Random Photo: Lady Gaga Will Not Leave Her Birkins Alone

First, Lady Gaga doodled all over her Birkin bag. Now, she apparently got her other Birkin studded. Is this cruel and unusual punishment for these expensive bags, or has she actually made them look cooler?

[Via Fashin]

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    • beth

      That makes me sad :( Those bags are beautiful, classic bags, and she ruined them. She will not use that bag for years to come, like many women who invest in them, she will wear it once or twice then realize “Hey, this looks stupid!” and never use it again. Big waste of money if you ask me.

    • Jennifer Wright

      Me too. I fantasize about saving up enough money to buy myself a Birkin one day, so, you know, it can be a classic that I wear forever and leave to my grandchildren one day. It’s silly, but I do believe that anything that much work has gone into is a work of art. Still, I guess it’s everyone’s right to do what they want with accessories they’ve bought, I just wish she would have done her whole studding thing on a more basic bag. Or start her own bag line!

    • Sarah

      This makes me hate Lady Gaga. It’s a fucking Birkin bag. I know so many women who would give anything to have one and she destroyed two of them. She grew up filthy rich, so I’m sure she doesn’t understand this, but writing on/studding TWO Birkin bags if like a slap in the face to normal women everywhere who will never be able to afford one of those gorgeous bags. Or maybe I’m just overdramatic.

    • uduman