Allie Brosh’s Boyfriend Presents: OMFG ALLIE BROSH IS SICK

Hello.  This is Duncan, Allie’s boyfriend. I’m writing this to let you know Allie will not have a post here this week due to a sudden illness that came on Tuesday and became quite severe on Wednesday.  She is feeling better now but she wasn’t feeling well enough to write her weekly post.

I know you guys love Allie’s drawings so I thought I would try my best to fill in! That didn’t work out too well. To say I’m inadequate at drawing is a gross understatement.  I’m terrible.  The best I could come up with was naked stick figures (though I did the crying birdy too).  Please don’t judge Allie based on me. Thanks.

I knew Allie wasn’t feeling well on Monday and Tuesday, but we really didn’t think it was anything serious until I came home for lunch on Wednesday:

After a while, Allie finally convinced me that her health was more important than TheGloss post.  I took her to the doctor and they did a bunch of tests and poked and prodded but after all the tests came up negative, she was told to take a Tylenol and hope for the best.

She should be back to normal and posting again next week.  And that’s a good thing for everyone  :)

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    • beth

      I like your drawings!! Get well soon Allie

    • bobehm

      If my wife ever divorces me, I’m coming to steal your girlfriend. Just fair warning. Keep her safe and happy in the meantime. I’ll be cross with you if you’ve broken her.

    • buggrit_1979

      You’re a good boyfriend, Duncan. Keep up the good work. And please tell Allie to update Hyperbole and a Half more, we miss her.

    • Elea

      Duncan, I think your drawings are fantastic! Very expressive. With a bit of practice you’ll be great yet!

    • Nadine

      Good job Duncan! You’re not at Allie’s level (I doubt anyone really is) but you get an A+ for effort. :D

    • Demi

      Haha this was the best :) You’re a cool boyfriend Duncan.

    • John

      Duncan, I married Allie. Well, not your Allie, but an earlier version. No regrets. Be there when she is down, comfort her when she is sick, and enjoy.

    • elisa

      Duncan, I think this is almost as hilarious as Allies work. (Or maybe I’m just in an overwhelming laughingoutloud-mood after having spent the last two days doing nothing but reading her blog posts and laughing out loud.) Thanks!

    • Tara

      aw, Duncan. That was so sweet, and I liked reading it (almost) as much as Allie’s stuff.

      You’re so sweet! Awwww. Sorry. That just had to be said again.

      Anyway, I’m not saying get well soon, because this was way back in May and now it’s January and she’s all better. Though I wish she would post more on Hyperbole And A Half.

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    • rose

      Where are you two! :(