Banned From Commenting Everyplace Else? Come Comment With Us!

Maybe you’re a racist homophobe. Maybe you like to fucking swear a fucking lot in your fucking comments. Maybe you like to end all your comments with your weight. Maybe you’re a despicable human being who made a dildo in their own image and wants to talk about it. Maybe you’re someone who just likes to leave comments saying whatever the devil imps who live in your hair tell you to say. If you are? Welcome home, weary traveller, welcome home.

Just so you know, the only comments we delete are ones with links in them – mostly because we’re pretty sure they’re made by robots.

There’s always a chance that our policy could change in the future, but for now, you’re free to respond to posts however you want. And our tech team has made commenting easier, so you should be able to do so without the whole stupid Login process. And now, the devil imps in my hair say I have to get back to editting Allie Brosh’s post.

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    • Jen Dziura

      Full of hate! Full of hate! Everyone here is fat! I think only women who have their ribs surgically removed and replaced with internal Spanx should be permitted to be runway models!

      This is fun! I am pregnant with possibility.

      • Jessica

        Don’t get pregnant! How will you lose the baby weight?

      • Jennifer Wright

        I don’t think they should need internal spanx.

        I do think they should eat more tapeworms.

      • Corporate Tool

        I hear that the flattener works.

    • Sarah

      I was banned from Jezebel a few months back for daring to disagree with Queen Anna Holmes. Very respectfully disagree, I might add, while backing up my argument with reputable sources and simply daring to question where her information was coming from. She told me I should find somewhere else to post if I felt that way, and refused to actually engage with me on the subject at hand. Two others were banned for questioning why she was being such a bitch to me.
      Anyway, a few weeks later I created a new account to comment on another story. My comment was again intelligent and well-sourced, thus it was approved and promoted by a starred commenter. This time, it was Smack-Down Hortense who banned me, again for daring to question her with-us-or-against-us view on a subject.
      About two weeks ago, Jezebel published a scathing criticism of Michael Pollan, taking a particular quote out of context (par for the course) to “prove” his misogyny. Again, there was an intelligent thread pointing out that this quote was not representative of his overall views (I did not participate this time), and others stepping up to add further evidence.
      That thread was completely gone the next day.
      And let’s not even get into the race posts in which anyone who admits to not being a racial minority is labeled as “too privileged” to comment on the issues. Just Wednesday, a (black) commenter said she wanted to punch the next white person she saw. Apparently the editors had no problem with that comment, as it was allowed to stand, but I’m positive if someone posted they wanted to punch the next black person they saw, they’d be banned.
      I’m pretty damn fed up with Jez, and y’all have Allie over here, so… I may be switching over to The Gloss. :-)

      • Stacey

        A black person expressing anger and frustration at white people is not the same thing as a white person expressing anger and frustration towards black people. Analogously, women expressing violent anger towards men and male-dominated society does not have the same meaning as men expressing violent anger towards women.
        Your other points may stand, but you should read up on critical race theory before you start accusing black people of getting unfair special treatment in this way.

      • corporate tool

        I agree with Stacey that commenting on racially charged posts is complicated by racial history and privilege.

        However, the comments on the Jez do often have a “hive mind” sort of feel. I’ve been shouted down for pointing out the issues with international adoption (but since I am young, and childless, I “can’t understand’).

        Although I’m certain that the Gloss ladies (and gentlemen) don’t want to be the “anti-Jezebel.”

      • Sarah

        I realize racial topics can be very charged, and that the black to white dynamic is different than white to black, but I still don’t think it’s ok to say you want to commit an act of violence toward a random person simply because of their race, a la “the next white person I see.”
        Corporate tool: agreed regarding hive mind. Also, I think a big issue on Jez when it comes to feminist issues is a lot of commenters seem to have little-to-no “real world” experience. They’re coming from a sort of “feminism 101″ perspective in which “the patriarchy” is always keeping them down. I imagine many are still in college (or even high school) and just don’t yet know that there are compromises that must be made on both sides. For example, a man holding a door for a woman isn’t automatically sexist, but many of those commenters think it is. Or with the “sexy banker” embroiled in the CitiBank litigation: they jump on anyone who doesn’t automatically side with the woman. Idealistic hive mind at its best.

    • Ellen

      I’m ashamed to admit that I’ve been holding off on commenting until I figured out if only special people were allowed to, or if ordinary types like me were welcome too.

      Thanks for being explicit about this!

      Unless I have to get banned somewhere first… Hmmm…

    • LucyRed

      I was banned on Jezebel for joking that Tracie’s publicly tweeted about constipation was the result of karma (because she nonsensically banned MizJenkins for making a very well written and challenging statement against one of Tracie’s posts). The subsequent commenter uprising has been entertaining, but apparently a joke about not pooping is what really pushes Tracie over the edge. Oh well. I really didn’t comment on Jezebel very often anyway, so it’s more funny than anything that little old me was singled out in her quest for vengeance.

      • Jennifer Wright

        You can joke about my poo every day if you want. But it would be weird.

    • ER…

      How the hell do you get banned from Jezebel?! I’m so confused. Do they delete your profile page?

      Eitherway, I can’t access my profile page.

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