Gallery: Vote For The Worst Dress Of The Past 50 Years

Yesterday, The Telegraph ran an article on the poll that said that Ginger Spice’s Union Jack Dress was the best dress of the past 50 years. Some people – like the people at Fashionista – took issue with the fact that the poll seemed to have left out so many good dresses. They were disappointed that the pollers forgot Marc Jacob’s first collection! Jackie Kennedy’s peach dress! Audrey Hepburn’s LBD!

Meanwhile, we were just disappointed that no one even remembers the time that Demi Moore wore biker shorts to the Oscars. Which is why we put together this gallery of dresses from the past 50 years that should live on in infamy. Check out the following to vote for your least favorite, or tell us which ones we forgot.


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    • lisa skapinker

      Gwyneth can do no wrong in my eyes. She looks fantastic despite the lack of support in the chest

    • Elizabeth Richard

      I almost feel like Demi should get a pass because it’s the 80′s and most things were terrible then. Kate Hudson, on the other hand, went out looking like an Edwardian rodeo clown in 2001.

    • Jen Dziura

      That Kim Basinger dress? I would get married in that. No, really. I love it. Okay, maybe a less poufy skirt. But the top is PERFECT. I love anything I would have dreamed about stealing from the mall in junior high school.

      • Jennifer Wright

        You know the more I stare at it… no. No, still fail. Okay, MAYBE if the skirt was different.

    • porkchop

      Those are some hideous outfits, but Demi and Tina Yothers are making me smile, while Gwyneth is lowering my mood.