Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden Shows Everyone on ‘Bridezillas’ How an Actual Princess Gets Married

As a loyal viewer of trashy wedding-themed reality shows, it seems to me like almost everyone wears strapless dresses when they get married. I don’t have anything specifically against strapless dresses, but the look doesn’t flatter everyone, and I always find myself wondering if anyone is having a religious ceremony and will have to find something to cover their lovely expensive dress with. That’s why the lovely – and, frankly, awesome-sounding – Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden wins high marks from me for her wedding attire. It’s beautiful and regal without needing 20 pounds of Swarovski crystals or feathers, and it manages to cover her shoulders without looking prudish or dated. I mean, it helps that her tiara is totally real and not just something she picked up at David’s Bridal on the way out the door, but still. This is how an actual princess gets married. Extra awesomeness? Witness:

  • She’s marrying the guy she loves even though her dad initially didn’t approve of her marrying a commoner. In other words, she stood up to the King of Sweden and got her way.
  • They met when she started going to the gym he owned while recovering from an eating disorder.
  • The groom – his name’s Daniel – had a kidney transplant last year. His dad gave him a kidney. He may not be royalty but the guy clearly comes from good stock.
  • Sweden is one of the only countries in the world that allows the first child, regardless of gender, to inherit the throne. So Victoria’s kid brother can continue sleeping with topless models while Victoria runs shit.
  • Daniel seems to be totally cool with the fact that his wife is more rich and powerful than him and is happy to play a support role as she does her royal duties. Three cheers for enlightened dudes!
  • Also, judging by this photo, they make each other laugh. And if that’s not the foundation for a good relationship, I don’t know what is.
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    • porkchop

      They look so nice together! You can tell he is thinking about the fashion possibilities that her sleeves are going to open up for brides all over the world.

    • Sivan

      I’m such a hopeless romantic, I just love the pic of them laughing together. She’s no bridezilla though. She’s showing us that if you’ve got real money and real power you can afford to just smile and be happy and beautiful at your wedding!

      • Lilit Marcus

        Yeah, maybe I should have been more specific – the women on Bridezillas often pull this whole I AM A PRINCESS AND TODAY IS MY SPECIAL PRINCESS DAY as an excuse to treat their friends and relatives like shit. Then you get Victoria, an actual princess, who is gracious and cares about the person she’s marrying.

    • Jolene

      Yes, less strapless dresses PLEASE!

    • Samantha

      I just want to point out one thing…Crown Princess Victoria’s mother, the queen formerly known as plain old common Sylvia Sommerlath, helped King Carl XVI Gustav break the tradition of only marrying royals so I’m not sure the whole, “Daddy didn’t want me to marry a commoner” thing is right.