In Defense Of Pigtails

I get a lot of flack for my pigtail-wearing ways. Like rompers (which I also am strongly in favor of), pigtails are oft-decried as ridiculous, infantilizing, et cetera. But also like rompers, you know what pigtails are? Awesome, and awesome some more. Why? They’re way funner than ponytails, they make your cheekbones look quite fantastic, and they give you some instant street cred: if you’re willing to walk down the street with your hair styled like a five-year-old’s, you’re probably tougher than you look.

Miss Adriana Lima over there is doing pigtails just about perfectly. Let’s talk about why:

1. They’re messy. The whole point of the look is ease, so step away from the hairbrush, and let a few pieces fall out around your face to soften things up.

2. They’re low. I’d advise placing them no higher than your earlobes, unless this is the look you’re going for (stunningly adorable, but methinks only on that lovely little lady).

3. They’re paired with some decidedly grown-up extras (gorgeous jewelry, neatly-applied makeup, and…well, some pretty enviable cleavage).

The best thing about pigtails is that if you stick to these three basic rules, you can wear them in about a zillion fun ways. Try securing them with a little twine, some (preferably neutral-colored) ribbons, or various other kitchen drawer-sourced accoutrements. I also like dressing them up a bit by braiding back the top section of my hair to one side, securing the braid with a bobby pin, and then pigtailing what’s left over.

And if someone should dip your piggies in ink?  Calmly examine the offender over the tops of your glasses, pocket your edition of Thus Spoke Zarathustra, and tell him to go back to the sandbox – you’re late for a grownup meeting. And now he’s not getting any of your lollipop.

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    • Rachel

      I’m 36 and rock pig tails and braids all the time! Love em!

    • kitsey

      Love it! Just checked out your blog for the first time and I love it! Rock on with your pig tails!

      • Jordan Reid

        yay! thank you!

    • zara_xo

      I am currently rocking the top section braid/pigtail combo. At work. In my very conservative office.
      And I look awesome, if I do say so myself.

    • Danica

      No, they’re extremely infantilizing and stupid-looking on adult women. File under girls who talk in baby voice, maintain bodies like preteen boys, and get little lapdogs. Oops: sounds like you a bit, Jordan!

      • Jordan Reid

        you may not have any of my lollipop, either.

      • Jeffers

        Yo, this Jordan girl does NOT have a pre-teen body. Yowza! Youc an do anything you want with your hair, honey.

    • danav

      Sorry but no. 30 year old women blathering on about pigtails is one whole heap of sad.

    • SofaKingSweet

      you’re never too old to be awesome in pigtails! I have super thick hair, so ponytails give me headaches, pigtails are way better.

    • Danica

      WOW, so The Gloss also deletes comments like crazy! I thought I made a pretty good one about how it’s infantilizing. I suppose it got deleted because I said the author here often promotes that? I was a big Gloss reader and had referrred so many of my friends now but FORGET IT. We don’t tolerate sites that delete innocuous comments. Let me guess, notorious insecure web-comment-censorer Jordan Reid, asked for that? Talk about zero journalistic integrity.

      • Jennifer Wright

        Umm, your comment was in the spam folder. This is less “OMFG CENSORSHIP!” and more “OMFG SHITTY SPAM SETTINGS.” We don’t agree with everything, but at the moment, the only things we delete are comments with links that we suspect were made by bots.

    • Kitty

      Oh hell yes! Swimmer hair: always damp, always messy, great in pigtails. Can I have some of your lollipop?

    • Sara

      Love this look! There’s nothing childish about’em, they look great!

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