If You Want to Wear a Reality Star’s Used Maternity Prom Dress, Now’s Your Chance

It’s hard for me to choose a least favorite (because Catelynn and Tyler are my most favorite, obviously) from the ridiculous crop of teenagers featured on MTV’s 16 and Pregnant, but one of the worst young moms by far was Nikkole Paulun, who had a terrible on-and-off relationship with her borderline abusive baby’s father, Josh Drummonds. Despite her utter incompetence as a parent, Nikkole has already garnered a fan base from her appearance on the show. Now, she’s trying to cash in on it in case the MTV gravy train runs out. First up? She’s auctioning off her maternity Homecoming dress on eBay. In case you had any faith in humanity left, bids the dress are already up to $5,600, with an entire week still left on the auction.

That reminds me… maybe it’s time to go update that terrible prom dress gallery.

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    • Shelby

      Okay, you obviously have no idea about what you are talking about. Nikkole is a good mom. She has always been there for her baby. Now for things about josh, She dumpped him. Yes she still loves him but he is her first love and the father of her child. It going to be hard for her to stop loving him. She’s a sweet softspoken girl. But you are do busy with your head up your @$$ to know that!!!!! So what if she is selling her stuff on ebay. That her her choice and her decision. Mind your own d@#* business!!!

    • Megan

      I hate Nikkole, i hated her when she was a freshmen and i still hate her now that i’ve left Jefferson. The way they depicted her on the show was a such a lie that i was laughing threw the whole show. She may be a good mom i dont know and i really dont care, the huge fan groups are just annoying. The only fame our town with have is her, for being pregnant at 16.

    • Mrs.Wilson

      ok soo obviously yu 2 kno each otha 4rm da show everyone looked as if they had turned out to b wonderful mothers idnt truly remember her story off bakk bt ido feel dt she has a bby nd if salinq her old clothes is hw she can money den so be it imean like seriously she have2 support da bby sum type of way nd trust me bbys arent cheap at all