I Actually Like My Pubic Hair

As a twenty five year old American female, I am acutely aware of the hullabaloo surrounding hoo-has. With summer upon us, and many talking of bald, even decorated vaginas, it’s easy to forget that some people don’t go in for any of it. And, as it so happens, “some people” is a group that includes yours truly. I’m not a smelly hippie, or a raver, or, God forbid, one of those burning man people. But I’ve never removed my pubic hair since first it sprouted, and, despite what the media would have you believe, you don’t have to either, if you don’t want.

That’s right, never. Other girls my age receive this information with shocked stares, followed by the inevitable, “but you trim, right?” Nope! I’ve tried trimming the ol’ soup strainer (if vaginas ate soup) exactly twice, once in high school and once in college, and both times yielded the same result: a crotch so itchy I couldn’t concentrate in class. Unwilling to sacrifice my academic performance for a cute haircut downstairs, and a fan of neither the look nor the discomfort of shaving/waxing, I made a deal with my special lady: I’d leave her hair alone if she promised not to get itchy. It’s been smooth sailing ever since.

I guess I should back up a bit. The first woman I saw naked was my mother. A free-spirited child of the sixties, she was, of course, all natural. The books they showed us in school about what would soon happen to our bodies confirmed it: sprouting hair in exciting new places was part of growing up. I remember taking gang showers at Girl Scout camp, admiring the full, luxurious bushes of the older girls and thinking, someday I, too, will have a bush of my very own. You can only imagine my excitement when this came to pass. It was like a de facto bat mitzvah for me. Mazel tov! Today I am a woman!

Even once I’d entered the wonderful world of boy-girl touching, it never occurred to me to shave it. What practical purpose would it serve? I realize not everyone has this luxury, but my bush fit nicely within the confines of my swimsuit. It wasn’t until I got to college that I found out many girls were taking theirs off completely, and many guys claimed to prefer, nay, require it of their lovers before they would deign to put their mouths down there. “Pubic hair is gross!” folks would say, or, “I don’t know how you could be so inconsiderate.” I shrugged it off. If I was going to take personal grooming advice from anyone, it certainly wasn’t an 18-year-old freshman from Long Island with a Dave Matthews Band poster on his wall who’d probably never even eaten a pussy properly.

And yet, as I got older, the pressure grew. Curiously enough, I found most of it came from my fellow women. Despite their unlikelihood of ever coming into contact with my pudenda, they felt a need to preach what they saw as the only hygienic and sightly option in a world where one must be as flawless as possible in order to land one of those increasingly slippery men. Was I that out of touch with the rest of humanity? Was my college-era boyfriend just being polite, secretly scorning the onerous task of cunnilingus each and every time he performed it on me, even going so far as to fake smile afterwards?

Possibly! However, an unscientific survey of my friends and acquaintances says most men (and a few women) don’t much care how hairy their partners are. Furthermore, most downplay the hair-in-teeth factor (hair doesn’t grow on clits, right?) with a few outliers who hate getting hair or any kind anywhere near their mouths (but they are neurotic in other ways, too, so they don’t count). So why do so many young people think it’s bald or GTFO?

A common explanation among a certain brand of feminist is to blame it all on porn, with its buffed Barbie dolls and oh-so-realistic sex acts. I don’t blame porn. I blame stupid people who think real life is supposed to be just like porn. I am, in fact, in porn (albeit of the softcore, “pin-up” variety), and have never had any real problems. For every ignorant comment someone leaves, there are five more telling me how neat it is to see a lady with bush. There’s even a whole group just for members and Suicidegirls to talk about how much they love hirsute women. The reasons they cite for liking bush vary; most find it womanly, fragrant, animalistic, or otherwise erotic. My bush-liking roommate calls it “classic.” Personally, I appreciate it aesthetically; the way that little dark patch breaks up a bland expanse of skin, providing visual variation and signifying super fun times in the vicinity.

It’s also worth noting that one of today’s most popular porn stars, Sasha Grey, is frequently seen sporting a somewhat furry muff in her movies, and I wouldn’t be surprised if others began to follow suit. Porn giveth pubes, and porn taketh pubes away. And then it giveth again.

So, in conclusion: you can do whatever you like with your hair down there, but you shouldn’t do it out of some wrongheaded belief that it’s mandatory. It’s not! If a partner asks you to change it up, hear them out, but keep in mind that at the end of the day, it’s your vagina, and as a guest in there, they should respect that.

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    • Jen Dziura

      Can I be the first person to post the Demi Moore photo??? Totally NSFW (although this will take you to the thumbnail, which you will have to click on for the full-glory experience): http://downtownalleys.blogspot.com/2005/08/demi-moore-has-huge-bush.html

      • Buffet

        Now that IS worth a million dollars!

      • yankeefan

        if you think demi has a bush..go to the madona site and few her rug ..you need a tour guide to find your way to the wet spot..nude madonas .com penthouse in her early teens pits and all btw she is not blonde

    • lcovington

      This is an awesome post. I totally agree with the whole, “thou shall not shave” idea. It DOES make things itchy and I don’t know how grabbing your crotch and viciously scratching it is sexy. Though, after seeing that pic of Demi’s bush that Jen posted, yowza. Either she had a special swim suit, or didn’t care. Thanks for sharing Jamie!

    • citydog

      The vagina is the internal organ. If people are decorating or shaving/waxing their *vaginas*, it’s certainly impressive and/or scary, but hardly common.

      “Vulva” is the correct term for the external female genitalia. “Crotch” also works.

      • Jamie Peck

        Why don’t you write your own clinically accurate, slang-free article on female grooming habits? I’m sure it’ll be lots of fun to read!

      • itsallgood

        You are clinically right. But “Vagina” has been adopted as is the colloquial term used.
        However, I come down on the side of accuracy because I think it aids description and communication. More words are more fun. Now, you can talk of chewing on a vulva and penetrating and filling a vagina, and be more visually descriptive, instead of having just one over-used term.

    • winny719

      I LOVE this post. As a woman I do think it is our own choice to shave it off if its crazy (like Mine) but as a lesbian I do have to say pubic hair is sexy. I love my wife either way but she knows how much I love it.

    • trevor

      as a male, i want a girl with as little body hair as possible. i realize it’s natural, but it’s completely unnecessary. i also don’t see the purpose of any body hair on myself. i stay wet longer, it catches on my clothing, smells cling to it; it’s generally just annoying.

      when you go down on a girl with pubic hair it straight up gets in your teeth and mouth. i don’t know how that can be seen as anything but annoying and gross. i’m not going to lick the top of your head, why would i want to do the same on your vagina?

      that said, i don’t need a girl to be completely bald (although that’s pretty swell if she can maintain that without being driven crazy by itch and other things), but it’s not hard to just take an electric razor and trim it to stubble. stubble doesn’t bother anyone! it’s what i do to my pubic hair, and i expect the same courtesy from any woman i’m with. we’ve out-evolved our need for body hair and extensive pubic hair. i’m sure there’s guys that don’t care or even like it, but i think it’s pretty valid to hate it.

      • lynn

        uh!!! trevor …it sounds to me like u don’t know what ur doing in the first place. how do you get it between ur teeth?… how do u get hair from the vagina?… they don’t have hair on them but around them…therefore next time u go down on a woman, like the goods and quit lickin’ the carpet dude!!!

      • itsallgood

        thank you for bravely stating a fair opinion. the problem with critics like “lynn” is that they can’t tolerate that what’s right for them is not right for you. Our over-religious society has brainwashed guys like that into thinking there is only one right, and they struggle with the guilt of being who they are when it crosses those religious morals.
        additionally, I agree with your general opinion. I don’t like hair on baked chicken, I don’t like it in my green beans, and I don’t like it in my “love lunch”!
        You go, guy!

      • Buffet

        It’s blatantly obvious that you’re still a virgin little boy. Maybe try mastering the “shift” key between masterbating.

    • Anna

      I love you!

    • Chris

      My wife has a lovely bush. When we first met she was closely trimmed, and I asked her to grow it, and she did. We have been together for 5 1/2 years now, and she has never shaved or trimmed in that time. She is not the hairiest girl in the world, but I still love her bush.
      A real man isnt afraid to go down on a woman with a nice full bush

      • Brien

        Yes, a real man. Out of all the qualities one can possess in this world, being able to perform cunnilingus on a vagina with its pubic hair intact makes you a real man, as opposed to a fake one. I’m glad you’ve gotten your priorities straightened out.
        Despite the ridiculous way you chose to finish your comment, I’m glad to hear that you have the circumstances you desire with your wife. Congratulations.

      • yankeefan

        yeah pastor brien the key is this guy criss goes to the dentest to have the strands removed …

    • Rob

      Thank you for this article and inspiring young women to not be a sheep and follow the herd. You have great writing skills also. As a man, I absolutely have to have my woman with a bush as full as it can be. But my g/f always fights me on it a few times a year. I let her do what she wants when it’s all said and done. To me, I see it as a sign of maturity, or being ‘of age’. Anything less makes me think of little girl vagina. Little girls certainly do not turn me on. Because it is rare these days for women to grow it all out, it is considered erotic for anyone to prefer it. As the years go by, I have become more and more obsessed with big hairy bush because it is rare on a real woman. The more the merrier. Nothing turns me on more.

    • Peter

      My wife is hairy because she wants to, doesn’t bother her, and I like it. It’s a turn on to see them poping out her panties.

      • Buffet

        Hell yes it is!!

      • yankeefan

        where do you reside ?

    • Me

      This is awesome, I’m so glad this article exists. I love my pubes and I don’t understand why society wants me to shave and look like a 12-year old girl!! Also, I want my significant other to want me to look like an adult down there, but like pedo-bait.

      • yankeefan

        me don’t ever shave the corn muffin of course the sides of the thighs on the beach but come winter let the brush grow

    • Mary

      I don’t know how I haven’t seen this article til now. I don’t shave or wax and I have never ever had any partner object or even look slightly askance at me! Beauty mag guys notwithstanding, most men are just happy that you’re getting naked.

    • G.

      I am a HUGE fan! Please never shave, I’m sure you are absolutely beautiful just the way you are!

      Btw 27 year old man and I love hair! We DO exist.

      • yankeefan

        girls will say guys have a rank odor under their cubes as well..only girls smell of tuna

    • Harry

      I LOVE FEMALE PUBIC HAIR! It is so warm and soft and fuzzy. Girls Please, NEVER SHAVE!!!

    • Joanna

      I too love this post,it’s good to know that there are women who share the same views, I am proud owner of a full bush which i’ve never shaved/trimed/waxed or had a silly hair cut nor plan to do so,it’s a part of who i am.So far i haven’t had any complants from partners but if i where to i’d show them the front door,i think its pretty shallow for someone to expect their partners to shave,but what i can’t get my head around is where did all this pubic hair issue start?..i mean when did it become unhygenic,dirty?*not normal*?…if you read other posts on other sites there are lots of worried girls asking what should they do or tips on removing hair or what boys think or is it normal.I personaly think the porn industry does have something to do with it,in the last twenty years pubic hair has gone from porn or the actresses have very little, its seen more of a fetish today,so its no wonder that this generation belive/expect women should look like a fully waxed barbie dolls.

      • AlMorr

        Could not agree more with you Joanna, like you my wife and I have never cut, waxed or trimmed any hairs off our pubic hair since it began growing when we were in our early teens, we both have a full untrimmed bush of about 4″ hair, that hair acts as a wonderful cushion when we make love every night in bed before going to sleep. The trend for shaving started about 1990, perhaps with porn, but also with all the new shaving and razor products that came on to the market about that time. Both my wife and myself just dismissed all that as ‘commercial’ aimed at the under 30′s. It is a pity that the younger generation, particularly young women are worried about their pubic hair and must shave it off, as long as you wash and clean it there should be no problems.

    • JMK

      Wow, the Demi Moore picture (awesome bush!) reminded me of a few women I’ve been with, and I’ve been with quite a few. I guess they sort of grew on me, lol. There’s something hot about a nice bush, it’s so delicious!

    • Mike

      Love it!

    • Russell

      Yes I love natural hairy women, it turn me on. In high school I met my girlfriend and twenty years later I am still going strong. In high school I asked my girlfriend to stop shaving for a while.She did and she saw what a turn on it was for me.We had more foreplay as her hairs started to grow back.I would kiss the hairs all over her body.She enjoyed the tickle feeling as I would cress my lips against her hairy body. The more time she did not shave her body hairs grew.She has jet black hair and I could see her body hairs. I would shave her body from time to time.I enjoyed shaving her and she like me to pamper her. After many years I have notice she has more body hair then ever.I showed her in the mirror and asked her if I could still shave her from time to time.She said yes because she liked the tickle feeling when I kissed her body. I asked her if it tickles more then when I was in high school. She said yes. Do you like being a natural hairy girl? She said yes I love my body hairs. Now she has a female mustache,chin hairs,side burns,hairy arms,chest hairs, happy trail, hairy pubic hair,thigh hairs, butt hairs, leg hairs, and small hairs on her feet. I tell my girlfriend that she has more hair on her body then I do in some places. She told me let the hairs grow and keep on kissing my sexy natural hairy body.Thank you,Russell

      • AlMorr

        Russell,a good letter, but why did you shave your girlfriend at all, surely she would be even more sexy if you had NEVER shaved her, you sort of let the side down by doing that, the only area I perhaps would shave would be her mustache or chin, these hairs tend to appear on old women beyond the age of 70 but otherwise leave everything else to nature.

    • Anon

      Are you an atttention whore by any chance?

    • Shine

      I like mine too, for all those reasons. Great writing with many excellent points! American culture and its conditioning and insecurity–it’s freaky what people will put up with to comply. For me, someone who loves and accepts their body naturally is totally attractive. Most of my friends and my partners have full vibrant body hair, pits & legs too (yes it’s true i travel in those hip circles you mention). Thanks for encouraging people to not buy into the b.s. and think and live for themselves. (although your point about the porn star belies your article). peace.

    • Ben

      Yah it’s totally a turn on for me (a guy) and it’s just sooo….i don’t know fricken sexy like crazy!!!! :D I say the bigger the bush, the better..I could even go as far to say that I prefer a woman WITH hair! and btw Jamie…how big IS your bush?? maybe a picture? if you don’t want to that’s fine….i’m just curious that’s all cause 5+ years is a long time

    • Shawn

      I love the bush!! I just had the pleasure of being with an old girlfriend I had not seen on over 10 years. She has the Mona Lisa of bushes (a real masterpiece). Thankfully, she still has it! I got so excited! I really get more turned on if a woman has a nice bush than if she shaves. I don’t like the little girl look. I like a woman to look like a woman down there. Ladies, if you have great bush leave it alone!

      • AlMorr

        Fully agree, no woman or man for that matter should ever cut, wax or even trim 1 hair off their bodies, that was the case for me and my wife, we like you have left ‘down there’ fully natural since hairs began sprouting in our early teens.

    • Aaron

      In college, which was around the time the shaving trend became rather of an onslaught, I noticed the ones that were shaved were rather rank compared to the full bushes I’d gotten close to during my high school days. A couple of them tried to dummy them up with scents or sprays, but once I was down there for a couple minutes – whoa! Tasted like the smell of a sweaty sock. No wonder they dummied up their parts! Then I dated one who had a full bush and it was like coming back to home-sweet-home. No rank, no sour, no reek – 100% clean and ready for eating. Later on, I became curious about this shaved-hairy-smell discrepancy, went down to the university’s pharmocology department and read a book all on female anatomy. Turns out the pubic hair on females are made of complete proteins meant to attract “threatening microbes”, trap them, then kill them so they fall off away from the vaginal area. Explains why the hairy ones had next to no scent and the shaved ones reeked. And don’t tell me your shaved one doesn’t reek. If you walk around smelling like a goat for a week, you’re not going to notice. But, others most certainly will.

      • yankeefan

        aron that’s smelly tuna from unwashed muffins.get it right moms dousch bag was not a life support system

      • yankeefan

        admit bubes or not some of those girls never used fds or summers ever puuuu

      • yankeefan

        pubes don’t cause the fish odor lack of hygene does…

    • Karen

      The fuck is a hoo-ha? I shave my vagina, but as a woman, I would never use such a childish term to describe my genitals. Not trying to be rude, but reading that actually made me cringe.

      • jonesky

        If you’re into accuracy, if you’re shaving your vagina (internal) you may have some kind of medical condition. Likely, you’re shaving your vulva (the eternal part where the hair lives.)

    • maryandkim

      Kimmie and I are bi-sexual lovers and have kept our full bushes since high school. Granted, it is more pleasant to go down on a bald girl…..but as far as appearance and regular sex, a full bush cannot be beat!! We’d like to find one guy that isn’t turned on by seeing a hint of a dark patch through a tiny pair of see through panties!! It certainly works for us!

      • itsallgood

        You indirectly make an excellent point. A shaved Vulva is more pleasant to go down on, and, if I may paraphrase your comment, appearance and sex are aided by hair. That is, a patch of hair at the top of the mons veneris (vulva area above the clitoris) lends the beckoning appearance of the “pubic triangle” shaped by the legs and the abdomen. Also, when a dark room is the order of the day, it is great to feel the fuzziness telling you that you are getting verrrry close to the mother lode!
        Lastly, you obviously understand the titillating benefits of appearance vis a vi your reference the dark patch seen through sheer panties.
        Your “combination” answer to the question is spot on! Brava!

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    • pete nyc

      old italian proverb:

      “the thicker the bush, the sweeter the juice…..”

      I find that waxed/shaved/bald crotches are a complete turn-off;
      those women out there who think that hair is somehow “gross” bring to mind nothing so much as a herd of plastic pre-pubescent mannequins…

    • pete nyc

      old italian proverb:

      “the thicker the bush, the sweeter the juice…”

      Personally I find waxed/shaved/bald crotches to be real turn-off;
      who are these women that think hair is somehow “gross” or “unhygenic?”… what craziness…… and what a shame that the dating pool these days appears to be rife with herds of plastic, prebuscent mannequins…(sigh)

      Kudos to you, Ms. Peck – a great article…

    • lacanj45

      Why or how in the heck can a man be turned on by a bare pubic region? Or turned off by what is natural and beautiful…. why find an immature look sexy?

      Maybe that’s why there are so many more perverts out here violating little kids…they see shaved women and it certainly cannot help matters when a distinction cannot be made between a mature woman and an immature one if it all looks the same way as it did from birth… so gross; and I firmly believe it has influenced some of the freaks out there!

      It used to be that glancing at a woman’s crotch on the beach or pool in a bathing suit was interesting, as men used to try and determine just how much bush, and what color bush the women had down there :) Remember the line…”Is she a true blond?”

      Fashion moguls in Paris, Milan, and NYC had a lot to do with it the trend away from pubic hair over 20 years ago…and are these people concerned with what real men really like? NO, and they never have been. Are real men making such decisions for these markets? No, not too many real men in that industry. We have been and will continue to get played by these string pulling phonies. And I’m afraid of what’s next…

      • Buffet

        Wow. The similarities in our comments is amazing, especially since I didn’t read any of these prior to posting my own.
        Nice to know there are still some real men left out there.

      • anon

        Defining a real man as one who likes public hair is as dumb as defining a real man as one who does not. Like many other things ( i.e. big breasts, lingerie, long legs, sensual mouths, nipples etc), it is a question of taste. And men do not molest children because they see shaved or waxed vaginas. Children are molested by child molesters- end of story. If you think the only way to tell an adult woman from a child is by public hair, you have not been paying attention.

      • yankeefan

        anon shave your cruller and be done with it.cut the child molester nonsense

      • yankeefan

        anon wise up kids grow hair and periods at age 9 on up…boys a bit behind ..I was with a few girls that had very little pubes .its about ethnic and growth harmones…give it a break my grand son has hairy legs at 12 so usually with a girl bubes sprout pits to but the croutch first,,cut the molesters for I worked the pd for years…wise up

      • yankeefan

        story…a pixie went to a Asian parlor for a waxing..she was a red head..no lie as she told me..they never saw a red muff ..when they waxed her muffin some wax went up the vaginia area..girl got an infection ..sued the parlor..could not pee for a few days…today girls and guys shave their wa was..body pierce,,let em I still love a full muffen

      • yankeefan

        hey want to shave call lawn king or some nursery company..wise up if the hair is thick pee through a straw…impress yourself

    • Guest

      Having pubic hair is the main reward for being an adult. It is fun to play with such as gently tapping your hand on top of it. It is however a responsibility. It must be kept clean and never exposed. Adulthood comes with responsibilities. Deal with it!

    • Eliza

      want a WOMAN and not a GIRL then learn to love the hairy pussssssssay!

    • Anna Killilea

      Thanks for writing this. I love my bush too. Totally love it. I’ve shaved and trimmed a couple times, and although I can appreciate a new experience, I would never ever do it regularly. What a pain, quite literally. I am one of those feminists that knows I am a beauty, and I enjoy being an example to women. So I feel like I can get away with things, like not even trimming my bikini line. I let a few hairs hang out because I want women to know they have every right too do so. And I strut it proudly. I know that lots of guys find this sexy, as my men friends inform me. My husband says the triangle of hair is the symbol of woman. And it is so cozy warm, never itches. And it smells great – when I shaved it didn’t. But you have got to love your own odor and all the pheromone goodness that it brings.

    • gfm2012

      That’s great logic. Perhaps there are men out there who like the hairless look, and know that most women over the age of 16 trim or shave… so why not rape a minor girl and ruin not only her life but your own as well? Makes total sense.

      What an absolute moron!

    • gfm2012

      BTW, before me, not a SINGLE thumbs-down from any of the sheeple who populate this blog. Talk about Stepford Wives!

      • Brien

        Sorry friend, but I have to break it to you; if you use the word sheeple, you are one.

    • http://www.thecinemaniacs.com/ Walt D in LV

      What a fantastic and well-written article!
      Not only were your opinions stated, but I loved that you gave great examples (sometimes funny!)
      My preference is definitely to have hair on a woman. I’ve asked men of all different ages, and overwhelmingly they, too love at least SOME hair on a woman. The lone exception was a couple of youngsters. However, one friend put it best when I asked him his preference: “If I’m close enough to find out, I really don’t care!”

      Walt D in LV

      • itsallgood

        Thanks for the “If I’m close enough…..” reality check. hahaha

    • itsallgood


      Thanks for the “liberating” article. There are STILL people who are sexually repressed by religion and think that even talking about pubic hair is scandalous. They NEEEEED to read things like this.

      Thanks for your entertaining writing that was fair to both sides. To “cut to the chase”, there is no single right opinion in this matter, and you validated more than one. You were educational, as well. I mean, I never heard of the word “pudenda”.

      Which brings me to a point. The word “pudenda” in its latin origin does not refer to a woman’s anatomy, but just refers to “shameful things”. It was colloquially adopted as a reference to genitalia by those sexually repressive religious assholes of the Middle English!!

      Which brings me to a point. Our attitude about shaving or not is culturally affected. The effect of porn has already been noted, but the “shamefulness” of the “general area” is affected by the linguistics already mentioned (pudenda) AND by cultural attitudes. For instance, in Germany (well, the last I checked in the 70′s), women did not shave vulva, legs or armpits. I heard it was because whores DID shave and no woman wanted to be mistaken for a whore!!!

      I am a little surprised that one point was never mentioned. That is, the padding of a thick bush collected centrally by panties provides a “cover” for the possibly embarrassing appearance of a “camel toe”. Not that it is embarrassing because its there, but because the shape of what is THERE is SEEN by EVERYBODY. (Incidentally, the pic of Demi Moore looked like she combed her pubic
      hair toward the center, so there was no vision or shape of the “vulvic
      opening” to be viewed. I mean, if its covered by panty or a thick
      bush, you really AREN’T showing EVERYTHING.) Of course, if a women accepts that telltale silhouette as comfortably as she does pantylines, then it is not an issue. But I can see that it would be for at least some.

      Which brings me to a point. The answer here is simply “different strokes for different folks”. Its all good. And I am a little disappointed with the righteous opinions of the “pro-bush” comments. I mean, if “liberation” means ANYTHING, doesn’t it mean that we can be validated and happy on BOTH SIDES of the issue?

      Lastly, and I could have started with this, the whole discussion suffers from a lack of “defined perspective”. That is, are the comments coming from “hairy” people? On one hand, a hairy guy looking for sympathy might tend to accept and “prefer” a bushy woman, so his hair is not so obvious. And, a hairy woman might feel that shaving legs, armpits, and a mustache is ENOUGH TROUBLE so “give me a break with my crotch!!” Conversely, your wispy haired “metrosexual” crowd has a totally different perspective on the whole affair. There is also the cultural aversion to having “hair” in anything you eat (ever suffer the trauma of finding a long hair in your gravy?!)

      Then, not only are we not defining the “eye of the beholder”, we are not defining clearly what is being beheld(?). What REALLY IS a “bush” was never mentioned. There may easily be Nordic blonde women with wispy crotch hair that say “I NEVER shave and have a full bush” when the patch they have may be what another woman (I won’t mention nationality so as to not offend) is LEFT WITH AFTER vigorous trimming!!

      But, I can’t leave without giving MY opinion. First, do what makes YOU happy but for ME, I like a COMBINATION. Succinctly put, pubic hair aids appearance and feel “above” but is interfering and unattractive “below” and “in the center”. That is, shave it from the coccyx to mid-vulva and from the center a bit out to the sides. Leave (with a trim if you like) the rest for that “classic triangle” appearance and fun fuzzies. Leave the rest LONG if you want to do a “comb over” to hide the camel toe or, if naked, hide the protruding inner labia (another point no one mentioned). In the end (and that is part of the reason for some shaving, hahaha) we can have the best of both worlds.

      But, the “best of both worlds” gets even better if the man ALSO participates in this and, for the parts that ARE shaved, volunteers to REGULARLY play BARBER and perform the maintenance. What fun! And fun for her doing that to him!

      There. Hopefully that ends on a “love” note. Remember, none of this matters if we’re not making love, so that all of this DOES MATTER!! HAHAHAHA

    • timbit_queen

      For those that complained of itchiness after shaving, you should’ve stuck with it longer. It only does so the first few times. Before our breakup my husband quit shaving for over a year. I quit going down on him. My opinion; sex with tons of pubic buffering the sensation is not only boring and numb but also gross. I feel the complete opposite of the author of this article, for I would not only never not shave, I won’t go longer than 3 days without doing so.

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    • Roxanne

      See now the article is very body positive ‘it’s up to you how you choose to groom your own body’ etc. then the comment section for the most part is just a pile of negativity and shaming directed at women who shave or people who like shaven. We have pedophilia being throw about and some guy trying to use the good old ‘your vagina smells you just haven’t noticed’ rubbish to shame women who shave, we also have the whole ‘real man’ and ‘real woman’ (as opposed to what? fake men and women?) being bandied about just to remind everyone that we should let ourselves be constricted by gender norms. I think a lot of you are missing the point, I shave it’s my preference and I find it more comfortable for my skin and I prefer men and women who shave (just as i prefer certain haircuts etc. but it’s not a deal breaker), but I don’t shriek over the alternative and I don’t think anyone male or female should be shamed over any part of their body let alone their genitals. A lot of you in the comments are going from a society that shames women who don’t shave to directing that shame at women who do. You’re just swapping negative narratives from ‘she doesn’t shave because she’s lazy/unhygenic’ to ‘she shaves because she thinks men like it’ I’m pretty sure women can make their own minds up about these things.

    • kerumbo

      Don’t want to be judgmental, but to me there is something sick about men who demand that women be shaved-down like a 6-year-old. There may be isolated cases of hair gone out-of-control, where it grows up to the navel and out to the edges of the thighs, and in such cases some trimming may be in order, if only to avoid looking immodest in a bathing suit. But in general I like the hair, and I feel bad for women who, in some misguided effort either to be stylish or to please men, end up with a nasty red rash of shaving bumps — self-mutilation is never attractive, and natural is nearly always more beautiful.

      • W. T. Hatch

        “Don’t want to be judgmental”

        The proper punctuation for that phrase is a period, not a comma.

    • Diana

      “So, in conclusion: you can do whatever you like with your hair down there, but you shouldn’t do it out of some wrongheaded belief that it’s mandatory.”

      I think a lot of people commenting on here have missed the point of this article. This line right here summed it all up. A woman should feel free to choose what SHE feels comfortable with, and not feel that she has to do what someone else feels she should. You do realize this works both ways, right? If a woman enjoys a smoother look/feel for whatever reasons she does, she shouldn’t be shamed into keeping her ‘bush’ out of some wrongheaded belief that it’s mandatory either. Which is exactly what many of you on here are trying to do for woman that like to be smooth. Or guys that like it smooth. If it’s not wrong to want to keep your ‘bush’, and it’s not wrong to be a guy who likes a ‘bush’, then it’s not wrong to want to keep it smooth, or to be a guy who likes it smooth either. Don’t be hypocritical :)

      The fact is, the decision to shave or wax or keep a bush or keep it trimmed is a personal decision. And it’s up to what the woman feels comfortable with. Not to what anyone else wants (except perhaps her partner, in which she may wish to take his/her opinions into consideration as well. Just as you do with all things sexual).

      • yankeefan

        who cares when I go down on the crack hate the nubs..the odor is natural

      • yankeefan

        well that’s your feelings..i don’t need to kiss a babys ass…smooth this

    • Jasmine

      My 2 cents – when I first got together with my boyfriend, he expressed a liking for the no-hair look. I tried rather poorly to do this a few times, but after a while, I simply could not be bothered to deal with the constant itching and having my genital area look like a little girl’s. Being mature adults, we reached a compromise on the situation by having me trim my bush, thus eliminating hair-in-mouth and also a nice bikini line. What more could you ask for? I believe that real men don’t really have a strong preference for hair/hairlessness down there. I had a full out bush for 90% of our relationship and it has made no actual difference to our sex lives!

    • Stephen T White

      I think it gets real simple.
      Women tend to shave their arm pits, but not their pubic area. The big question is where are the women most
      likely to find a man’s face? Certainly
      not in the arm pits.

    • Astro

      Shaved pubic areas are for little girls. I like real women. I agree with the post below that we used to see girls in bikinis and hope to see that sexy pubic hair poking out. The more hair me saw the prettier she got. Some girls were brave enough to let their belly and armpit hair grow. I hope that comes back in style. Bald is not beautiful.

    • Cool Hand Luke

      I’ve seen you Jamie Peck, and I wouldn’t mind wading through the forest.

    • max

      what the heck … this is crazy … let people do what they want … everybody has their own views and preferences. No pubic hair shaving is not a new porn generated act, its even mentioned in the kamasutra.

    • Hank on Food

      Ok. I want to say that as a Gen Xer, I am a bit appalled at how the younger generation of men and women are viewing what is perfectly natural to have–pubic hair. My attitude has always been that to trim it back a little so it doesn’t stick out of a swimsuit crotch is okay, but shaving it all off bald is just to do once in a while to spice things up. I have always kept a set of clippers to trim mine back but only shaved mine off once in a while for the same reason–spice things up once in a blue moon. Most of the women I’ve been with have had some pubic hair unless it was one of those special occasions. However, recently it seems that both men and women think it’s the norm to be bald as a baby down there and that is what I find disturbing.

      Think about it for a second: If a woman has pubic hair, you would not likely ever wonder if she were of legal age. If it’s your first time with a woman and you were unsure, wouldn’t the lack of pubic hair make you worry about jail bait or worse?

      As for the commentary about cunnilingus, while I do think that having a woman’s vagina bald can make the experience more interesting (one of my old gfs went bald for a couple of weeks just to see if it was different and how it felt), a woman having hair down there doesn’t dissuade me from making out and French kissing her intimate areas. It’s not hard to part the lips and move the hair out of the way to get access to the sweet spots and the pubic hair actually helps waft her aroma of arousal into your nose much better than when it’s bald.

      Having pubic hair is not unhygenic. If you shower once or twice a day, shower after a workout, and lather it up and rinse it, it’s clean. Plus trying to keep it smooth and bald all the time (for men or women) can lead to pimples, razor burn and even painful ingrown hairs. Trimming back so it doesn’t stick out of a swimsuit crotch is the better way to go. That’s my take anyhoo…

    • femmefascista

      Can I suggest that you learn the correct names for the parts of your OWN body? If you have a hairy vagina, you are indeed unusual as the vagina is the TUNNEL! Pubic hair grows on the skin of the vulva- the vulva being the collective name for all the bits- clit, lips, mons, openng of the vagina etc. I can’t get over how many people- doctors included- do not use the term “vagina” correctly. It’s the equivalent of referring to all if the male genitals as a “testicle”. Stupid and ignorant. It’s your body. Learn about it.

    • Buffet

      Let me tell you something. REAL men want REAL women. Period. What’s a real man? I’m a competitive light-heavyweight bodybuilder. I also work upwards of eighty-five hours a week at my job, which does not include a desk. I don’t smoke, or use drugs, and I rarely drink. I believe in chivalry and I believe in respecting, supporting (emotionally), and protecting women. I believe in monogamous relationships and fidelity!
      In return I want a REAL woman. What is a real woman? A real woman is curvaceous. She has glowing, healthy skin and white teeth – and she has a pussy!!! Reagrdless of any and all other factors, the last feature is a must – NO exceptions!!
      Some may wish to call me shallow, but I have, more than once, terminated a relationship, at that ‘juncture’, for that reason! Why? Because it’s sick, creepy, and unnatural.
      Any grown man who is aroused by a female with an emaciated, skin and bones body (no ass, no breasts) and most of all, no pubic hair, is looking for a little girl. Yes, a little girl who hasn’t reached puberty. A man like that is a PERVERT and should be dealt with accordingly!
      Back to real women. Since I first began noticing girls, at about the age of eleven, nothing turns me on like a thick, furry bush. I literally lose my mind with lust at the sight of just a hint peeking out. The only thing in this world that can bring me to my knees (except prayer) is a hairy, hot, fragrant pussy. Mmmmmmmmmmmm!
      So all you pencilneck perverts can chase after the nasty, hairless wonders if you wish. Just stay outta my way.
      Anybody wanna argue with me?……….I didn’t think so!

    • Suttyom

      Hairless genitals=pedophile porn? Ridiculous.

      Some religions prescribe the hairless genitals for centuries. Or the native tribes, whole countries, egyptians, mayans, etc. It’s not a new trend.

    • James Cavendish

      There are some girls (redheads, for example) who don’t shave but
      nonetheless have quite fine body hair – I’ve known a few hippie girls
      that have never shaved their legs, and still all they had was a kind of
      soft, downy hair that one could only really see in certain light. So not
      all girls are naturally hairy.
      And it’s been (wrongly) suggested
      that the girls who do shave only do it because of some kind of pressure
      from men. When are people going to understand that many women often
      present themselves in a certain way actually for other women, or just
      Women have trimmed the extra hair that would otherwise
      poke out of the edge of their bikini for decades, and removed this hair
      for millennia – why is shaving it all off any different?
      Forms of
      hair removal have historically been practiced in almost all human
      cultures. If you also follow the “women should be natural” theory to its
      natural conclusion, these women should also have hairy armpits. So it
      makes sense to assume that people who insist that females should be
      “natural” simply prefer hairy armpits on women. If they do not, logic
      dictates that they are contradicting themselves. Generally (a massive
      majority of) women shave their armpits – for themselves – they just
      prefer it that way.
      Muslim women have depilated (threaded) their
      body hair for centuries, for many aims… In hot countries, many women
      traditionally remove body hair for what they have seen for centuries as
      hygiene reasons.
      The ancient Egyptians were known to have better
      forms of razors made of flint or bronze. They also used a method of
      depilation called sugaring. A sticky paste (bees wax was sometimes used)
      would be applied to the skin, kind of like waxing. Then a strip of
      cloth was pressed onto the paste and yanked off, removing the hair.
      is a rumour going around that women have only been removing hair from
      their legs for the last hundred years or so. Well that is true for
      American and European women. The fact that removal of body hair for
      Europeans wasn’t popular gives sense to the fact that American women
      didn’t shave, because most of the immigrants were European. However in
      ancient Egypt, Greece, and Middle Eastern countries, removing body hair
      was important. In fact these women removed most of their body hair,
      except for the eyebrows. Egyptian women removed their head hair. Having
      hair “down there” was considered uncivilized. And women were not the
      only ones to remove their pubic hair…
      It was also considered
      uncivilized for men to have hair on their face. Having a scruffy face
      meant you were a slave or servant, definitely of lower class.
      In the
      ancient Roman Empire, hair removal was often seen as an identifier of
      class. The wealthy women would remove their body hair with pumice
      stones, razors, tweezers and depilatory creams…
      The removal of
      body hair also has historically taken place in certain cultures that
      were traditionally matriarchies: Amazons and Scythians, indigenous cultures of Asia and Africa, such as those of the Minangkabau, Mosuo,
      Berbers and Tuareg; Elamite civilization and the aborigines of the
      Trobriand Islands… These systems can sometimes be called a
      “gynecocracy”. The removal of body hair has been documented in nearly all of
      these cultures.
      I have had many girlfriends that have happily shaved
      their pubic hair, and generally they did it out of their own choice.
      Suggesting that all women who do so are under the yoke of a patriarchal
      power therefore suggests that they cannot think for themselves – think
      about it. If one follows the logic of this, the suggestion is that women
      only shave their pubic hair to please men.
      This is actually massively insulting to women.
      Women often do things just for themselves. And often for other women.
      This is a fact. Happily the article does recognise the fact that women do things often for other women, or simply themselves.
      They even trim their bikini area if they are going swimming with other women.
      Greek statues were of course not censorship – that was just the way the sculptor’s model looked.
      hair has certain properties that can help against infection, but it can
      also contribute to infection like pubic lice. So the point is that it
      does no harm to remove it. Therefore pubic hair is rather like an
      apendix – a vestigial item that can either stay or go, but without any
      discernable use.
      So removing it is certainly nothing new. Contrary to
      a couple of recent vague reports, pubic hair serves no genuinely useful
      purpose, and is acually unhygenic in certain situations. After all,
      women don’t die when they shave it off… and if they do, they’re doing
      it wrong ; )
      The idea that women immediately look prepubescent (as some say) if
      they remove their pubic hair is slightly ridiculous. Prepubescent with
      Do all those women in Rubens’ paintings look prepubescent?
      Do all classical statues of women look prepubescent? In most paintings
      throughout history the women are void of body hair – does it follow that
      they therefore look prepubescent? Simply, no.
      Simply put, the
      removal of bikini-line hair may seem to some (conspiracy?) theorists to
      be a modern phenomenon, dictated by men or the porn industry. In fact,
      historically, this is totally incorrect.
      It’s been going on for thousands of years.

      So unfortunately (but respectfully) the article largely fails to understand the true historical context of the issue.

    • James Cavendish

      Hmmm. Don’t know why the formatting of my post came out weird. Had some pubes in my teeth, so perhaps wasn’t concentrating.

    • Mark

      Thank you!!!!! Pubic hair is beautiful!!! I don’t understand why some women want to look like 4 year olds.

    • Eric

      Jaimie– Let’s get coffee sometime!

    • Hannah

      I am a 21 year old woman and have not given into the pressures of shaving down below which is really good! My first boyfriend took my virginity and I was 19 and he really hated the hair. He was always saying ‘ew it’s in my mouth’ and I told him he wasn’t good at oral anyway and that he didn’t need to be down there with his mouth. I certainly wasn’t doing that for him. Anyway he ended up liking my hair and I cured his semi-paedo mind! Yay to real women! A lot of my friends keep it natural until they meet someone because they know the guys have been turned into paedo’s through porn and media. My friends are not being themselves because of this.

    • yankeefan

      the bush is there for a reason..some have little some have less usually redheads less aswell as blondes…what does it matter…I love a full bush and the aroma of tuna like moe larry and curly said its neither hair nor there go bush girls

    • Dick Harry

      I remember when my first g/f let me take off her panties, and there it was a glorious full bush! Then the next time it was gone, and I said…hey! wtf where’s your bush?

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