How To Stop Your Gag Reflex (For Real)

Make a fist with your left hand and insert your thumb inside the fist. Try to trigger your gag reflex. It won’t happen.

Thank you for this incredibly vital information, American Dental Association! Sorry we reduced your very long paper to three sentences.

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    • brandyalexander

      It worked! Whoa.

    • Seany36boy

      I tried it while brushing my tongue. I gagged, but did not puke. I’m satisfied with the results, but still skeptic that this is nothing more then the placebo effect. Regardless, I’ll be using this technique from now on =)

    • ste1238757

      it works for me but not my girlfreind so it must not work for everyone lol

    • Fey

      OMG, It really worked!! I always, always, always gag whenever I go to the dentist ;(. But, not anymore! It’s amazing!