When Does a Shirt Become a Dress?

It’s a question every woman has to wrestle with at some point. Is this item a shirt? Or is it a dress?

Like with this shress/drirt, pictured at left. To me, the piece clearly says shirt. But apparently, to the woman wearing it, who is also someone that hangs out on mountainsides, it says dress. I guess that when I’m faced with the threat of vagina exposure form even the slightest breeze, I can’t help but think, “You know what would solve that problem? Pants.”

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    • cmj

      Haha, it’s like that bald Ilia woman in Star Trek The Motion Picture. I always wondered, was she wearing a shirt, or a dress?
      Actually, I think I read that it was a shirt but the acttress who played her thought it’d be better to leave out the pants. But if I don’t wear pants, that doesn’t make my shirt automatically a dress.

    • Kelly

      Thank you!!!! As a crusader for my self-organized Please For the Love of God Wear Pants “campaign”, your comments echo the sentiments I’ve been writing about in my blog for months. Check it out if you’d like to see some humorous/scandalous/downright hideous No Pants Sightings. With commentary of course. http://findyourpants.wordpress.com :)