Gallery: These 10 Bridesmaid Dresses Are Uglier Than Yours

If you’ve ever been forced to wear an ugly bridesmaid dress, you probably have an abiding hatred of Katherine Heigl. Oh, sure, yeah, she looks “ugly” in those gowns in 27 Dresses. You want to see what ugly looks like? This is what ugly looks like.

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    • porkchop

      I love ugly clothes almost as much as pretty clothes! If only someone would ask me to be in their slutty ballerina wedding party. I would LOVE an excuse to wear that.

      • Jennifer Wright

        Honestly, I was completely serious when I said bridesmaids love it when you tell them your theme is slutty ballerina. I’d think it would be hilarious to wear that.

    • corporate tool

      I was once dressed (not on purpose) as a star trek character. Not a useful dress.

    • Smellycat

      The woman in silver is the brides mother – for real. Seen this wedding before, the bride was 16.

    • DT

      You have GOT to see the rest of the pix from the wedding with the obnoxious turquoise dresses! Google Missy Quinn (the bride) to check out the article. The bride’s dress makes the bridesmaids’ dresses look positively tasteful. SERIOUS fashion faux pas goin’ on there!

    • patch

      I love that you were like “Katherine Heigel didn’t look bad” then used a screenshot from 27 Dresses. good.

    • Ari

      I think the fourth and last photos are from Gypsy weddings. And they have some hella crazy dresses sometimes…