These Sunglasses Are Full Of Rainbows

Suglasses – most of them give you shade. But how many of they give you and ability to see nothing except multi-colored rhinestones? Only Jaesyn Burke’s. Because apparently, he is the only sunglass designer brave enough to go beserk with a bedazzler, and Patricia Field is the only woman courageous enough to sell them. Seriously though, I want a pair.

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    • poundforpound

      Jennifer – You should have taken some more time to research designers and eyewear. Kerin Rose has been bedazzling the hell out of glasses since 2008 with her a-morir line; this means not only is she brave enough to “go beserk with a bedazzler” but she’s also brave enough not to copy someone else’s style years later. Check out her work at and fall in love with the real deal.

      I look forward to a follow-up post highlighting her sunglasses.

      • jazzlover


    • jazzlover

      I luv Jaesyn Burke’s designs! Both his clothing AND eyewear are top notch quality(unlike previous designers mentioned,considering that Patricia Field CANCELLED the account with her because her glasses were falling apart,and clients were complaining)…..Moving right along…I buy Jaesyn’s designs all the time,and he is a true artist,but more importantly, he knows that quality counts above everything. And honestly, this whole glasses thing has been done by SEVERAL designers, but let’s face it, who has the best quality? And he makes clothing FIRST, so he can really pass on the eyewear thing if he chooses too. How many designers have that option? HE MAKES EVERYTHING! A TRUE GOD-GIVEN TALENT….This is not just some hobby for Jaesyn Burke…..GOD gave him this gift!!! SOME PEOPLE ARE BORN WITH IT, AND SOME ARE NOT…..PERIOD!!