only thing she had going for her was her curly blonde hair, which was fake anyway. She is portrayed as being so confident but it’s only because she goes into debt for clothes. When she gets old she’s going to realize that no amount of expensive outfits or hair styling is going to make her beautiful. The show makes it seem like if you act like Carrie then everyone will fall in love with you, and that’s not only ridiculous, it’s dangerous.
      She’s the one who gets Big, a good looking guy with a lot of money; she’s the one who ends up affirming her materialistic, selfish ego while everyone else learns to accomodate. Miranda, a gorgeous, driven, educated woman, ends up with much inferior guy; Charlotte learns to love someone who loves her, and Samantha ends up with no one. In my opinion, Charlotte should have ended up with Big, Miranda with Harry, Samantha with Aidan, and Carrie alone!

    • Charlie

      I’m not sure what is worse, the article itself or the dozen or so 30 something guilt written rants. I’m 23 and just have started watching in my spare time. I don’t take any of the characters as anything as more than fictional and exaggerated versions of women at that. I being a gay male. I find it so funny now with the economy in the state it is that all of the sudden out of the dust comes the 80′s and prior generations all preaching ego and disorders when the majority of them probably didn’t listen to their children telling them this very thing when we were merely teenagers. Oprah was good for something…at one time. I myself have a mother who makes 200,000 annually and spends double that, as well as an eating problem, her’s not the kind you’d think though, wait this is America and most of you are over 30 so maybe so. I’ve told her since I was 14 that she has issues and all she could say until the recent thank you was stop the back talking and mind your own business. Funny how these things work. I guess its true that each generation learns from the next though. Lucky for me I got the shitty ones beforehand. P.S. I love you Carrie Bradshaw, no matter what these bitter betties have to say about you remember it’s all because they are jealous that they’re now obese, in debt and flat out hopeless.

      • Karen

        Before you call everyone ELSE out for having so many “issues,” perhaps you might consider your own. One being your problem of classifying a gigantic cross-section of people… wrongly. (Of course it will be hideously wrong when you try to stereotype an entire group of people. Don’t you HATE it when people do that to you? I think it is mildly irritating, but mostly ignorant and unintelligent.) Carrie B is fictional, obviously. But you aren’t. What is your excuse for your behavior?

    • Ashley

      This is one of the craziest rants I have ever read on the internet, and that says a lot.
      I just stumbled across this Googling something else so I must ask, is this article an ironic joke that only you get?
      You obviously hate Carrie Bradshaw (a fictional character) because she embodies so many things you apparently hate about yourself.
      I guess we all do this, however most don’t write convoluted articles justifying it.
      Also, who takes a show which regularly refers to anal sex and “funky spunk” seriously enough to base their life on it?
      I.e. you actually said when you moved to New York you thought your life would be like a show on HBO (thank God she wasn’t a fan of OZ, amIright?)

      I guess the internet is full of crazy people, but from now I will stick with the government conspiracy theorist/alien abduction victims as they are obviously more reasonable.

      Also, it was a funny show so STFU.

      • Amanda Chatel

        I want like to live a world where people who waste their time reading something (from over a year ago), and who are so ignorant to interpret petty rants for the sake of sarcasm actually get a clue. I wrote this well a year over ago to express my disdain and yet people run to defend this fictional character at least once a week.

        It was a fucking TV show! Get over it. My post was a joke, so pick up a sarcasm before breakfast tomorrow will you?

        This is my last comment on the matter because frankly I don’t give a fuck about the majority of these comments it’s the type of shit that makes me yawn, roll my eyes and assume you’re from middle America.

        FYI. New Yorkers do not feel the same, sweetie… but that’s because we have lives and dreams to pursue…

        But thanks for your input! Enjoy Applebees tonight.

        PS. My jimm choos need to be resoled. I’l take of it before brunch at the Plaza tomorrow.


      • food for thought

        For the record, I 100% agree with you, Amanda. My best friend (a gay gentleman, another stereotype, I know) got me into SATC during college. To this day, we both enjoy the show, even though we FREQUENTLY have had conversations about what a loathsome person Carrie is. Narcissist… borderline abusive… it’s funny, because people always cast Big as the “bad guy”. I don’t actually see it that way, at least in the beginning. I see him trying to keep a girl at arm’s length while he figures out where it’s going, trying to stave off the crazy in the meantime. That’s just GOOD SENSE. (of course, that all came crashing down like the tower of Babel as the series progressed, but I digress.)

        I’ve always found more enjoyment in the supporting characters. The one thing that the Aidan/Carrie/Big triangle, much like the Hot-Knicks-Doctor Robert/Miranda/Steve triangle, demonstrated that WAS very realistic is that just because someone is perfect, they may not be perfect for YOU. Aidan was a bad match for Carrie (and was way too good for her). Robert was smart, kind, dashing in that kind of old Hollywood way, and HOT. But Steve and Miranda were right for each other, flaws and all. Big and Carrie were also right for each other, with their self absorption and mutual materialism.

        Anyway, for all the people who say this article is ridiculous, it’s not. It makes a lot of dead on points. Doesn’t mean you have to also hate Carrie, but seriously, not all observation and distaste comes out of envy. I sure as hell don’t want Carrie’s life! Or her wardrobe! (The $485 Manolos from that episode with Tatum O’Neal? I have an IDENTICAL pair, kid you not, that I got at Macy’s to wear for a wedding. $50. I don’t think I’m missing out.)

      • Sassygal

        Remember those pink shoes Carried was so proud of that Miranda broke her water on? I found a pair just like them in size 11 for $40 at DSW shoes.

      • Miranda Priestly

        ^Wow I dislike you. Your angry comeback shows that you obviously do give a fuck, and being from NY doesn’t give you the right to condescend the rest of Amurr’ca (thank god I’m Canadian).
        Plus you obviously don’t have Jimmy Choos, or else you’d be able to spell it.

      • lulu

        yes and you’re one of them, if ure so crazy about this show, you just took back feminism back 100 years

        carrie’s is big’s bitch. WAKE UP HONEY, it’s not love.he’s just a lonely successful individualistic businessman who just got divorced and NEEDS A FUCK.

        they made it sounds so easy to fuck someone, and it’s effecting our generation without knowing boundaries. and the pretty little critical details are just stupid! i’m sure you’ll realize it when ure 30 (i’m not yet there but i obviously know better).

        dont you forget this is a fictional character that have women all over the world crazy for talking about sex love and brands….which made females today look like extravagant bitches and brands designs so atrocious, i’m sure the raise of child labor doesnt empower woman as much as manolo blahniks

      • Emily

        Soo true :)

    • Eugene

      I’m not a fan of Carrie Bradshaw character, but that only because I’m a totally different person myself. Neither do I resemble Samantha, Charlotte or Miranda. However, I’ve enjoyed watching Sex and the City a lot despite the fact that my life is nothing like the life those women have. But I love how through their personalities many our human flaws are shown. Has none of you ever felt for the bad guy while having the other who’s much better but compared to the first one is nearly not good enough? Has none of you ever felt crazy about useless if you think about it things like shoes, handbags (not neccesarily the ones listed)? Has none of you ever been selfish towards friends? Seriously, be honest here. It’s most certainly not a good thing, but what are you gonna do? People are selfish. That’s the most natural thing as for the sky to be blue, right?
      And as for Carrie being as most people think ugly or to skinny, I’ll say this. A sweet face may get you very far, but not as far as your personality. Carrie is all about her personality. Yeah, really weird clothes sometimes (although, I have to admit, I was absolutely crazy about the outfits in the movies 1, 2, they are really cool. But that’s probably because the movies are new, and the TV series were happening quite a while ago, so fashion has definietly changed. So what seemed cool for them doesn’t really work for us, and that’s normal. I would probably kill myself if I was living in the 80′s for instance). What was I saying? Oh yeah, Carrie. What I was trying to tell that Carrie is not perfect, not a sweet face, has some serious attitude problems, but please, who is perfect?

    • Caroline

      So stupid, honey you are just pathetic. You obviously “hate her” because you didn’t get the life that she had. The one you wanted.

      • Holly

        First World Problems.

      • Tanvi

        Right, because nobody could have legitimate reasons to dislike Carrie, such as all the clearly articulated, valid, well-argued reasons listed in the article. Jealousy is the only answer! Obviously!

      • Coraline

        Honey, take a look at your own life choices.

      • urmom

        suck my balls how bout

    • Sam

      This article is AMAZING. And no, I’m not being sarcastic. My friend and I were watching the show the other night and just started ranting about literally almost all of your points (especially the selfish bit). We finally ended up settling on the fact that Carrie can be a giant thundercunt most of the time.

      And OMG it drives us insane how you can always see her bra. ALWAYS.

      In other news, people need to get over it and learn to laugh.

    • yomna

      yes, yes, YES!!! thank you! YES! FINALLY!
      I started watching sex and the city after ignoring it for many years( I’m nearly 20 now) so I guess I’m target audience? anyway I’ve had to battle it off for years and I finally gave in

      I liked it at first but the fashion problem was SO OBVIOUS. around the third or fourth season I started thinking this is not a genuinely kind person!

      right this minute I’m watching “the perfect present” episode 3 of season 6(this is my first and last time watching this crap) I paused the episode at 12:52

      and carrie was prepared to cheat on yet another guy with freaking big!
      and she doesn’t even feel bad about it.

      the last thing I heard out of her mouth ” HE called ME, I’m a lady”
      my response: “you’re not a lady you’re a whore!”

      and she’s a complete airhead, she’s selfish and she treated miranda like shit. the woman had a baby for god’s sake. the least you can do is offer to baby sit every once in a while

      I remember once they were all going to atlantic city and steve was too scared to take care of the baby and carrie talked magda into taking care of brady so miranda said” no, that’s not her job”

      carrie’s brilliant, sensitive response was ” miranda, please just throw some money at the problem and let’s get out of here!”

      “the problem” being miranda’s infant!!!!!


      @CAROLINE – You can go screw you self, SATC is a tv show that’s not even real. Women don’t go to new york looking for Love and Labels, they’re to busy with their lives and social and they all have occupation and families.
      Carrie Bashaw is a lying slut she’s poor and is feeding of big’s money and finance. Her clothes are probably shoplifted, bargained, gifts from friends or even fake. All I see she ever do is go out, eat out for breakfast/lunch, hangout with friends, shop, eat in fancy restaurant, go home and sleep. That is much her daily life and schedule. Where in does she get all the money from??
      She thinks she top shit with her clothes and sense in fashion- she wears fucken retarded clothes. She’s the one with good heart, the caring one, the rich one and the helpful one. bitch please she’s a self centred bitch who thinks about her problems first and is living off big’s money and boasting about how she’s so rich living in a penthouse. She thinks that every guy wants her and that she’s the prettiest one out if the four. SHE LOOKS LIKE A FUCKING HORSE. WHY DO WE ALWAYS SEE HER BRA AND NIPPLES???? SHE THINKS SHE’S MODEST AND DOWN TO EARTH. SHE’S KILLING THE EARTH.

      • Doyouneedadoctor

        calm your saggy tits before that aneurysm hits, jesus

    • Laura

      I have to say, congratulations on the success of this article! You obviously articulated something that many, many people feel strongly about; not often that you see this many comments.

      I am a HUGE fan of the show (not so crazy about the movies because I think the characters changed too much). You are right about several points– it’s totally unrealistic and the likelihood of such pigeon-holed characters being such close friends in real life is pretty unlikely (Miranda would be hanging out with other lawyers, Charlotte would probably be hanging with her old sorority chums).

      However, I found the show refreshing because Carrie is so flawed. She does a lot of stupid things. She is irresponsible with money, doesn’t always treat the nice guys nicely, and can be pretty self-centered. But isn’t this the way life often is? One thing Michael Patrick King said that he liked to do was have one of the characters lamenting about something that seemed monumental to them and have another ask to have the salt passed; he thought that was real– even when we’re with others and trying to be sympathetic, we still are in our own heads. As for Carrie’s on-and-off toxic relationship with Big, this too, is not totally unrealistic. As neurotic as she was, do you really think she’d recognize a good relationship? Of course not! Charlotte ended up with a nice guy, as did Samantha and Miranda (until the movies). But if everyone had a nice, healthy relationship, it wouldn’t have been a very interesting show (or very realistic).

      I think, overall, it’s a wonderful show, when you take direction, script, storyline, etc., into consideration.

      • G

        YES ^^ well said.

      • Sanju

        Two things:

        1) About the pigeon-holing, I think you misunderstood what the author meant. It’s not that the lawyer can’t be friends with the prude; it’s that those character traits are not all mutually exclusive. Sorority girls do go to law school, after all (hi Elle Woods!). What the author was taking issue with was the stereotyping of the female characters, which is in itself anti-feminist.

        2) This goes back to a comment I made earlier: Carrie’s flaws are a problem because the show never acknowledges those flaws. She never really has any consequences for those flaw, the other characters aren’t allowed to point those flaws out without getting whipped, and the show continues to hold Carrie up as an idol partly because Carrie is NARRATING the show.

        These are also some of the reasons why I didn’t enjoy SATC either.

    • Margaretta

      What always struck me as BIZARRE about Sex and the City is that Carrie never seemed to be interested in volunteering, charity, even her own family. Was there ever an episode where she volunteered for a cause, even as a strategy for meeting men? Sex and the City is a funny show and had some great episodes, don’t get me wrong. In fact, if I am wrong and Carrie did donate money/volunteer/step in to take care of an ailing relative/champion a charitable cause please correct me.

    • Laura

      Well, Carrie did do the fashion show (so she could keep the clothes– lol). Charlotte had her little stint of wanting to help the blind, and Miranda took in Steve’s mother when she developed dementia.

      Let’s see… Carrie also took on the 20-something girl as a sort of protege one summer (the episode where they rent the beach house and she runs into Big and Natasha for the first time). She also insisted the girls go to Miranda’s mother’s funeral. Oh, and Samantha donated food to a church because she thought the priest was hot.

      I agree; it’s not a comprehensive show about these 4 women’s lives; it’s mainly a show about friendship and relationships. A person could pick apart any TV show and ask “when did the characters do charity work?” or clean their house, or do laundry, or go grocery shopping, or any of the millions of things that ordinary people do. It’s not meant to be a complete reflection of reality. I think such a show would be boring to watch.

    • Kthanxbye

      You’re just a player hater.

    • eve

      I loved the show, but I also think Carrie is a bit pathetic. Last episodes with russian – what was she expecting for? that he will be with her 24hour per day? she knew he had a job to do. she is very selfish. but afcourse he was the bad man who slaped her. “I’ve got slaped” oh I’m so poor. I like samantha, charlote and miranda more then her

    • alex

      I don’t know if you know this but Carrie is a CHARACTER (meaning FICTIONAL). It is just common sense not to guide your life or even take literal advice from TV SHOWS.
      Of course a Newspaper columnists can’t afford that lifestyle! (all the shoes and clothes is marketing, product placement) and yes the character sucks at relationships and makes bad decisions! (it needed to do that so the series could last all those years!). It is entertainment! of course I’m tuning on TV to watch fictional lives of fictional characters.
      Most of the time these “haters” loose sense of reality and end up more obsessed with the show and characters than people who like the show (and after it continue with their real lives).
      Btw, I loved SATC but do not plan anytime soon in blowing my money in extravagant clothing…as I like Desperate Housewives and do not plan to murder anyone because “the TV show made it look so easy to get away with it”. Get a grip!

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    • Polly

      Please, Carrie’s fabulous and you know it!

    • Lanie

      Not only do I haaate Carrie Bradshaw as a character, I unfortunately add on SJP’s incredibly high annoying voice to her manly horse face and idiotic strut in her too-high and impossibly impractical shoes and start to ABHOR (or ABWHORE) her. The whole show gives the worst (and unrealistic) messages to women- being self-absorbed is totally fine, you can slut around as much as you want to and largely get away without consequences (STDs, pregnancies, guilt, emotionally hurting yourself or others), you can be in your thirties and forties and act like you’re twenty, abortions come a dollar a dozen, lasting relationships are all about whether you’re “happy” or not…I could go on and on. WHY did this show last for so long, I will never understand.

    • Klara

      Carrie is a successful character, because you can hate her. A successful character for a writer is one that provokes strong reaction, no matter what that reaction is- it’s a breath of life into a completely fictional idea.
      As a writer, I have a character like Carrie that a lot of my readers love to hate- and that makes me so happy!

    • Giraffe

      I totally agree with this article. Having watched the entire box set again at the ripe age of 42, I wonder how she became something to love. She is everything I hate about women.

      • Janet Lee

        So relieved to find women who think about her the way that I do! I still frequently hear women say “Carrie Bradshaw is my idol” and I shake my head…

    • L1234

      I started watching SATC when I was in my late teens. I fell in love with the hustle and bustle of New York, labels like Chanel and Vivienne Westwood and having a circle of three or four girlfriends who I could meet every lunch time or go out with every Saturday to a swanky bar or club and have cocktails …

      Well! Reality hit me when I actually moved to a city. When I moved to London I had high hopes of all those things. What SATC doesn’t tell you is that a (major) city is tiring, over-crowded, full of tourists, ridiculously expensive. Friends don’t have time to meet because they have such busy lives. The average Londoner finds city-life to be tough, they don’t have enough money for the weekly commute on the tube, let alone money to spurge on Jimmy Choos.

      But I still love the city. Every day is different, there is no routine.

      Now I realise that SATC is a vain, elite fantasy world where only fashion designers, high-paid artists and socialites live. It’s their reality not ours.

    • Carrie’s fan

      I disagree with everything you just said and I sence jelasy behind this. You want to be like her but can’t so you bully a TV SHOW character.

      • Giselle

        You are an idiot who can’t spell simple words correctly (i.e. sense, jealousy) and your comprehension of the author’s point is nonexistent

    • You said it!

      This article was written two years ago but I see that, like me, there are still new readers/commenters. For me this was one of those instances where I just needed to know that someone out there thought like me that Carrie Bradshaw was an egoistical, whiny, self centered, annoying, ditzy, selfish, overemotional, annoying, overdramatic, manipulative, did I mention annoying twit. Phew! Thanks to this writer for articulating my feelings in a much better way!

      I know it’s just a character etc. etc. but to think that some people have found Carrie inspiring is…just.too.much! So yes she is flawed as are we all, but the combination of all that self centeredness and lack of any genuine attempt to try and be more of a friend is just too darn unbearable!

      I watched SATC when I turned 20 and this was recently, so way after the series actually came out. It took me 4-5 years to actually finish watching the whole series since I was getting myself an education. Having finally seen the last episode, I was upto here with venom going over the character trajectory (or lack of it!) of Carrie…gosh it’s made me so mad. While I’m all for live and let live and would never tell someone how to live their life, the idea of women looking up to Carrie is abhorrent and plainly sad.

      Till season three it was kinda ok – yes Carrie was a cheater but still felt a little guilty about it and was sort of a good friend. But season four and after, she turned into this squealing, needy, whiny, cheating, selfish bitch and I wonder why someone as sensible as Miranda, as honest as Samantha and as prim and propah as Charlotte didn’t just sock Carrie in the face and tell her to stop being such a douche.

      I do kinda like SJP but she started overacting big time from season four on – in particular her cutesy, little girl voice was unbearable!

      From being a fun take on a bunch of female friends going through life and their personal struggles, always managing to get through problems with a positiveness that was refreshing, the show became all about incredibly selfish Carrie and her silly shenanigans. No wonder the second movie flopped so bad.

      But the series did end on a karmic note – Carrie the selfish bimbo ended up with Mr. Big the self centered mimbo. Poetic justice?

      • Chakka

        I thought Carrie regressed through the series. When the show first started she was quirky and free spirited yet mature. I watched the series when it originally aired and now I watch the reruns on Style and like other posters, when I watched it on HBO, I didn’t pay much attention to how crappy the “lead character” was. Now that I’ve seen the entire series again, I can put Carrie into perspective and she is crappy.

        I remember when they were all at the diner and someone was freaking out about something…I don’t remember what it was, but I do remember that all Carrie could do was flip through some ideas for her latest Vogue article and randomly interject with stupid questions pertaining to her article. I guess the writers thought this was cute, but it wasn’t to me, it was annoying and not indicative of the so-called “four soul mates” friendship theme that was supposed to be the underlying theme of the show. That’s just one example of when Carrie was in her own little world, there are plenty more.

        The only time when she was somewhat reliable was when Miranda wanted to get back with Steve. I actually remember her participating in those conversations and not making it all about her. And don’t even get me started on Aidan. I absolutely adored the character of Aidan, so much so that I kinda wish they gave him a spin off. He could’ve been an interesting character. A somewhat-country guy in the big city. Is he really a country boy? Or is a city boy but a country boy at heart? Who are his friends? How did he cope with both Carrie break ups? I’ve always been curious about that because they always implied that the character was devastated each time.

        Anyway, overall I rooted for Carrie throughout the series, but each Aidan relationship made me want to b*tch slap her a few times. She was so wishy-washy and aloof during carrie/aidan pt. 1, and then she was a total douche in carrie/aidan pt 2. What really cooks my last grit is that she was the one who pursued Aidan the second time knowing full well that he had been burned really bad by her the first time. She treated him kindly in the episode of the reconciliation and the next episode when she wanted back in “the nook”, but after that she turned in a d-bag. It’s like she knew she had him, so she felt free to treat him any ol’ way (sounds like Big). She was particularly annoying and immature in the laptop crash episode. The man really made efforts to make her happy, but she seemed to reject him at every turn. I think her relationship with Berger was karma for treating Aidan so poorly. I’ll admit that I felt sorry for her because Berger definitely took her for a ride, but she took Aidan for a ride not one, but TWO times.

      • Belle

        “For me this was one of those instances where I just needed to know that someone out there thought like me that Carrie Bradshaw was an egoistical, whiny, self centered, annoying, ditzy, selfish, overemotional, annoying, overdramatic, manipulative, did I mention annoying twit.” = my feelings exactly! I’m up to Season Four, Carrie’s being stupid (again), and I’m wondering why I’m still watching. asdjkhgsjkgfhk.

    • Kate

      I completely agree! Thank god others see this too!

      I’ve been watching the show recently because Style channel’s been running marathons every day for weeks in the middle of the day when I have a break. Not much else on in the middle of the day, but from now on I’m just going to read instead.

      She shows no growth at all, has barely any morals and YES! She makes EVERYTHING about her! Even Samantha, who is supposed to be somewhat over-confident, is not as self absorbed as Carrie! She would be a crap friend. I’d ditch her in a second.

    • lisofby

      what has me dumbstruck, is that she had a stylist and that people think she is cool. 6 yo in a drag queen’s closet might be right. ‘cept drag queens have better taste. maybe salvo’s/ second hand shop? curtain/ carpet shop?
      lo to that person who thinks anyone could be well gel (jealous) of someone who is so self involved, horsey, angular and weak. those characters aren’t very good people. maybe it’s new york? seinfeld characters are a holes too. but i love the show, and the movies; hilarious, liberating and sometimes oddly quite sweet and tender.

      • Miko

        Carrie’s face is what makes the show great! She doesn’t have to be the perfect looking woman to be beautiful. She has a body to die for and beautiful hair. Not everyone has a perfecr face. I think she’s gorgeous. She may not fot fir America’s mold of beauty but in my book she looks great!

    • Zean

      I Love Sarah Jessica Parker when i saw the first time she acts . that’s all ..

    • annie

      wanted to say that i completely and udder agree with you Amanda! i am on the last season, and omg how more self involved can one character get? while i was watching the second season, Carrie looked liked drug addict and strung out. all she did was whine and complain about poor me!

    • Maggie

      I think it’s pathetic that you wasted your time writing this entire article. It’s all about a fictional character. Obviously her life is not attainable but that’s why we watch the show. It’s an escape from the actual reality of life. Obviously nobody can live that type of lifestyle in New York on her salary. I don’t know who told you it was truly possible. I have always wanted to live in the city and this show only makes me love it even more! Grow up and face reality. TV shows, movies, books, and other works of fiction are there for a reason. They entertain us and that’s it. They aren’t there for us to hope and dream that we could some day live the lives of those characters. If you think that, then sorry you’re so naive.

      • Rorie

        HAHAHAH this article is HELLA funny & accurate, and in fun. I love Sex & the city but even I can admit its cheesy all hell. But why is it pathetic she wrote this? Its all in good fun and not serious at all. Take it for what it is, its not that serious!!

    • L1234

      I’ve just realised that Carrie never appreciated Aidan, even when he took her back when she literally begged him to. She treated him like crap and didn’t deserve him.

      Charlotte had the best sense of style. It was effortlessly chic, like Audrey Hepburn. I’m glad that way of dressing is coming back in fashion now, what with Kate Middleton advertising the classic look. Carrie’s outfits were hit and miss, often she looked beautiful other times really trashy.

      Today’s generation like to dress poor. Has anyone noticed that? I saw a picture of Miley Cyrus recently, she looked like a hobo circa 1992. You would’ve thought with all her millions she could at least dress a bit more sensibly ….

      But then, that isn’t cool. It’s cool to dress poor, not in a pretty Chanel shift dress :( it makes me feel sad.

    • neha

      hey seriously ..i have nt received any gift after my GRADUATION…….kinda sad..but true…:P

    • Danielle

      It’s so funny to find this! I was 17 when the show 1st aired. I never really watched it until now. I know it’s a made up series and doesn’t not compare to real life. However…
      I did think that was a bitch move to go to Charlotte’s and get mad b/c she didn’t offer you the money? What friend does that? I’ve noticed she always turns everything around to be about her. So annoying.
      When Miranda was trying to ask questions about Carrie moving to Paris. Total bitch! Basically you have to be happy for her all the time. Even when she makes the same mistakes over again.

    • Linda Kelson

      I too have been rewatching the show recently since it’s been running on the Style channel during the day – taping it actually. It amazes me now how many things I notice now that I simply didn’t the first time around when I was just watching it for laughs. She is incredibly insensitive and self-absorbed. In fact, I stumbled upon this website because I was trying to find out what was the deal with her mother? Dead? Not speaking What? very strange.

    • Bean Dip with Cheese and Yams

      I’m a person who can tolerate a lot of annoying flaws in people, and that included the moron known as Carrie Bradshaw. But SATC 2 made me loathe that wench. I hate how she treated Big in that movie. Barking at him about bringing home “take-out” food, making him feel like crap because he bought her a new television instead of jewelry, barking at him for watching tv at night, kissing her ex behind Big’s back, belittling Charlotte….. Toward the end of the movie, it made wanna see someone just beat her mercilessly. It’s a better world without people like her. Makes me wanna eat cabbage.

    • you have problems

      its hillarious how you can hate a character so much, shes not even real!. TV and movies arent always about reality but i bet youve enjoyed Titanic/james bond films. like that actually happens in real life? lucky ill never re visit this or read anything by you but thanks for the laugh, i suggest you see a psychiatrist

      • kerry dee

        lol the titanic did happen in real life….?

    • shamrock

      the only reason why im here is because i googled carrie bradshaw sucks. i wanted to find out if other people disliked her as much as i do.. and this article takes the cake. Fictional character notwithstanding but a bitch nevertheless that carrie BRATshaw..

      • Emil


    • Marie

      I totally agree with you! Carrie is one of the most selfish people I know of. She manages to make everything, absolutely everything, about herself. She snaps over the smallest details and she always takes her anger out on her friends or boyfriends!
      There is one thing though, that I don’t agree with – I think she’s a good writer, or that she at least has a lot of good questions at the end of her columns.

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    • kate

      i agree with you carrie makes me frustrated in some of her decision making, but the fact is that it is just a television show and to get this worked up over a fictional character is pathetic… i like the show because it is not cookie cutter. She falls in love with a man that we may not choose or think is right but thats what makes it more realistic, because we all dont always fall in love with the man everyone else may think is right for us. obviously in tv shows they have to keep our attention and ingage us so most of it is unrealistic. but your getting angry about a character who is not perfect… if she was that would be a pretty damn boring show. So i think this show can relate to a lot of single women any age, because we all make mistakes and we are not perfect. so i would think about that next time you get worked up about a fake character.

    • Tanvi

      I agree with this so much! I especially thought Carrie was so anti-feminist in the way she treats her friends, like the way she judges Samantha’s sexuality. She’s such a hypocrite – Carrie can judge anyone and be as snarky as she wants, but she’ll rip you apart if you try and judge her! And to “Maggie” below: there’s nothing pathetic about this rant. Sometimes we all want to vent, especially when our opinion is so far removed from the general public’s opinion on a very well known topic. And entertaining, well-written rants are fun to read. Sorry if it pierced your thin skin though!

    • Mil

      The author of this article is SUPER jealous of Carrie

    • Jane94

      I agree with you to a certain degree. All your points are valid and I have probably battled with myself over all of these points multiple times watching SATC. However, I think it remains that this show is great. It may be guilty of all the things you have criticized it for, but it is a fictional show and a fictional character we are talking about, and it is becasue of these qualties that this show is entertaining.

      I am 19 years old, and for me SATC is still quite new. Obviously i was very young when it was released, so have only been watching it in recent years. I can say as a young adult, who may aspire to have a life like that which is played out on SATC, that I have never watched this show as something to aspire to – I know it is all crap! As you said, Carrie is a bad role model – and yes she is! However, I think one would have to be pretty foolish to ever take her as a role model and ever truely believe that her life could be ones reality – as apparently you did.

    • Emanuelle Bordo

      You guys are really silly.
      This show has never been about completing some super amazing psychological portraits of the girls. Sex & the City has always been known for a talented depiction of problems, obstacles, judgments and assumptions that many women and men experience every single day.

      The other side of the show was fashion. Because NY equals fashion. How does Carrie afford her wardrobe? Who cares? You? WHY. Just watch the show with its wonderful outfits and enjoy. One must really get laid as soon as possible, if one finds it difficult to enjoy positive things.
      To quote Oscar Wilde, art is hermetic and expresses itself. It does not have to imitate reality. But even so, Sex & the City was as real as TV gets to be. The relationships were really complicated but the important ones worked out.
      P.S. Regarding Aiden, he was an amazing character, and a wonderful story line. BECAUSE Carrie was how she was. It showed how much chemistry is important. It showed that when people can’t deal with their own issues, they express all the negativity on the ones that are closest to us. What? Never happened to you or around you before? I really doubt it.
      This was a great show, one of the greatest.

      • Gulshat

        I totally agree with you, smart point

      • Lockhart

        “Afford her wardrobe”? WHAT wardrobe? She dressed like a carnival attraction. She dressed like a 7 year old girl. She was beyond annoying and preening and not very bright. Seriously, has anyone who has ever spent even a week in Manhattan think she even remotely resembles in dress, manner, or tone, any real Manhattan woman? I lived there for many years through the period that Carrie was supposedly in her “heyday” and she would have been kicked to the curb by anyone with half a brain, let alone anyone purporting to make enough money to buy the shoes she bought and dine out meal after meal in Manhattan restaurants. Writers like her do NOT make that much money. She was a total bore.

      • MVS

        I totally agree with you!

    • Ss

      If it makes you feel better I’m 21 and I hate carrie- I find her irresponsible and ultimately incapable of ever finding true independence and happiness due to her extremely superficial out look on life. And yes she is everything that I hate about women- especially the finance bit. But like others have said- she was entertaining- and i do think she has helped many women. I still have mates my age who think if a guy does it his a champ and if a girl does she’s a s**t.

    • Emily

      Sorry but this article is really pointless and stupid. Its called fiction for a reason. Doesn’t mean it is actually reality, but Carrie did make mistakes which made it a really good show. So don’t judge and please shut up because I love this show and obviously everyone else did too because now the Carrie Diaries is on. So ya, just saying.

      • malmn

        Of course it’s fiction but many women get influenced anyways and try to live it in real life. My ex is a great example.

      • Oz

        If that’s the case, your Ex probably shouldn’t be watching ANY TV, much less feature films, much less getting married, much less leaving the house.

    • http://www.facebook.com/anna.patience89 Anna Dios

      Let me preface my comment: I agree with about 95% of what you have to say here.
      I disagree with your claim that Carrie sucks at fashion. Yes, when she overdoes it, she overdoes it, but she pulls off a lot of stuff that no other woman could. But throwing a Twinkie at her cause you want her to consume calories (yes, I get that it’s a joke)? I’m no tall, slender model-type (quite the opposite), but I don’t believe in hating on women who are naturally thin and who keep themselves extremely fit. Other than that, interesting blog.
      By the way, I thought you were probably a pretty clever person until I ran across a stab you took at people from “middle America” in one of your angry response comments for no apparent reason. Sorry, that just sounds tacky and over-the-top arrogant.
      Also, I believe you meant *unabashedly.

      • jacie

        She’s not naturally thin. She lives on coffee and cigarettes. That’ll make you lose weight.

      • Oz

        If coffee & cigarettes rendered you SJP’s size, every truck driver & shift worker in America should be slim; yet, we tend to see the opposite. SJP may well work at her figure, but no one achieves the size 0 she is without naturally slim & small frame.

    • Yup

      I agree – she was obnoxious and very childish. I enjoy the show and find it humorous but do find myself rolling my eyes at her and whenever I run into an episode with another person we always end up talking about what a self-absorbed dunce she was. All she wanted was a man to take care of her just like Charlotte. Always so desperate for men, all of the characters in their own ways. Not something to aspire to for sure.

    • Jocelyn

      I was right with you until the registry for the shoes thing. I thought that was a good episode with a good point. If you don’t get married or have kids, you don’t get a party. Birthdays don’t count. It’s not just about the gift, it is about valueing people who make other choices. The show did a good job of explaining it.

    • taylorkorrin

      Someone sounds bitter. Every show on tv is like that, if it wasn’t so dramatic people wouldn’t watch. Also many of your points are wrong, and your writing is nothing to brag about either.

      • Sanju

        She isn’t bitter, she’s hilarious, self-aware, and a much better writer. You clearly are not one to judge.

    • Amy Z.

      A) It’s a tv show. B) Since when are people NOT self-involved, bad at making decisions, bad at handling money, bad at relationships, don’t dress like fools, etc., etc.?! I know a lot of people who “suck at life,” but yet they live anyway. And who said she was a role model?! Bitter, Amanda. Bitter. Vogue didn’t pay her $4 a world because IT’S A TV SHOW and it’s FICTIONAL. Not because she wasn’t worth it, but because SHE DIDN’T ACTUALLY WORK FOR VOGUE. It appears that you sometimes find yourself hungover and tied to a lamppost, but still find it appropriate to judge?! Wasted energy, that rant. I suppose you prefer the Krapdashians?!

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    • Gulshat

      I disagree with you, i mean i was so tired of perfect heroines where they were always right and always fair. What Carrie shows us, is that nobody is perfect and that’s exactly why it makes us want to watch over and over again. The fact that she is a cheater, smoker and addicted to new shoes makes a tv show more realistic. This is the first time where i see in a tv show a heroine with many flaws, and i believe the aim of a scenario was that we could recognise ourselves in Carrie. That is a perfect chance to see how we act ourselves when we act like a “twit”. Why perfect? Isn’t she a human…. Something to think about…

      • Sanju

        The point is not that she is flawed – the point is that she doesn’t suffer consequences for her flaws, because her flaws are treated like virtues.

      • Oz

        Oh, I disagree. She suffers a series of humiliations, rejections & degradations throughout the series.

    • http://www.facebook.com/gerardo.araujo.50 Gerardo Araujo

      Carrie Bradshaw is and always will be cool
      The tv show is one of the best tv shows ever.
      That is a fact
      And the fact that all the people who disagree sound so bitter is a confirmation of that

    • lilla

      that’s a lot of bullshit. you can’t seriously hate a series character. and even if so, what I love about the SatC characters is that they’re very human. Aside from their unrealistic lifestyle sometimes, they are not perfect. Carrie didn’t treat Aidan well, but that’s life. A lot of people do that because something’s not working out. It’s just HUMAN.

    • les

      I enjoy the show for everyone BUT Carrie, I love Miranda and Steve, Charlotte and Harry, and Samantha and Smith. That’s why I watch it, I wish I could get rid of the Carrie parts because she is generally an awful selfish friend who dresses like a nutjob and it also bugs me that all the actress show some of their naked bodies at some point, their breasts but SJP doesn’t. It’s called Sex and the city, take one for the team, also there’s never as much male nudity, not that I want to see tons of naked men but the sexism on the nudity bugs me. The lost shoes episode, many fellow Carrie haters have mentioned this incident, and I see it differently, I hate the way her friend “shoe shames” her. This woman is wealthy living in NYC, she can’t put her no shoe policy on the invite? Or have the option to put designer shoes safely in the closet? And the way she totally doesn’t give a shit about their loss, when she would have probably been just as upset if it had been something of her’s stolen. I’m also pretty sure she was legally responsible. The cheating with Big is also mentioned, yes it’s horrible to cheat, and we hope most women wouldn’t enter into a new relationship knowing a man is married, but Big was like a drug to Carrie, and she did try to resist and dude freaking stalked her, I’ve experienced crazy chemistry, I’ve never ruined anyone’s marriage or relationship over it, but I’ve also said to myself, I can’t guarantee I wouldn’t drop my boyfriend if chemistry guy showed up and wanted to be with me. The Charlotte money thing, the issue was being upset Charlotte didn’t offer like anyone else, didnt extend the gesture and when Carrie confronts her about it, it forces Charlotte to reexamine her life. She then decides to use the ring to give Carrie a loan, Carrie had nothing to do with the ring other than to mention it was messed up Charlotte was wearing it around her apartment, which was unhealthy. I would mention how messed up it was for Carrie to lie about men getting it up before Charlotte marries Trey, that’s really shitty, who cares if she’s dressed and ready to go, you shouldn’t marry someone if something as vital as sex isn’t working/if you have doubts. Aidan was a great guy, except for the fact he could never really except Carrie for who she was, I’m not condoning her treatment of her, just saying he wasn’t perfect. So yes Carrie is a pretty awful person as a main character and the women are stereotypes, but I find the supporting characters make the show worth it. I just feel if you’re going to criticize you should really know the show.

    • Michael

      I so agree with you. I used to think that if you act like Carrie you will have it all but I realized that she is a little bitch who is trapped in a 30-something woman’s body and has nothing except her stupid shoes. She would rather keep those dirty shoes instead of her apartment, friendships, relationships,… I don’t understand how Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda can be friends with her. In my opinion Charlotte is the most sane person in that show.

    • karen fischer

      I literally laughed out loud throughout this entire article. You so hit the nail on the head!! I just got done watching the one where Carrie just HAS to tell Aiden that she cheated on him with Big, and then doesn’t seem the least bit surprised, in fact almost expected, Aiden to show after Charlotte’s wedding. She’s infuriating. I especially laughed about the way she dresses and how it was described…LOL! It has taken me years to realize that I really do hate her. The show has a unique effect in that you like her in the beginning because you get the sense you are supposed to. Her worst moment to me was her telling Aiden “You have to forgive me!” Over and over….I wanted to HIT her, and I wanted to give Aiden my phone number.

    • JR

      I absolutely loved this article and how it pinpoints the least flattering aspects of Carrie Bradshaw. It has only been about two years since my friend introduced me to the show and I have been hooked on it ever since. After watching every episode about 100 times lol jk I have also come to the realization that Carrie is a bit annoying and self centered grant it she is the main protagonist of the show but her lack of interest in her friends life’s completely boggles the mind why they would remain friend with her. I don’t necessarily hate Carrie but I find her to be something of a nuisance from time to time.

    • zoe

      i totally agree with you!!! you only forgot to mention the fact that while she poses as a beautiful well shaped woman, her face is actually ugly, he hair were fine for 1 or 2 seasons (i actually liked them only in season 2), and her body is not that nice (charlotte’s is much better!).. it’s just very fit. (while she claims she doesn’t work out and she hates it…).. anyway, GREAT JOB<3

    • Allie

      I think you are taking a fantasy show way to seriously. It’s about girlfriends and fun in fashion, period. You are not supposed to try and emulate her life, just be inspired!

    • Sanju

      Thank you, thank you, thank you! Finally, someone else is saying what I’ve been saying for years. SATC is anti-feminist tripe and an insult to any intelligent, emotionally mature woman.

    • Giselle

      This opinion piece is brilliant! I recently watched the series and honest to God dumbfounded how anyone could like Carrie. Absolutely the ANTI-hero of the series. Sam was funny as hell, and truly a good friend. Miranda was sometimes too much the brittle feminist, but truly a good friend. Charlotte was adorable and a hopeless romantic, and truly a good friend. Carrie was the most shallow character ever written, and truly an awful friend. It’s a fictional character and so it worked for a tv series, but who could honestly say they’d want a Carrie Bradshaw in their life as a friend, lover or role model? You’d have to be a masochist. So many things about her bugged me–which was part of the allure of the show, as another poster noted, in that it’s like watching a train wreck. She was an utter idiot about Big and blind as a bat about Aiden. And the show was the height of fantasy about how this freelance writer was able to live on the upper east side of manhattan and dine out every night and outfit herself in designer duds on a mere freelance writer income, and also attract incredibly handsome and successful men when she was a homely woman ( to put it mildly). I’m not that far removed from the club scene, but no way in hell is a woman with those looks getting a second glance from the likes of Mr. big or Aiden, or the jazz player or the fuck buddy, etc. etc.
      And remember when she dated that politician she met at a bar in staten island and she tells him she doesn’t vote and isn’t even registered to vote? That pretty much tells you all you need to know about Carrie Bradshaw. A very amusing character, but anyone who seriously emulates her is seriously screwed up or seriously too young to be watching the show.

    • seriously

      Your all pathetic. Shes a TV character! She doesn’t need to be perfect,You obviously aren’t.

    • Ashy

      Ok, i know I’m late to the party but here is my two cents. I disagree with some, not all of the points you have made. With the exception of the movies(which I found nauseatingly bad) I consider sex and the city one of the best series ever written. Not because of the obvious sexual encounters that is in the show but for the well crafted, well written episodes. Ok, yes Carrie is whiny, materialistic, neurotic, etc but the character itself is incredibly well written. You can believe there is a bratty Carrie bradshaw living somewhere in Manhatten, sipping on a mojito, admiring her Manolo blanik shoes all the while lusting over a man who she is constantly being rejected by. She had a great boyfriend in Aiden shaw, who did everything for her, yet she cheated and even after she took him back and he bought her a ring, which she accidently finds,she was still whining about the fact that he got her an ugly ring.the thing is its very believable as far as a character can be. We learn that Carrie is selfish, and materialistic and likes the nice things in life. She treats a good man like crap yet when Big takes interest you see her cheat and sleep with Big despite her knowing how stupid it is. This is all very real. Some women, (and I’m not saying all) want to please someone so much and u can see the woman is obviously in love with the guy yet in her words “he never seems to factor her in his life in any real way.” Then the other girls bring up interesting layers to women in society. Miranda is a hard working lawyer who is so cynical but at the series end you see her wanting those normal family things and eventually marrying Steve. Although Carrie is annoying I think satc is well written. Not everything in TV is meant to be totally real.

    • E

      I ended up here after that my future wife decided to go back to her “mr Big type ex boyfriend”
      Thank you Sex in the city for creating more of this unrealistic happy
      endings that does not exist in real, so young unsecure girls are giving
      up their lives for someone that give them nothing but problems.

      • Oz

        If in fact your ex-wife patterned such a major life choice after Carrie Bradshaw’s, she was a perilously impressionable character to begin with, probably without a well-formed identity. If so, credit that character flaw, not a TV series, for your break up. At least it’s the other guy’s problem now; right?

    • Ricardus

      In fairness to Carrie, when her shoes were taken from her friend’s baby shower (?) the friend was a little dismissive, and flippant. Sure, no one who isn’t Oprah needs to spend that kind of money on shoes, but it’s not like Carrie didn’t have a point.

      On the whole, I think your analysis is correct, though.

    • Me

      I especially can’t stand her in season 6. And what’s with her tongue? Especially in the Aleksandr episodes. Is it supposed to look seductive? And she’s an insensitive and selfish little girl. Poop!

    • Amelia Oh

      I agree. When I first started watching SATC I was young and it was one of those shows that my parents would never let me watch so I waited until the reruns on TBS and I also bought the DVDs so I could get all the unedited versions.

      At first I thought Carrie was so fantastic. Well, except for her fashion choices. It is like she closed her eyes and picked clothes at random. I would not be caught dead in half the outfits that she wore. But as I got older and started re-watching the episodes again, I realized just how much I could NOT stand Carrie.

      A big fat YES to everything you said in this article. I’m so glad to find more people who can see what a flawed character Carrie Bradshaw is. She especially annoyed me when I was forced to watch SATC2 with one of my friends.

    • KittyKat

      Am I the only one who thinks she treated Miranda especially poorly. Like when she bitingly said, “YOU win men over with your personality?”

    • Rose

      Wow, it’s wonderful to hear my feelings for Carrie Bradshaw expressed so eloquently. Especially about the way she dressed, she looked like a load of crap. And also about the way she treated Aidan and helped ruin Big’s marriage.

    • Courtney

      I just googled “I hate Carrie Bradshaw” after watching the episode where Carrie throws a hissy fit over the fact that Aidan was flirting with a female bartender. While that might be justifiable anger when another partner doesn’t cheat, Carrie knows that she cheated, and she needs to realize it’s going to take much more than “You have to forgive me, Aidan!” She really doesn’t deserve such a wonderful man. Then, later in a subsequent episode, Miranda loses her mother and Carrie boo-hoo’s and kind of makes it all about her own emotional reaction…forgetting the fact that she was treating Aidan like crap earlier because her computer died and that she ranted on the phone to Miranda about her motherboard dying. Ugh. Thanks for writing this article and giving us an opportunity to vent (even though I am about two years late!) ;)

    • F u c k

      All Of you haters Here.. it might really suck to be you! so much hatred about a person? Oh my ! You people really have a frustrated and dumb life. and the person who wrote this article is surely so jealous that i can smell her burning jealousy smell till here _|_.
      Like Seriously come on! she’s surely more successful than the one who wrote this hate article about her. she can’t even appear in a single episode. And i am Proud of Jessica for successfully completely 6 seasons and 2 wonderful movie. And all others .. please go and get a life!

    • Roxanne

      I’m 23, (stating that because of people mentioning when they re-watched them) watch a lot of the reruns. Realized I did NOT like Carrie Bradshaw. I find myself making comments at the TV LOL.. but oh well, it’s (the show) still got my attention :p

    • delfos

      I got to see some chapters first in tbs without knowing what to expect from this series that was great the last decade, but it was too much for me, first: i hate carrie and her shrill little voice, second: wtf with talk of burping , vaginal secretions, farts, it sucks! if this the representation of the liberated woman, come on! this series is an ode to consumerism and promiscuity. i prefer watch Japanese anime, is more humane.

      • Oz

        It’s not for everyone, that’s for sure! But as a woman and an RN, I found its frank talk about the less sexy realities of sex & physiology to be witty & refreshing. But it’s understandable some would find hearing about that stuff gross, in which case they should stay away.

    • http://lovelola.com/ Lola Del Rey

      best piece of Carrie analysis i’ve read. ever. Agree with you on every single sentence here

    • Brit

      Hating ass bitch. Carrie rules!

    • Marie

      Funny how I came across this article. I’m 20 years old and I’m watching the series again. (First time was last summer) I find myself more interested in Samantha’s style and Miranda’s career loving attitude than in Carrie. Carrie is very self absorbed and very terrible with money. I honestly feel like sex and the city focuses on every bit of a woman’s lifestyle. For example I have the Miranda and Samantha’s scare of commitment and I can be a little Charlotte(When I’m PMSing) I can only relate to Carrie when it comes to my impulse buying but I’m really working on that. Anyway I love that the main character has a lot of flaws I think most young women can relate to. My problem with Carrie is that she is quite old in the show to be acting very childish, women mature early and I would expect her to make better choices. For example don’t cheat on the good guy with the one that broke your heart. Unless the writers of sex and the city are trying to imply Carrie never went through the bad boy phase and never learnt from her mistakes in her early twenties there’s no excuse for her stupid choices. She should know better.

    • Anthony

      Carrie is fabulous! I think the opposite of everything you wrote. She’s a great friend, and is always there when her friends need her. I think you’re jelous and envious of her. I am a 27 year old man, and just finished all six seasons… I was hooked, and could not stop watching.
      Sucks at love…yeah, I’ll give you that one, but if she was perfect, there would be no show.
      Money Management,,,yeah ok, she sucks at it! But she worked her ass off, and got a job a Vogue, on top of her column, and a book deal….so suck it!
      Fashion…PFFT! Are you freaking kidding me!? Were we even watching the same show…this woman is on point, everything she wears from her head to her feet is fabulous!
      Writing…the people of New York seemed to enjoy her, as well as some former fans in Paris…ooh, and a $30,000 book deal isn’t too bad either :P
      The movies were fabulous, that’s what made me want to start watching the show…and I’m glad I did.
      Sounds to me like you are a jealous and envious Carrie Bradshaw wanna be

    • Brooklyn

      This is so badly written and you’re a fucking retard. It’s fictional and you obviously envied “Carrie” at some point since you made a pathetic attempt to live her life. Just an FYI…IT WAS A SHOW. PRETEND. All you women sound RETARDED. Get a life Haha!

    • Tokyo Joe

      never could figure out why women adored this show. It’s full of cliches and caricatures.
      Carrie – high maintenance gold digger
      Miranda – cold careerist
      Charlotte – sorority girl wifey
      Miranda – out of control cougar

    • Vero

      i feel like the author and some of the people who are commenting on here have either never seen the show or are absolutely perfect women. Yes the show is over the top, a writer could probably not afford $400 shoes every week or live in that apt but that’s not really what I love about SATC, its about friendship, I have in fact given a friend money to pay a credit debt and even helped a friend pay for an abolition for what some might consider irresponsible behavior but that’s the point, it’s called friendship and friends have flaws and despite Carrie’s flaws her friends loved her and helped her. I am as far away from living in Manhattan than you can imagine, yet if u can’t relate to obsessing over a guy or making fianncial blunders the honey let me know what cloud you live on because I’d like to move there.

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    • emily

      Don’t like the slut shaming comments in the article but I agree with the rest. I honestly think Samantha copped the worst. Constant snide, shaming comments about her sexuality from Carrie in every season and Samantha was completely loyal and helpful to Carrie through every season. When Carrie judged Samantha about the express guy I wanted to rip her head off. Samantha looked so hurt and so angry that her best friend for years and years judged her for her promiscuity (after giving Carrie NO judgement for her affair with Big while with Aidan) UGH. I hate her. Horrible, self absorbed woman.

    • Bren

      I agree and in the first Sex and the City movie (I didn’t watch the second) could she be a bigger self-absorbed narcissist??? Telling Charlotte she should be jogging when she was pregnant??!! Blaming Miranda for Big??!! Telling Samantha she was fat??!!
      No way in reality someone like this would have three long-term friendships.

    • IslandGirl

      At the time, Sex and the City was something new; it took cable television to a whole new level and helped paved the way for so many amazing shows that followed

      should be helped pave the way perhaps?

      Enjoyed the article but if touting your own writing skills, please be sure its flawles

    • Viktoria

      i totally agree that you live a miserable life, be jealous at a person who doesn’t even exist, that is so pathetic. A good advice from a stranger, don’t die out with your bile, apparently you’re meant to be unhappy

    • Kate

      I loved this article and often wondered if other women felt the same way I do about Carrie bradshaw. She would never be a friend of mine. She is shallow, self-centered and so full of herself. When she berrated Charlotte for not offering Carrie a loan after Aiden dumped her for the second time (he should never have gotten back with her). Charlotte was guilted into giving Carrie the gorgeous solitaire from her marriage to Trey. It’s obvious that Carrie has no class whatsoever, but when she took Charlotte’s ring, after saying she “didn’t feel right” keeping the ring Aiden gave her (even after he told her to keep it) yet she has no trouble taking the ring she shamed Charlotte for wearing in her apartment. Only a low life selfish bitch would have taken that ring, even if it was a loan. I came late into the sho because Sex and the City had been showing about 4 years before I ever tuned in. I could write a book on all the things I can’t stand about Carrie Bradshaw but it seems a lot of other people already see what a fake she us, from her cheap jewelry (that fake gold Carrie necklace looks like she got ut out of one of those machines at the mall where you pay a dollar to maneuver the mechanical arms to retrieve whichever junky prize you can get) to her ugly outfits. Her absolute worst outfit had to be worn with her stroll through the park with her Russian. She wore a huge light pink knit holly hobby hat with a royal blue velvet coat over a white sweater, a pleated skirt with some dumb looking belt and a rhinestone necklace. The outfit looked like she raided a Godwill bin. I’m surprised she didn’t wear a pair of her $400 shoes with her five dollar outfit. Enough said for now.

    • j

      Agree 100%. I never watched this show when it was originally out, but as I always heard about it, finally decided to watch the reruns when they came back recently. I was surprised these are women that people looked up to. Carrie’s character is completely self absorbed and a spoiled brat. Kind of dippy, not a lot of depth. She’s scrawny, rough looking and a heavy smoker, so to me she’s a little trailer trash, yet always wearing expensive clothes.They are also all really slutty…even Charlotte. One night stands are nothing to these women. The funny thing is, none of the women I hang around with are slutty at all, nor do we sit around talking about men’s private parts.

    • lilla

      i also agree with this, though i think that she is kind of an anti-hero. I really like to watch the show, and carrie, although i hate her.

    • BostonBaby500

      I may be the only male in this discussion, but I can’t help but jump in. I’ve come across little snippets of this show on the tube in reruns, and i applaud this writer and her article. There appear to be two schools of thought in the commentary up till now: 1) Carrie makes me cringe (I’m in this group), or 2) it’s just a show, get over it, and besides, Carrie’s defects are part of the point. Well, it’s not just a show, not when there are indeed women, including the author in an earlier lifetime, who, sadly, “idolize” the character; and the show’s structure clearly poses Carrie as the central character, the commentator, the observer, the “neutral” and thoughtful arbitrator of what we should be thinking. She has nothing more than a veneer of that vulnerability & self-deprecation that I would think attracts women when it’s combined with what’s probably viewed as a “pro-active” approach to life, but is actually the needy female version of “I’ll take what I want but it’s okay because I need it. Besides, I just got fucked over, so I deserve it (whimper). I’m so liberated!” And the tone and placement of those profound-sounding voice-overs as she’s typing are not profound at all; as social commentary, they are only mental diarrhea in print. She’s really not much more, in reality, than a twat and a twit.

      Some of the writing seems pretty clever, though – not hers, the screenplay – if you can ignore the double-entendres, which are boring, and on a couple occasions, I ran across her looking pretty hot, if you could ignore her Manhattan version of the witch’s chin.

    • annoyed.

      I am only the young age of 18, but by watching the show sporadically, it totally gets under my skin. Plus, does she have anything else to say in her articles than “but then I wondered..”

    • Chickie

      I’m rewatching the series now on HBO Go and I can not stand Carrie. I think watching episodes back to back without having a week in between also makes Carrie tough to take.
      She is so selfish…even with Big. I always thought that Carrie was treated so terribly by Big but she deserved it. He told her that his Sundays were his time with his mother and that he wasn’t ready for Carrie to meet her so what does Carrie do? She shows up anyway and makes a huge scene. She was so childish and immature.
      I’m glad that she ended up with Big…she didn’t deserve Aidan. She deserved someone who would leave her at the altar.

    • Frenemie

      1. Charlotte gave Carrie a ring to pay a downpayment on an apartment, not pay down her debt. She wasn’t in debt. She had no savings.

      2. The fashion world didn’t seem to think she sucked at fashion – she was on the cover of Vogue more than once and is still a style icon.

      3. I’m not sure how you could possible know that she sucks at writing, as her columns are never read in full on the show. All you “read” were her nut graphs…those “questions about life” at the beginning of the column. Her actual column is her narration throughout the show, and that writing won Emmys.

      4. Carrie’s “friend” invited Carrie to her house and forced her to remove her expensive shoes at the door. This same woman, who freely bought such shoes before she had a houseful of kids, has decided to judge Carrie now that she has a different lifestyle. This, at a party where Carrie has had to bring yet another expensive gift to support her lifestyle choices. If they lady had just said “Carrie, I’m so sorry. I just can’t afford to reimburse you” Carrie would have dropped it. It was the bitchy judgement that galled Carrie.

      5. Big was Carrie’s first real love. He broke her heart. Then he screwed with her head and, in a moment of weakness, she succumbed when he told her everything she always wanted to hear. She was reckless and irresponsible, but she did have the balls to tell Aidan the truth. Later, when they got back together, she was honest about her feelings when he tried to rush her into marriage. She hurt Aidan, and that was wrong. Aidan was a great guy. He just wasn’t the guy for her.

      All of this sounds like sour grapes from a young woman who moved to New York thinking she’d be Carrie Bradshaw. Sure, it’s unrealistic that a person could build the kind of life Carrie had off of a sex column. The same has been said about Friends, Seinfeld and virtually every comedy about NYC.

      Carrie is no feminist icon, but Sex and the City addressed some issues that weren’t talked about before on TV – and I’m not just talking about sex. As a mother pregnant at the same time Miranda was, I really enjoyed seeing another person navigate some of the strange stuff society throws at working mothers. And yes, Carrie’s self-absorption during that time period in Miranda’s life got on my nerves. But it felt very real. Carrie wasn’t perfect but SATC almost was.

      • Oz

        Much agreed. There’s a fine line between stereotypes & archetypes, which good writing and attention to nuance distinguish, and I think the writers accomplished this. Fiction is by definition not a literal medium for expression, and those who take it that way are in for just the kind of disappointment this essayist expressed. The four main characters don’t represent the “only ways women can be” in real life; they represent the internal perspectives & dialogues women often have through their mid-30s while struggling to forge their identities & life roles. Anyone who feels compelled to identify with just one is probably still struggling with the challenge, when in reality, we all have a little bit of Carrie, a little Samantha, a little Charlotte & a little Miranda in us. So far as Carrie being solipsistic, that’s the typical effect of first-person narratives; we spend the show’s duration in Carrie’s head, sharing her perspective. I think the device worked in the show’s context, and criticism of the Carrie character for this perspective overlooks the meta-effects of narrative structure. I agree the show’s Emmy’s for writing were well-deserved, and that the show affected women’s internal dialogues about sexual identity in good & important ways, although maybe that’s more apparent to certain generations than others (I was born January 1974).

    • Samantha

      I’m 23, and I’m only just watching the series now. Wow why is the main character everything I despise about women. She’s selfish, needy, self obsessed, a disloyal friend and girlfriend, and her “insights” are rambling that I for stupid women to go, oh I know exactly what she means when really carrie just recites cliche after cliche. I’m embarrassed for the older generation of females that this got popular in the first place, you should know better. She’s winey and desperate and in my opinion the main character should be a good role model and likeable. Then Saying that I love Samantha. Only reason I’ve watched the show this far.
      I’m done ranting now, and I’m glad there are other women who are smart enough to see all the negatives about carrie coz jeez.

    • Ashlie Williams

      Love. The Carrie character is incredibly selfish. And as a half (I dropped out of University after the 1st year to pursue my passion& my talent…did not work out) slightly intelligent person, I find her vacuous, lazy and a bit pathetic. I don’t really understand why I watch it. I absolutely dislike their characters. Maybe because I don’t live in New York, or care about fashion and shoes. and can’t afford them. My cheap ballet pumps I wear every day to work are split and the soles are flopping away from the shoe itself. I buy my work clothes in cheap shops or charity shops with my “superhero award” (basically a voucher when you have been nominated for doing a good job, so I BUY TOPS FOR WORK! lmao) But is that what it is like there? Everyone earns a mint and works half a day, pays extortionate rent and yet they can shop and have 2-3 hour lunches in an “upmarket eatery”?. Am I an ugly, 32 year old, animal loving failure? I am. But my friends are everything to me, and I’m not a slut-bag who wears Jimmy Choos. I wear cute shit off ebay! lol xx

    • Oz

      Say what you will of Carrie’s fictional literary deficiencies, but if this screed’s any indication, you’re no wordsmith, yourself. Good writing is good thinking first, economy of expression 2nd. I don’t know about Bushnell, but I think the show worked because its observations about sexuality were refreshingly astute, and its dialogue pithy, for which it’s writers deserve much credit.

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    • tickytembo

      I do think her flaws were very much intentional. They were trying to make her seem more human in the midst of the ridiculousness of her ‘fabulous’ (frivolous and indulgent) lifestyle, so I actually wouldn’t have minded her naivety and selfishness (because they are somewhat inherent to people of her calibre) had it not been for the fact that she walks away with everything she ever wanted. Whatever happened to the good old morals of Greek theatre where hubris makes you fall on your ass. Sex and the city teaches us that I we complain enough about petty things, we will win in life?

    • Puk

      I don’t particularly like the Carrie character either, she does a lot of things most of us wouldn’t approve off, but that happens all the time in real life as well – and are you familiar with the term “don’t throw stones if you live in a glasshouse”?. Well, this article made me cringe for you. You are so quick to pass judgement on this (well fictive) woman, you sound very unforgiving, and yet in this article you sound bitchy, bitter and judgemental. Foe one, people should be able to wear whatever they like, its called freedom, and I for one salute diversity. Secondly we all have our bad habits and shameful pasts but friends should be there to help. So your guilty pleasure isn’t shoes, what is it then? We all use money on stuff we should be without, does that mean we don’t deserve any help when things go down?

      I donut like Carrie, but I like how the flaws people have on this show, they aren’t heroes, they are just as awful as people in the real world.

      Thats my opinion anyway.

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