Lust Object: Lisa Perry Pop Art Dresses

Sickened by stripes? Pooped with paisley? Put off by polka dots? How about Andy Warhol drowning in a can of Campbell’s soup? Yeah, that’s considerably more interesting. Lisa Perry has taken iconic photographs of Andy Warhol and Edie Sedgewick and made them into cotton twill dresses. They go on sale by order today and at Lisa Perry stores later this month. Because fashion can be art. And, apparently, vice versa.

Andy and Edie Dresses, $1,295, Lisa Perry Stores

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    • daringdropout

      In what way is this groundbreaking/exciting? I can get an extremely similar version of any of these dresses on eBay for $20. Are prices like these really this site’s demographic?

      • Jennifer Wright

        Periodically, we like to do lust objects that we’re not likely to buy but still think are cool. I guess I just really like pop art, but it’s not by any means a bargain. You might like our Friday 10 Things for under $10 feature.

    • Katiej

      I love the design of Andy in the soup can. Maybe I can’t afford it (or maybe I can) but one of the fun aspects of this site is seeing items across a huge range – the good, the ugly, the pricey, the inexpensive . . . Pricey shoes are my demographic.